Breast Enlargement Version 6.0 Six Stage Set (4G - Type B/C)

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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it truly is possible to harness the power of the mind and body working together to increase the size of a woman's breasts naturally, painlessly and risk-free! Research has proven this since the 1960's multiple times, and our customers themselves have proven it multiple times also.

Our own Tigerlilly has a thread about her experience here:

Most of this research (and the reports I have had from actual users) has shown that the smaller a woman's breasts are to begin with, the more size she can expect to gain. Size increases of two and even three full cup sizes have been reported. (Just imagine going from an A cup to a full, natural, balanced and beautiful C or even D cup without stretch marks, pain, risk of infection, or effort!)

The secret is to change your deep subconscious self image to that of someone with larger breasts, and tell your body - in the right way, and through the right channels - to increase your breast size.  Your subconscious mind, which is also the control center for your body, will automatically seek to adjust your body to fit the new image and instructions you give it (once it understands what you want).

You can generally expect that if you start with AA, A or B cups, and you respond to this program, you'll gain two to three cups sizes.  Women starting off with C cups who respond usually gain one to two cup sizes, and women starting off with D cups or larger to begin with who respond will usually gain one cup size.  However, it is entirely possible to gain more, although I have never seen or heard of any woman increasing more than three cup sizes, and most women seem to get a two cup size increase.  The only limit seems to be genetic potential.

Version 6.0 is a six stage set re-designed using the amazingly powerful 4th Generation subliminal technology, with a number of enhancements to the script that make it work even faster, better and more efficiently than the previous version.  Version 6.0 is specifically optimized to produce the maximum breast size increase possible, as quickly as possible, without causing stretch marks. (In fact it is even designed to reduce and remove any existing stretch marks!)

This program is designed for use by women, and will affect only women.  Each stage is intended to be used for 32 days straight, back to back, meaning that the entire six stage set takes slightly longer than six months to work through.  Most women begin seeing noticeable results within 2 to 6 weeks, and many achieve their full desired increase in breast size within 2 to 4 months (but you should use all six stages, regardless).  The program is designed to accommodate those ladies who take longer to get results, as well as those who get results quickly, while making the results permanent.

This is the most safe, powerful and effective subliminal breast enlargement system in the world.  This is a big claim, I know, but not an idle one.  It's backed by decades of research and numerous user successes. And as usual, it is also backed by our 100% money back guarantee, which can be summed up as follows:

If you use this program according to the instructions and you don't get results, just let us know that you want a refund within 180 days of completing the program and we'll refund you in full.

It's as simple as that.  There is no risk to you, ever!  Plus, I would not allow the title to stay in catalog if it didn't work, because it has my name on it, and I take personal pride in building and offering programs that actually do what they're supposed to do.  Just take a look at the forums, and you'll see what I mean.

What are the benefits of this amazing program?

  1. It is, quite simply, a fantastic deal! Let's compare it to implant surgery. The actual implants alone can cost upwards of $4,000.00 US! (Imagine that - $2,000 each for a plastic balloon the size of your fist, filled with either salt water or liquid silicone. How do they ever make a profit with prices like those, I wonder?) Then you have to pay the surgeon, the anesthesiologist, the nurses, cover the cost of surgery, equipment, supplies, drugs used and anesthesia.  Then you have to deal with the cost of prescriptions to kill the pain afterward, and doctor visits to make sure you don't have an infection, etc. If you visit a surgeon in an affluent neighborhood, or one who has an exceptionally good record of safety, that will cost even more.  On average, you can realistically expect to pay up to a whopping $10,000.00 US (or more) for the whole thing - and that doesn't take into account the cost in lost productivity, risk and pain while you recover!
  2. You won't have to go into debt to get the larger breasts you desire!
  3. There is no surgery required to get great results with this program.  No ridiculously overpriced and unsafe implants, either.
  4. No surgery means there is no painful healing process.
  5. There are no drugs or painkillers required.
  6. No risk of addiction to drugs or painkillers.
  7. You have no chance of dying on the operating room table.
  8. There is no possibility of a bad (and possibly life-threatening) reaction to the anesthesia.
  9. You can't get an infection from this program.
  10. There will be no surgical scars from this program.
  11. Your breasts will remain all natural, not fake.  Many men (and women) find implants a real turn-off, for a number of different reasons.
  12. The program will also work to balance your breasts for size and shape as they are growing.
  13. The program also works to firm and tone your breasts, as well as make them as perky as possible.
  14. There is nothing else to buy, ever. 
  15. Nobody needs to know you're trying to increase your breast size, so there's no embarrassment!
  16. It actually works - unlike "breast size increasing" creams, pills and supplements! Does it work for everyone?  No.  Some people are already at their genetic limit for breast size, and we therefore have gotten a few requests for a refund over the years since releasing this title for the first time.  But for every woman it doesn't work for, I would estimate that ten or more see success and are very happy with the results they get.
  17. Unlike some other so-called "natural" breast enlargement techniques, there are no side negative effects. I have taken special care to make sure of that.  That means, among other things, that the only weight gain you'll see as a result of using this program is the weight you add to your breasts. Of course some women may notice the effects of the hormonal changes that are required for the body to increase breast size, but the negatives have been carefully dealt with in the script.
  18. The results are permanent. You can expect between 80 and 100% of the increase in breast size to remain with you forever. Most women keep at least 90% of their gains, if they finish the whole program and have finished the growth process fully.
  19. This program does not affect your ability to breast feed safely - even while using the program! So all of you who are breastfeeding, go ahead.  Make them bigger, or regain what you are losing after pregnancy!
  20. There's no chance or danger of a leaking, shifting or exploding implant. Kind of comforting to know, isn't it?
  21. You'll be the envy of all your friends and neighbors, especially when they realize that you spent so much less than surgery costs, and got natural, permanent, beautiful results!
  22. There's no painful recovery or lost productivity!
  23. You'll get more (and more positive) attention from men, and more respect from other women. Both men and women tend to automatically respect a woman with larger breasts more, and this also means a higher social value and social ranking.  In other words, it will make you more popular, more liked, more accepted and very likely improve your social life, as well as having more attention and interest from others, and more and higher value people to choose from for relationships and sex.
  24. You are very likely to make more money, get jobs more easily, and get raises more frequently and more easily with larger breasts.  That makes this program a perfect choice for any woman who wants more income from tips, as well as women who work in any branch of the entertainment industry.
  25. Never worry about a potential lover being turned off by discovering you have implants - because you won't!
  26. It's completely natural, safe and effective.  Try saying all three of those things about about any of the alternatives!
  27. It will improve your self esteem, self respect and sense of self worth.  Not only is that in the script of the program, but the effects you get from having larger breasts will also have this effect!
  28. You can expect to increase your breast size with little to no weight gain overall.  In fact, some women actually lose weight during the process! (Tigerlilly went from a 34B/C to a 32D, reports that on Stage 4 of 6, she no longer fits in a D cup, and she isn't even finished with the program!)
  29. It comes with complete, detailed and easy to understand instructions, too!

Before you decide to lay out thousands and thousands of dollars to go under the knife and get risky surgery for risky fake breasts that most of the guys out there don't even like, why not try the best all-natural breast enlargement solution there is?  You can't beat all natural, and the results are frequently better than surgery and always safer than surgery, without scarring or stretch marks, and last longer too.  Don't throw your money, health and natural beauty away on a ticking time bomb of plastic ooze that may someday be linked to cancer.  Get this program instead, and grow bigger, firmer more beautiful breasts naturally, safely and painlessly, starting today!  Then go on a cruise to show off your big, beautiful new breasts with the money you saved!  I guarantee it: You won't be disappointed!


This program comes in six stages, and each stage consists of three tracks: a masked track which sounds like the ocean surf; a masked track that sounds like a trickling stream; and an ultrasonic track that is effectively silent for adults.  All three tracks use the same script, presented in a different.  Simply select the presentation format you prefer.

The program is designed to be used in your bedroom, over speakers, on loop mode, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, during the entire course of the program.  This way, you never have to remember to turn it on.  The only thing you need to remember is to switch stages every 32 days.

To set the volume properly, simply use the Ocean Surf track.  Wait 10 seconds, and then adjust the volume so that the high volume points are comfortable in volume, while the low points are still at least faintly audible.  This will be the proper volume for all three formats.  If you wish to push the program to the maximum, increase the volume from here in small increments.

If the volume is too loud, you may experience pressure in your head, headaches and/or nausea while using the ultrasonic track.  If you experience any of these things while using the ultrasonic track, simply turn it off until the symptoms go away, and then re-start it a notch or two lower in volume.  Repeat this procedure until the symptoms dissipate.  You should not have these problems if you use the recommended volume calibration technique.

Each stage should be used for 32 days straight, and it is recommended that you get between 6 and 12 hours of exposure per day.  Eight hours per day is ideal.  Using the program less hours per day may not produce expected results as quickly.  Using the program more than 12 hours per day may actually slow down the results and cause you to be unusually tired much of the time, since your mind cannot keep up with accepting and processing the results at the same time.

Regardless of what you think is going on while you use this program, use this program in order of stage numbers (1, then 2, then 3, etc.)!  Do not skip around, or change stages until you've used the stage you're on for 32 days. 

It is normal for you to feel very tired during the first few days to a week of using the first stage.  This is simply your mind growing accustomed to the constant input and required activities the program is triggering.

People under the age of 21 may be able to hear the ultrasonic track at even very low volumes.  Occasionally, someone older than 21 will have exceptional high frequency hearing as well.  If the standard calibration method for volume produces a volume that is too high for the ultrasonic track, simply use a masked track instead, at least around those who can hear it and find it unpleasant.  Pets, too, may be affected by the ultrasonic track if it is played too loudly, and may also respond with nausea and/or headache if it is played at unreasonably high volumes.  The younger a person is, the better their high frequency hearing will be.

The program is specifically designed to affect only females 18 year of age or older who consciously desire to increase their breast size.  It is also designed to painlessly increase your breast size as much as possible with no side effects, as quickly as possible, while balancing your breasts for size and shape, increasing perkiness and firmness, and preventing stretch marks and reducing or removing pre-existing stretch marks.

Regardless of how quickly your breasts increase in size, or whether they have stopped increasing in size before you finish the set, the program is designed to be used through all six stages in order to both maximize breast size and make the effects permanent.  Please use the program as instructed through all six states, and avoid missing days if possible.  If you miss days, add them to the end of the time using that stage.


Breast Enlargement/Reduction

What do I do if I miss days on a 6 stage program?

With 6 stage programs especially it’s recommended not to miss days of listening, because you’re building a new habit and new programming and you need it to be consistent. But if you REALLY can’t help it then the formula is…

(days missed) x 1.5 + (days not missed) = time

So each day missed add 1.5 days.

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Why on 6 stage programs do I have to listen 32 days each stage?

Basically, that number is a result of a lot of research and experimentation. That is how long it takes to change a habit, and that is how long regular subliminals take to work. In many cases, mine work faster than that, but for a good impact, it’s smart to go with the amount of time it takes to change a habit. I have also seen firsthand that it’s a really good amount of time to use the subliminal, get the result, and have it last.

This is for Type B subliminals, of course. Types C, D and E take longer.

AM and other 6 stage sets are designed specifically to be used for a set amount of time per stage. AM is 32 days per stage for the above reasons, plus other reasons which have to do with the specific design of each stage’s script. Follow the directions to get the results you want.

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Can I use a 6 stage program stage for 64 days instead of 32?


Because its designed for 32 days per stage, doing this unbalances the stage script interactions and you lose a lot of benefit. Instead if running one six stage program, you’re effectively running six related single stages in a way that doesn’t work as well. Time of exposure per set of instructions has to be balanced for stages to interact properly and beneficially, and you have other factors to consider as well.

Two consecutive runs at 32 days per stage, back to back, is a much better idea.

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How much growth can I expect from using your breast enlargement subliminal?

If you are male, it is unlikely that you will experience any growth at all, since these programs are specifically designed to only affect females of age 18 or older, and only if the woman consciously wants to increase her breast size.

If you are female, 18 years old or older, and you consciously want to increase your breast size, the observed rule of thumb for how much growth a woman’s breasts can achieve using this program will be as follows:

If she starts off as a D cup or larger, she will usually gain 0 to 1 cup sizes.
If she starts off as a C cup, she will usually gain 1 cup size.
If she starts off with a B cup, she will usually gain 1 or 2 cup sizes.
If she starts off with an A cup or smaller, she will usually gain between 1 and 3 cup sizes.

The smaller the breast size a woman starts off with, the more likely she is to have the natural capacity to increase her breast size. Not every woman will have the natural capacity to increase her breast size, as her breasts may already be at their maximum capacity for size.

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Can you make AM/SM/WM or another 6 stage set in 5.5g?

No. Six stage sets will go directly from 5G to 6G, if I upgrade them at all. Otherwise we’re spending too much time rebuilding them twice. So they will be in full 6G when it is finished being developed.

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How is it possible for a subliminal program to increase or decrease breast size?

It is possible because your subconscious mind is the control panel for your body’s autonomic functions. If your subconscious mind understands that you desire something to be true, it will attempt to execute that instruction and make true what it understands that you want to be true. This includes altering your body in certain physical ways, including breast size increase or decrease.

When you use a subliminal to give your subconscious mind the instructions that you want it to increase or decrease your breast size, it in turn responds by adjusting your physiology in the necessary ways to make that happen.

There appear to be three exceptions:

1. If the person resists the programming, it cannot be accepted and executed.
2. If the body does not have the natural capacity for further increase, it will not increase the breast size further.
3. If the person is too old, it is unlikely that the increase will take place.

Obviously, if you resist the programming for some reason, the results will not be achieved.

If you are too old, your body may no longer have the capacity for increasing your breast size. As far as I can tell, the demarcation point appears to be somewhere in the range of about 55 years old.

If you do not have the natural capacity for larger breasts, then you are unlikely to increase your breasts in size. In other words, it appears that each woman is genetically set for her upper limit as to how large her breasts can become. If your breasts are already that large, they will probably not increase further in size.

Breast size adjustment is done by causing the body to return to a growth state specifically for the breast tissue, if growth is the goal, or to absorb and shrink the breasts otherwise.

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Can I use breast enlargement or reduction subliminals while I am pregnant or nursing?

If you are pregnant or nursing, you should consult your physician before attempting to alter your breast size using a subliminal program.

It is specifically recommended that you not use subliminal breast enlargement or reduction while you are pregnant or nursing, unless you have the okay from your physician.

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If I am going to change my breast size, why would I use a subliminal instead of having surgery to do it?

There are many reasons a subliminal is a superior solution for breast size increase or decrease over surgery, and a few where surgery is better.

A subliminal is a better choice because…

* It does not introduce the risk of infection, because there is no breaking the skin.
* It does not risk death, as surgery or anaesthetic can do.
* There is no surgical pain involved.
* There is no need for expensive and potentially addictive painkillers.
* There is no time or productivity lost while you recover, because there is no recovery needed.
* Nobody needs to know you are trying to increase your breast size.
* You don’t have to expose your breasts to strangers.
* Subliminal breast enlargement is all natural, and remains safe forever. Implants may rupture or become dislodged.
* Subliminal breast enlargement always looks natural, because it always is natural. This will increase your value to the men you attract, and your status and respect amongst your female friends.
* Subliminal breast enlargement is significantly less expensive than surgery.
* If you are decreasing your breasts, they will not return to their previous size with subliminal size decrease, as they commonly do with surgery. This means that many women who get surgical breast reductions must have it done more than once, and sometimes even periodically. Not so for subliminal breast size decrease.

So when is surgery a better choice? Not very often:

* If subliminal breast enlargement is resisted.
* If subliminal breast enlargement works for you, but you do not have the natural capacity to increase your breasts to the size you want them to be.

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Will the breast enlargement/reduction program work even if the woman doesn’t know she is being exposed to it?

We recommend that nobody be exposed to the program without their conscious knowledge and consent. However, the program will still work whether they consciously know they are being exposed if:

* The person is female, and
* The person is at least 18 years old, and
* The person consciously desires to increase their breast size.

We know this because we have had reports of husbands and lovers actually using this program to successfully increase their partner’s breast size without her ever consciously knowing it was being used.

Again, we recommend that you not expose a woman to this program without her conscious knowledge and consent.

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How long does it take to achieve maximum breast enlargement from your subliminal?

Generally speaking, our users and testers report that most of their growth takes place during the first two to four months of using the program, depending on the woman. Some achieve all their growth in less time, and some require more. However long it takes for you to achieve your maximum growth potential, you should use the program for the full six months it is designed to be used, unless you are still noticeably growing when you finish the six month course, and you desire larger breasts than you have achieved by that point.

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Does it hurt to increase or decrease breast size using your subliminal program?

For breast decrease, there is never any discomfort.

For breast increase, we occasionally get a report that a woman experienced mild discomfort during part of the growth process, similar to what she experienced during her original breast growth stage. However, this is rare, and the discomfort is always reported as being significantly less than it was originally.

This happens because the body must put the breast tissue back into a state of growth, and for the breast tissue, that occasionally makes it unusually sensitive. Again, that is rare for users of this program to experience, even if their original growth period was significantly uncomfortable.

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Is it possible to actually enlarge or reduce breast size by using a subliminal program?

As amazing as it sounds, the answer is a solid yes.

As usual, it requires a properly scripted, properly built and properly used program, but given these, it is possible for most women to enlarge or reduce their breast size using only a subliminal program, and do so permanently, without pain or stretch marks.

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Why should I change my breast size?

If you’re happy with the size your breasts are currently, then you should not!

However, many women desire larger or sometimes smaller breasts because of one or more of the following reasons.

Breast size increase is commonly desired because…

* It will get a woman more interest and attention from men.
* It will get a woman more respect and acceptance from other women.
* It will allow a woman to make more money. (Waitresses, bartenders, exotic dancers, career women, etc. almost always benefit financially from having larger breasts.)
* It sometimes opens up career advancement opportunities.
* It often will make a woman feel better about herself as a woman.
* She may desire the ability to produce more milk.
* She may want to be more physically or sexually attractive to her lover.

Breast size decrease is commonly desired because…

* She may be getting too much attention and interest from men.
* Her breasts may cause her back aches and pains.
* She may find that her breast size limits her ability to accomplish some desired activity or goal.

If one or more of these apply to you, it may be worth changing your breast size using our breast enlargement or reduction subliminal.

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Are the results I get from your breast increase/decrease programs permanent?

Yes. Women experience 80 to 100% of the breast size increase, and almost invariably 100% of the breast size increase, being permanent.

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Are the results I get from your breast increase/decrease programs permanent?

Yes. Women experience 80 to 100% of the breast size increase, and almost invariably 100% of the breast size increase, being permanent.

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Is it safe for me to use the breast enlargement program around males or children?

The breast enlargement and reduction programs are specifically designed to affect a person ONLY if:

1. They are at least 18 years of age;
2. They are female;
3. They consciously desire the breast size adjustment.

In testing, it has been shown that women can be exposed to this program while they sleep next to their boyfriend or husband, and he will remain entirely unaffected.

However, while it is not designed to affect children or persons under 18, such persons should not be exposed regardless.

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Start of phase 1
21″ across
10″ across individually
Beginning of phase 2
21.5″ across
11.5″ individually
Start of phase of 3
22.5″ across
almost 12″ individually
I lost one pound since starting the program..
The 36B bra fits me the same way it did during phase 2. A 34B strapless bra doesn’t fit me anymore. A size large sports bra from prana used to be just ok, now it fits me nice and snug. The profile looks beautiful in this bra, almost as if I am wearing a push up bra. There is no push up at all from this bra.
I felt soreness that was mild compared to the soreness I felt during phase 1. I felt soreness on the 15, 16, 19, 20, 22, 23, 27, 28. I switched from trickling stream to ocean surf on the 27, on that night, I felt soreness all night just like I did when I was on phase 1.
I continue to feel bliss and comfort all the time. These feelings have become normal.

“Now, the 32C bras are far too small. My cup runneth over, as they say. LOL!!”

“Prior to using the breast enhancement subliminal I had great success using other subliminals created by Shannon. As such I felt that investing in the breast enlargement subliminal would be worthwhile adventure. I remain a 32D nearly 6 months after completion of the breast enhancement subliminal. I am most pleased with the results.”

“I don’t know her cups. Let’s be figurative: She started with grapes, now she has tennisballs, after 3 1/2 months.”
“However, my wife doesn’t know about the sub, and its working, ninja-style. She must actually want bigger tits – but she doesn’t know why they’re growing.”

“My wife was frigid – Poetry of the Silent Eros and female orgasm enhancer restored our sex life. I study Chinese because I live in Shanghai – I get through my flashcards 3 times faster if I listen to the subs while I study (even without continuous overnight usage). My wife’s chest was flat – she gained about a cup size after 3 months and is still growing, I’m not stopping it till she hits DD.”