Anxiety Relief Aid (5.75G - Type A/B/C/D Hybrid)

WARNING: This program can potentially produce profound relaxation.  Never play this program while you or anyone else in the vicinity of this audio is driving, piloting or otherwise controlling any vehicle, using any type of heavy machinery, using any sort of weapon or doing anything that requires concentration and/or focus to accomplish safely.

The Anxiety Relief Aid (ARA) in 5.75G is a program designed specifically to help people deal with and even overcome anxiety.  It is the upgrade of the previous 5.5G version, which it significantly improves upon and replaces.  This version is many times more powerful, and it's goals are twofold:

  1. ARA is capable of being an "instant on" program, which means it's designed to begin having a calming effect immediately, so you can use it for short periods of time for it's anxiety relieving properties when you need a quick way to deal with anxiety in the moment.  It is not "instant off" when you are not listening to it.  Because of the level of power this program has, it is recommended that you not use it "in the moment" unless it is necessary, and then only as much as is necessary.  Instead, use it according to the directions, as a preventative aid for anxiety.
  2. It is aimed at not just calming anxiety, but helping you permanently overcome and outgrow it and whatever causes and triggers it for you when it is used as long term programming.  That means that if you use this program long enough, it has the potential to help you permanently move past what caused your anxiety.

ARA can be used for helping to relieve anxiety issues in people of any age, as long as the person is developed enough to understand and execute the script.

Some causes of anxiety, some personality types and some specific mental health conditions may affect how, how quickly and how well this program works.  Your results will also be influenced by how loudly you play it and in which format.

You should not use this program:

  • While you are driving or piloting any sort of craft or vehicle, or operating heavy machinery.
  • As a replacement for appropriate medical or psychological attention, treatment or diagnosis.
  • As a replacement for prescription drugs that are intended to calm your anxiety, unless you are directed to replace those prescription drugs with this program directly by an appropriate, licensed health care professional.
  • As your sole or primary means of dealing with serious and/or life threatening panic attacks.
  • When being deeply relaxed is not conducive to what you are attempting to accomplish, or would be unsafe.

You can use this program for:

  1. Calming down when something or someone has you nervous or anxious.
  2. Calming your anxiety before and during tests, presentations, exams, speeches, recitals, concerts, performances, while you are working under a deadline, etc.
  3. Helping to alleviate major anxiety that is not dealt with fully by other means, such as prescription medications.
  4. Helping to alleviate minor to moderate anxiety by itself.
  5. Helping you deal with anxiety attacks before they become serious.
  6. Helping yourself cut back on or stop using cigarettes, alcohol, and/or recreational drugs that you would otherwise turn to for anxiety relief.
  7. Potentially reducing the amount of prescription drugs you need to take for anxiety relief. Please note that you should never adjust your prescription medication dosage without specific and direct instructions to do so from a medical professional who is properly licensed and certified to be legally allowed and able to prescribe medications and/or adjust the dosage of prescribed medications! Please discuss any such change with your doctor.
  8. Faster and deeper relaxation and meditation.
  9. Helping you achieving faster, deeper, more restful sleep, for children and adults.
  10. Calming anxious children.
  11. Reducing stress in your life in general, which will aid in being happier overall and living longer.
  12. Making social interactions and parties easier, more spontaneous and more fun and fluid.
  13. Making dates easier, smoother and more comfortable.
  14. Taking a "mini-vacation" by using this during a day off.

What's New in ARA 5.75G?

  • Now includes the Non-Directional Reflection Shield
  • Optimus Engine V6.0
  • Magnus Engine V3.0
  • Fear Removal Module v4.8
  • Revised and optimized Key Script
  • Revised and Optimized Core Script
  • Many additions, improvements and optimizations to the skeleton script.


This program uses an Audio to Silence Ratio Balancer (ASRB) value of 15:1, meaning that it plays for 15 minutes and then allows your subconscious to process and fully execute it for 1 minute while there is no audio.  Because of this, there is an equal amount of silence to audio, and this means that each track is 64 minutes long, a big improvement over the previous version.

Please use this program under conditions where you can safely be deeply relaxed or even fall asleep when you first use it and for at least an hour afterwards, as it can in some cases produce a state of relaxation so profound that you become physically and emotionally relaxed, unable to focus and/or drowsy if you listen to it while you are awake.  Get to know how you respond to it before using it when being extremely relaxed or drowsy is not a good idea.

Please carefully monitor how long you use this program and when, as it is potentially capable of generating very deep and profound relaxed states.

Use this for exactly 4 (four) loops per night, back to back, for a total of 4 hours 24 minutes of exposure while you sleep. It is important to use it while you sleep because it creates such a profound relaxed state that you will probably be too relaxed and chill to be very productive if you use it during the day.  It is designed to be used as you sleep and generate a continual state of relaxation and calm while you are awake, which either prevents anxiety or significantly reduces it.

It should be used for 2 (two) days back to back and then 2 (two) days back to back should be taken without using it to allow your subconscious to bloom and execute the script without overload.

Make sure that you time your loops so that they give you as much time afterward to sleep normally before awakening as possible.  For some people, listening during the day may be preferred, but be sure to observe all safety precautions mentioned above, as this program is very powerful.  Make sure you test it fully on a day you don't have anything in particular you need to do, as you will likely be too relaxed to drive safely and may find yourself asleep in response to the depth of relaxation this program results in when used while you are awake.

This program is intended to be used for blocks of 3 months at a time.

*Contains Chemical state shifting override.  This attempts to forcibly override the state shifting effects of non-prescription chemicals that you have ingested which would otherwise cause your state of mind, body and/or emotions to shift away from their optimal state for you to accomplish the goals of this program.  This is designed to leave prescription drugs unaffected.  Recreational drug use, as well as drugs that are not typically thought of as being drugs (caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, etc.) will be affected and you may find they become significantly less enjoyable. This may also affect natural substances/supplements that shift state.

For your peace of mind, we here include the SHA256Sum hashes for the text file that contains the hashes for the files of this program.  This file is accessible when you download the program, and allows you to verify the text file and the files downloaded for mathematical certainty that there have been absolutely no changes at all from the computer on which they were created to yours.

1579c1dde2a857830dc416770f239524eeb7b0c17a1391328fc87af45f42fb9d Anxiety_Relief_Aid_5_75G_SHA256Sums.txt


So I decided to stay on this program for a while. Been on it for last few days. Yesterday I went approaching with my friend and I approached 3 beautiful women in a span of an hour. First approach was okay not bad, she said she had bf at end. Second approach was amazing, one of my best ever, i was funny, completely relaxed and got her number.
Third approach she also said she had a bf after talking few minutes but the approach wasn’t that good. The initiial approach was good for each of the 3 approaches, but only the 2nd approach was perfect, 1st was not terrible but 3rd was not that good. i didn’t think of anything to say thats good.
I am stoked. Im so happy because yesterday showed that I still have it in me. I had almost no anxiety.
This is the beginning of a new chapter of my life, taking action and doing what I need to do to get what I desire in life. Always approaching instead of living in regret.

This anxiety program is so strong and effective and im very happy I bought it. I am grateful to be using it and I can only see my life getting better and better from here on. There are so many things in my life that anxiety was getting in the way of & now that the anxiety is dissipating I feel reborn. I feel like a new person almost. I feel like I’ve willingly fallen into another chapter in my life & from here on everything in my life is going to be amazing.
I feel unbelievably good about myself & the future right now. I’ve also never felt the level of NON NEEDYNESS that i am feeling right now. I almost give no fucks. I give very little fucks right now compared to the past when it comes to dealing with women.