Balance Your Brain Hemispheres (3G- Type B)

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Everyone has two brain hemispheres: Left and right. Each one controls the side of the body opposite it''s orientation, and each one deals best with either logic or intuition. For instance, the right brain hemisphere controls the left side of the body, and deals in creativity, artistic awareness, intuition, and abstraction. The left brain hemisphere controls the right half of the body, and it deals with logic, mathematics, and concrete thinking and analysis.

In almost every person, one hemisphere will be dominant. This leads to two situations: Using less of the brain when you think or act, and relying on logic or emotion too heavily when thinking and making decisions.

If a person relies too heavily on logic, they may find it difficult to understand emotion, relate to others, and appreciate abstractions, such as artwork. It tends to produce an abundance of skepticism and cynicism too. But if person relies too heavily on the other hemisphere, they will tend to make their decisions based on irrational feelings (logic and emotions are mutually exclusive), and this results in them doing things that make no sense and frequently causing themselves problems in life because of it. They may also have difficulty with being gullible, believing anything they see or hear that strikes an emotional chord, and being taken advantage of by others.

By balancing the brain hemispheres, not only can you achieve a greater whole-brain functioning and processing for information and thinking, you use more of your brain and achieve a better overall approach to dealing with life and problem solving. The effect is sometimes stunning in terms of memory, comprehension and speed of calculation. This program is entirely subliminal, but works well in concert with any of our brainwave entrainment programs to help balance the brain even faster.