Alpha Female Subliminal Training Stage 5 (4G - Type B/C)

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The Alpha Female Subliminal Training Set is the latest state of the art in subliminal design and build techniques and technology.  It uses the most advanced script ever created to date, and is far and away the most advanced subliminal of it's kind in existence.

The goal of this program is to take a woman from wherever she may be in her personal growth to making her an Alpha female.  The leader of the pack, the woman who gets things done, who takes life by the horns and makes it happen her way.  The woman who is the image of self confidence, self respect, self reliance and self control.  The woman who does what she wants to do, when she wants to do it, and how she wants to do it, without damaging the good things in her life (like healthy, existing relationships).  The alpha female takes charge when she needs to, and does what needs to be done to get what she wants in life.  She stands up for herself, refuses to be controlled, manipulated, mistreated or abused, and acts as a beacon of example of what a woman's potential is.

An alpha female is effective, competent and successful, direct, bold and blunt, all while being respectful, polite and tactful.  Yet she refuses to put up with poor treatment, and she knows definitively what what she wants, goes after it, and gets it.

She understands that she is strong and capable, and can take care of herself.  She leaves the negative emotions, beliefs, ideas, fears, guilt, shame and self loathing behind and embraces the positives about herself and her life, while making it better and better.  She knows she can do, be and accomplish whatever it is she wants to, and she is fearless in doing what it takes to achieve her goals.

Procrastinate?  Not the alpha female.  She's got too much to do, be and accomplish in life for that.  Success is her middle name, and she has every reason to expect herself to be successful.  As a confident, competent, and self actualized woman, she achieves and lives her full potential.

This woman loves being alive, and looks forward to each day because it affords her further opportunity to succeed and improve her love life, sex life, financial status, romantic situation and everything else.  She chooses healthy, honest, worthwhile men for sex and romance, and is too self respecting to be taken advantage of, used, mistreated, or to do these things to other people.  She gets respect because she deserves it, and that fact is blatantly obvious.  She also gives respect only when it is earned, and deserved.  Wisdom and efficiency are her trademarks.

Do you want to become an alpha female?  A leader of women, a paragon of confidence, competence and success?  The strength and potential is within you and every woman, just waiting to be unleashed.  But there are a lot of things in our society that are working to prevent that, because a fully self-realized and self actualized woman is a woman who can't be controlled by external forces.  A woman who stands up and not just accepts, but becomes and expresses her full potential is a wonderful thing, and such women naturally and effortlessly attract the attention and interest of the highest echelon of high quality men.  Men who are their equals, and are just as powerful, capable, competent and successful at life as they are.

Can this actually be achieved?  You bet.  Just read through the forums and see for yourself how many men have walked away from the Alpha Male program completely changed for the better.  The list of things this program is designed to do is so vast that I had to reserve a condensed version for the instructions, but here's a partial list:

  1. Increase self esteem, self respect, self worth, self image, self reliance, self control, self sufficiency and self security.
  2. Improve inner strength.
  3. Refuse to be mistreated by anyone.
  4. Stand up for yourself when necessary.
  5. Refuse to be controlled or manipulated by others.
  6. Refuse to control or manipulate others.
  7. Always do the right thing.
  8. Develop as a leader.
  9. Assertiveness training.
  10. Decisiveness training.
  11. Helps balance and positively enhance emotions.
  12. Helps balance hormones.
  13. Minimizes the negative effects of menstruation, including pain, discomfort and irritability.
  14. Helps overcome PMS and PMDD.
  15. Kills neediness.
  16. Kills insecurity.
  17. Kills clinginess.
  18. Instills inner peace and tranquility.
  19. Gets you to respond to others with politeness, without allowing them to push you or take advantage of you.
  20. Creates body language, speech patterns and more than say to the world that you deserve respect.
  21. Gets you to act in ways that deserve respect from others and yourself.
  22. Let go of guilt, shame, fear and self loathing, in general and specifically concerning sex.
  23. Enjoy sex more.
  24. Achieve orgasm more easily.
  25. More intense and pleasurable orgasms.
  26. Initiate sex when you want it, and without apologies.
  27. Accept yourself as a sexual being, and give yourself permission to have sex when you want to.
  28. Develop an aura and attitude of high sexual and social value.
  29. Attract, and choose, healthy, honest, high value men for sex and romance.
  30. Achieve your full potential.
  31. Destroy procrastination.
  32. Be motivated.
  33. Success programming.
  34. Increase wisdom.
  35. Patience programming.
  36. Integrity and honesty.
  37. And much more!

And why shouldn't there be such a program designed for women?  Well here it is.  Four months in the making, and the most powerful and advanced subliminal of it's kind in the world.  What are you waiting for?  Get your copy now, and start making your life and yourself better, happier, stronger and more successful today!

“Just wanted to mention that I don’t even identify with who I was before AF at this point. Yes, if I try I can remember what it was like. But my past has become a story book rather than something that I can feel anymore.”