End Clutter & Get Organized (3G - Type B)

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Is your living space and/or working space cluttered and disorganized? Do you find it hard to explain to others how you know where things are? Do you know where things are in your clutter, or do you let the clutter pile up until you forget what is where?

If you suffer from the tendency to create clutter and disorganization, and you''d like to change that, this program is for you. It works at the root of the problem, where it all begins: Your deep subconscious mind.

In people who tend to create clutter and disorganization there is a "program" in the deep subconscious that - for whatever reason - favors this result. The reason usually isn''t important, and it changes from person to person. What is important is the fact that this program says: "Create clutter. Be disorganized."

In a nutshell, what this subliminal program does is to change that "Create clutter. Be disorganized." to "Organize your surroundings and create order." The results, which will show up automatically, are dramatic and sometimes astounding.