Develop An Aura Of Sexiness 2.0 (4G, Type B)

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Every day, day in and day out, you project an aura of energy which others can sense.  Some of this energy is simply a projection of your bio-electric field, and all it tells them is "something living is near me".  But there is more to your aura.  Much more.

You project, and others can subconsciously sense, a lot of information about yourself through your aura, including your emotional state and what you believe about yourself.  Because of this, and the fact that others do subconsciously sense and respond to this auric information, you can use subliminals to adjust your aura by telling your subconscious mind what you want it to "say".  The result?  Others will sense and respond to what you consciously want them to sense and respond to.  They will begin treating you the way you want them to.

In this case, you can tell your subconscious mind that you want others to percieve you as being sexy, and respond appropriately.  This title can be used by either gender, and can be used successfully by anyone of any sexual orientation.

“Well I use AOS and I can say it works brilliantly.”

“I used AOS and BIABTW in tandem within 2 months and I was literally feeling afraid of looking into women eyes… because they would either look back with lust, get very nervous, or turn their necks to me like mad. And you know… when you are an average guy, your not used to that… So get prepared AOS is powerful…”

Hey it’s been a long time since I post somethings here.
Sorry for my English, I still can’t write fluently but I hope that you will understand !
It is been now more than 6 month that I am using DAOS, before this I used AM5, SM3, AM6(not worked for me) and stopped sub.
I had good result with SM3 but didn’t want to use multistage program it is too tiring so I decided to test DAOS.
For the two first month I didn’t notice anythings, but decided to continue with it. The third month I went out to a lot of party, in bar and club, it this at this time that I saw a lot of changes, girls were locking there eyes with me, everytime I was talking with girls they wanted my facebook or number with excuse like ” I am going there next time blaba come with me”.
Other girls was stalking me on Facebook looking on the friend’s list of their friends and add me. It was ridiculous ! I am the center of the party everywhere I am going.
I had like an harem of girl now, (I know that it seems fake but just try to use it for 6 months you will see).
In October I met a girl that was member of a facebook group who used to go out together at party. So I decided to integrate the group and in 2 months I had sex with 70% of the beautiful girls in that group that was incredible but weird at the same time. Because it like you are going out
with 6 or 7 of your ex at a party and they try to cockblock you everytime you are speaking with a new girl. lol
I am sure that this sub is working beautifully, everygirls is saying the same things that :
-I have this aura on me
-My voice is sexy
-My gaze is ***** sexy
-Every movement that I am doing is so ***** sexy.
lol but yeah they are exactly describing what their is in the script it is just incredible.

I used this sub for about 2 weeks. It definitely attracts women.
Everywhere I went there was always girls that were interested in me.
I walked out of my house and there were 2 girls waiting for the bus. I walk to wait for the bus as well and one of the girls noticed me coming from afar ( must be the aura ), she & her friend started to get all excited then right before walking into the bus, one of the girls gave me a huge smile.
There was a girl with her mom at a mall. As soon as her mom noticed me, she pointed to me to show me to her daughter. I walked up closer to where they were then I moved away. I could see her mom standing on the tip of her toe to try to catch a glimpse of me over everyone.
This aura stuff is for real. It works. Now I am planning to use BIATBW. Once I get result I’ll post them. Next time I’ll use aura of sexiness for a longer period of time plus I’ll socialize more.