Core States of Awareness Exploration Kit (Brainwave Entrainment Only)

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This is a set of five 30-minute audio programs designed to allow you to explore the five primary states of awareness: Gamma (43 Hz), Beta (15 Hz), Alpha (9 Hz), Theta (5 Hz) and Delta (2 Hz). These programs use technology superior to binaural beats to achieve brainwave synchronization to produce these states of awareness. Mixed with pink noise to enhance effectiveness, each track comes as an mp3 file.

Note: An additional 40 Hz Gamma audio has also been added to this program's files.  It is larger in file size than the others and sounds a little different as well, but it is designed to generate the same brainwave entrainment effects as the other files.  Please note that this file is NOT in the .zip file that contains all of the original files for this set.


This audio is binaural and rhythmic in nature and should not be used by anyone who has epilepsy or a related neurological disorder that can cause or result in seizures.

These audios require a stereo headphones or earbuds to be useful.  Mono sound reproduction devices do not work for this.  Avoid using even stereo speakers, as there is not a perfect stereo separation using them.

Adjust the volume of the audio to a comfortable level.  These programs use pink noise similar to rainfall mixed with the binaural audio.  This helps enhance the effectiveness of the audio.

With your headphones or earbuds on, find a comfortable position.  Laying down is recommended.  Make sure you can relax and will not need to move around while listening.  Also make sure that you will not be distracted by other sounds, people or pets while listening, or what is going on around you.  It is also not the best time to try to use these programs while you are emotionally upset*, mentally upset* or exhausted, or under the influence of any substance that affects your state of awareness.  Caffeine is a good example.

* Conversely, some people find that certain levels of these programs act as a powerful relief for such states of upset. 

Turn the program on and relax yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.  Just listen, and experience the program and results.  If you find the pink noise is slightly irritating, that's okay; that will fade out as it and the binaural audio start having the intended effects on your brain.

Each level will feel different and provide a different type of experience for you.  I recommend that you start with the highest frequency level first, and then explore the lower ones a step at a time from there.

Please note that it is possible to train your brain to stay in a specific frequency too much if you use these programs more often than you should.  I suggest a maximum of one loop of only one level, only one time per day.  The exception would be the Beta level, which can be used up to two loops per day, but should not be used after about mid day, as it may make it more difficult for you to fall asleep.

Beta level is what you experience when you are wide awake as an adult.  This level can be used as an awakener, and may help you focus on the task at hand or bring yourself back to normal awareness faster after having used one of the other levels.

Gamma level is above Beta, and this is where the brain is in "high gear", performing advanced and complex functions such as complex math problems and hyperfocus. Gamma may potentially help certain age related brain disorders involving failing memory and cognition.

Alpha level is the first level below Beta, and it corresponds to relaxed mind, daydreaming, some light states of hypnosis, some shallow levels of meditation and some light sleep states.  During Alpha, you can remain conscious during the experience. Alpha is a good state for blood pressure reduction. Overusing this track (more than one loop a day, or using it for a loop per day for more than a few days in a row) may cause difficulty focusing when you are supposed to be awake; the counter is Beta.

Theta level corresponds to the dream state while you sleep, deep levels of hypnosis, deep meditation and some trance states such as the Shamanic trance.  In Theta, you will often find that you experience what is known as "hypnagogic imagery", which is a fancy way to say visual imagery that is or is similar to dreams.  Entering Theta directly from Beta will allow some people to remain conscious of the experience while it happens, while some will not be able to. Theta is deeply relaxing, and this track can be used as a sleep induction aid.  Overusing this track (more than one loop a day, or using it for a loop per day for more than a few days in a row) may cause difficulty focusing when you are supposed to be awake; the counter is Beta.

Delta is the lowest state of activity your brain is capable of experiencing.  In this state the brain virtually shuts down most of it's functions.  It typically requires years of practice to be able to experience Delta and remain conscious of the experience.  In Delta, your brain and body performs self maintenance and deep healing.  This track can be used to help speed up healing by using it one loop per day every 2nd or 3rd day during the healing process.

Please avoid using any one of these programs more than 4 times per week, with the possible exception of Beta, which can be used up to 7 times total per week, maximum 2 times per day, if used during the start or the middle of the day to avoid sleep disturbance.

Please do not drive for operate heavy machinery while using or for at least 60 minutes after using Alpha, Theta or Delta tracks unless you follow it by running the Beta track.

In very rare cases, a person may actively try to resist allowing these audios to affect them.  This always happens as a result of "fear of loss of self control".  This is a waste, since the programs are not designed to or intended to, and do not, "control" you.  They trigger your brain's natural FFR (Frequency Following Response) and allow you to naturally shift to alternate states of awareness thereby.  These are all states of awareness that your brain naturally cycles through almost every day (you may not experience Gamma every day, but you do experience the rest quite naturally every day).

There is no hypnosis, subliminal audio or speech in these audios.