Become A Successful Wedding Photographer (3G – Type B)

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Created to help a photographer take the next step and become a successful wedding photographer, this program deals with:

  • Self confidence as a photographer.
  • Handling stress constructively and effectively.
  • Calm, relaxed, effective and effective response to being at the event working.
  • The ability to automatically know when and where you need to be to get the best possible shot.
  • The ability to set up your camera to get the best possible shot at the best exposure settings for the conditions without thinking about it.
  • Instantly and automatically taking the best possible shot whenever you see something you need to photograph.
  • Dealing with clients and guests efficiently, clearly and politely.
  • Patience with people who disrupt your efforts.
  • Automatically knowing which shots you need to get, and how best to get them.
  • Automatically attracting to yourself the best possible equipment for the job.
  • Automatically attracting to yourself an endless stream of ideal clients.
  • Success based thinking, actions and attitude.
  • And more!