Attract Your Perfect Sexual Lover – 4G (Type B/D Hybrid)

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Based on the culmination of more than 16 years of study and research into the laws of the universe and how we interact with them, this program, this program will bring you your perfect sexual lover.

WARNING: Successful use of this program will produce the hands-down best sex you have ever had in your life, but as with all things, it does have a cost.  First, you should not try to make the resulting relationship romantic; it is, and will always be, based on sex and sex alone.  Second, if you should ever separate from or stop having sex with the person this program attracts, you will never again have sex that is quite as incredibly good.  Third, by focusing the relationship entirely on sex, there may be severe challenges with the resulting person and/or relationship in other directions.  Fourth, this program has been known to occasionally simultaneously manifest more than one person into the user's life.  This can result in spectacular sex and sexual adventures, or explosive disaster, so please be careful.  You have been warned.

This program works by basically programing the subconscious mind to use the Law of Attraction to bring your perfect romantic lover into your life and start a physical and romantic relationship with them as well.

In the majority of cases, the program not only works, but produces absolutely incredible results. So amazing that you would not believe it if we tried to explain. Suffice it to say that when we say "perfect" in the title of this program, WE AREN'T KIDDING! Many other people who have tried the program have also achieved similar results. There are some situations in which it may take an inordinate amount of time to work, and there are situations in which it may not work.  Usually, this deals with either internal resistance (you just can't believe it could work) or a situation in which your perfect lover is dealing with a situation from which they cannot easily disengage at that time. It doesn't produce the intended results 100% of the time, but it works for most people.

This program is designed to bring about the intended results without requiring any effort on your part. The more effort you put into it, however, the faster and more easily you will get results in most cases - but the program is designed to work without any efforts from you.

Our tests, experiments and customers all agree that the program requires between 3 and 6 months of use in most cases, but most times, the results show up in about 4 months. In rare cases, it has required as long as 8 months of usage.