Depression Relief Aid 5.5g (Type A/B/C Hybrid)

Disclaimer: Depression is a serious, potentially life threatening condition, and should always be taken seriously and treated with the respect it deserves.  Therefore, understand that this program is not, and never attempt to use this program as a way to diagnose, treat, cure or replace appropriate proper medical and/or psychological attention or prescription drug.  Always remember that this program is designed to be, and is intended to be, an aid, nothing more.  Always choose and follow the advice of your doctor or psychological professional over the use of this program if the two contradict.  If you ever have your depression worsen while using this program, stop using it immediately and consult your medical or psychological professional.  Never rely on this program as your only or even your primary way of dealing with depression.  Never rely on this program as a life saving option or a way of preventing suicide.  This program is not a means to diagnose depression, treat depression, cure depression or replace prescription depression medication.  It is not an alternative to proper medical or psychological treatment or medication.  It is designed and intended to be an aid to dealing with minor depression and sadness, and potentially an enhancer for standard forms of treatment for moderate or severe depression.  Always consult your doctor or psychological professional before attempting to use this program alongside any depression treatment regimen, and always prioritize and follow the advice they give.

The Depression Relief Aid (DRA) is designed to help alleviate and reduce feelings of depression.  It is designed to start working as quickly as possible.  It is designed as "Instant On" when you start listening to it, and should produce noticeable results within minutes of the start of your exposure to it, but is not "Instant Off" when you stop using it.

DRA is also aimed at getting your subconscious mind to work towards safely healing, clearing, outgrowing and de-activating the causes and triggers for your depression to whatever degree it can do so.  The idea is that over time, and with enough use, you can potentially permanently improve your condition by healing, clearing and de-activating the causes and triggers for it, thus potentially outgrowing it.

While this is a goal of the program script, there is no guarantee that this will happen.  Its effectiveness for each person in this regard will depend on their mental health, psychological conditions, physiology, what medications they are taking, the causes for their depression, their life circumstances, their program usage patterns, their personality and how long they use it.  Some people may find that this program does not affect their depression at all; some may find that it does not help them outgrow their causes for or triggers for depression. Approach using this program with an open mind, and allow it to show you how it affects you without pre-conceived expectations as to what it will do.  Every person's depression is different, and your results may vary.

As a survivor of major depression myself, I created this program as a way of helping my loved ones stay emotionally stable enough in the face of depression to be able to reach proper medical attention in the case that it became necessary, and to help alleviate minor feelings of depression or sadness.

Once again, this program is not intended or designed for use as a way of replacing or competing with proper medical and/or psychological diagnosis of, treatment of or prescriptions for treating depression.  It is a secondary to, an aid to, and hopefully an enhancement of standard treatment options.  It is not designed or intended to save lives or prevent suicide.


First, before you use this program, please consult an appropriate medical or psychological professional and have your depression properly diagnosed.  Follow whatever treatment options they offer, and consult them on the use of this program.  If you are being treated for depression, always use this program under proper professional supervision, with your health care knowing that you are using it.

This program works by instructing your subconscious mind to try to alleviate your depressive feelings as much as possible, and work to safely overcome, outgrow and disable the causes, reasons for and triggers of your depression.  Since different people will have different reasons for depression, and different anti-depressants have different ways of working, there is no guarantee that this program will be able to influence or affect everyone who uses it.  If you are taking prescription medication for depression, carefully monitor your state while using this program and have direct medical supervision. Immediately stop using this program if your depression gets worse while you are using this program, and immediately seek proper and appropriate medical or psychological attention.

Use this program at a rate of 5 (five) loops per day, back to back; that is, turn it on, allow it to play through five times, and then repeat the next day starting at the same time, and listen to all of the loops without interruption.

This will be easiest if you use a playlist and play the program while you are sleeping, but more obvious immediate results will probably be had listening to it while you are awake.

While this program should have noticeable effects within minutes of first starting to listen to it, it may also take hours, days or even weeks for some people to notice an effect, depending on their state of mental health, their psychological condition, what medications they are taking, their specific physiology, their personality and their usage patterns.  Most people should notice effects within the first day of use.  The effects and impact should build up over time.

Keep in mind that the format you use and the volume at which you play it will have an effect also; too low a volume may not have enough impact.  It is suggested that you start using it at a volume that allows for you to comfortably listen to the Ocean Surf format on the device you use to listen to it, and if necessary, adjust the volume from there.  You can, of course, use any of the format options you prefer for actual usage.

For best results, if it does not interfere with your standard treatment options, this program should be used each day for five (5) months per run.  Then take some time to assess the results.

NEVER attempt to use this program at the same time you are using any other form of mind programming, including other subliminal titles, hypnosis, NLP, or the like.  Use this program by itself, or use something else.  Never ever mix mind programming methods while using this program!

If you ever have to choose between following your treatment regimen for depression as prescribed by a doctor or psychological professional, and using this program, of course you should always follow the instructions you get from your doctor or psychological professional.