Better Plot Design For Writers (4G - Type B)

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As all good writers know, a good plot is a twisted plot. The more twists and turns it throws at the reader - especially the unexpected ones - while remaining to some degree believable, the better the plot will be. This is doubly true of the ending, of course. And with this subliminal program, you'll find yourself coming up with better, more believable, more twisted plots than ever before. (Please be aware that "believable" is a relative term with plots, and when we say "believable", we are referring not to literally, but within the greater whole of the rest of the plot and the genre you are writing in. For instance, if you''re writing a Western, you will not remain believable if you suddenly throw in some Martians. But Martians could be entirely believable if you were writing space based sci-fi.) This program was also designed by a published author.