Develop An Aura Of Commanding Authority (3G – Type B)

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You might be wondering what we mean by "aura". An aura is a sort of presence about a person, or a field of energy that surrounds them. Humans are bio-electrical beings, and we do emit electromagnetic and other types of energy fields from our bodies. It is a fact that we not only emit them, but we project information about ourselves through them, which others can subconsciously sense.

This program actually works in three ways. First, it adjusts your body language so that you "say" that you are a commanding authority though that. Second, it also uses the subconscious mind to adjust the bio-electrical and other energy fields that you naturally project, so that they also "say" that you are a commanding authority. Thirdly, it works to adjust your speech patterns, voice, projection, volume and other points concerning your speech to also "say" commanding authority. A very powerful and effective program, and very useful both for leaders and those who wish to attract women.