Policies, Terms & Conditions

  1. Definitions: Throughout this document, Indigo Mind Labs, Inc. is referred to as "We", "Our", "Us", "IML" or "Indigo Mind Labs". All reference to "We", "Our", "Us", "IML" or "Indigo Mind Labs" shall therefore be defined as referring to Indigo Mind Labs, Inc.

  2. Medical Disclaimer: No claim of medical value, usage, intended usage, cure, diagnosis or replacement for medical attention from an appropriate medical professional is expressed or implied for any of the programs made available by Indigo Mind Labs or created by Shannon L. Matteson. By downloading or using these programs, you agree that you understand that these programs are not designed for, intended as a replacement for medical treatment or diagnosis, nor are they intended to be or act as a cure for anything. There is no expressed or implied statement that these programs are designed or intended to act as anything more than an aid to achieving the stated goal, and should be used in that capacity only. Before using any subliminal program designed to do anything that could impact you physically, mentally or emotionally, you are advised to consult the appropriate medical professional. Do not use these programs if you have and/or have been diagnosed with a serious mental or emotional disorder or disease unless you have direct, continuous medical permission to do so and medical supervision while doing so. You accept full responsibility for the results of using these programs, including (but not limited to) at unreasonable volumes or any volume above that resulting from proper calibration.

  3. Delivery: You understand and agree that you will be getting downloadable .mp3 and in some cases, .flac files only as a result of your purchase, and that no physical media shall be provided to you, now or in the future.

  4. Responsibility Of Care: After 30 days from your date of purchase, it is your sole responsibility to take appropriate care that you make and keep sufficient backup copies of the programs you download after purchase, and Indigo Mind Labs is not required to provide you replacement copies as a result of loss after your initial download. When possible, and as part of our commitment to excellence in customer service, Indigo Mind Labs will endeavor to provide access to replacement copies as requested even after the initial 30 days, as deemed reasonable by Indigo Mind Labs.  In the case of one or more subscriptions, it is your responsibility to keep and keep safe the login and password for your account, allowing you and only you to access and use the subscriptions you have paid for.  You are responsible for keeping others from accessing and using your subscriptions.

  5. Refund Policy: Because of the various ways people have attempted to take advantage of, or even outright scam us, we have had to continually update and add to our refund policy to prevent that.  Please read and make sure you understand ALL of the below before asking for a refund.  

    1. If you do not follow the instructions, we cannot be held responsible for that fact.  Therefore, the product must be used according to its instructions for you to be eligible for a refund.

    2. If you do not use the program for the amount of time specified in the instructions, or if you interrupt the use of the program, we cannot be held responsible for that fact.  Therefore, you must use the product, without interruption or deviation, for the full length of time specified by the instructions; where the instructions specify a minimum amount of time, that is the minimum amount of time the program must be used before you are eligible for a refund.  Where the instructions specify an exact, specific amount of time, you must use the program and/or stage of the program for that amount of time -- not more, not less.

    3. Since using multiple forms of mind programming or multiple mind programming products simultaneously can damage or alter the results of any one of them in unexpected and/or unintended ways, we cannot be held responsible if you choose to use the product simultaneously with any other product, method or technique.  Therefore, the product must be used by itself without any other subliminal or other mind-programming products, methods or techniques, according to the instructions in order to be eligible for a refund.

    4. You must begin use of that program or product within 30 days of the date you purchase it, and use it according to the instructions in order to be eligible for a refund.

    5. If you:

      • Purchase your copy of the product and

      • Start using it within 30 days of purchase and

      • Use it without interruption as specified by the instructions and

      • You do not achieve the program’s intended results, then

      • You have 180 days from the completion of the use of that program according to the instructions in which to request a refund.

    6. Requirements set forth here for eligibility for a refund dictate that if you make a purchase of multiple programs at once (for example, during a sale), you may disqualify your eligibility for a refund by making it impossible for you to use all purchased programs according to the instructions, and within these terms.  In such case, you will only be eligible for a refund on one (1) title only from the group of programs purchased at that time, if all other requirements and conditions for a refund are met.

    7. Products purchased as sections or stages of a larger program are ineligible for a refund until and unless all sections or stages that make up the whole program are paid for and used without interruption, according to the instructions.

    8. If you purchase a program title and then later purchase an upgrade to or newer version of that program title, you state by doing so that the program you purchased a newer version of or upgrade to worked as desired and intended for you, and you are therefore no longer eligible for a refund on the version(s) of the title you purchased a newer version of or upgrade to.

    9. We reserve the sole right to decide how and through what channels you are issued a refund.  In any case where there is a fee charged for the issuance of a refund, that fee is not the responsibility of Indigo Mind Labs to account for, refund or reimburse to you.  Therefore, we will deduct whatever fees are charged to us for issuing your refund, from your refund amount.

    10. Illegal downloading, sharing, “pirating”, reselling and/or using of any program or product that IML offers is grounds for ineligibility for a refund at our discretion, as well as a permanent ban from the forum, store or both.

    11. For those titles which would normally make you eligible for an upgrade discount (Alpha Male Training Set, Sex Magnet, Woman Magnet): If you purchase a program during a sale that would normally make you eligible for a discount on upgrades of that program title, you are not eligible for an upgrade discount on the next version of that title without first paying the remainder of the full normal purchase price, and you are not eligible for a refund on the program you purchased on sale because of this.  You must still use the program according to the instructions before you are eligible for a refund, and you must still pay full price for that title in order to be eligible for an upgrade discount, if one exists.

    12. If you are caught "sniping" a Ridiculous Sale using software to allow you to automatically purchase one or more programs when a discount level you want happens, you automatically disqualify yourself for a refund of anything you purchased in that sale, and we reserve the right to permanently ban you from both the store and the forum for sniping the Ridiculous Sale.  Do not snipe our Ridiculous Sales; this will get you fired (permanently banned from our store) as a customer.

    13. You are not eligible for a refund for anything you purchased before a sale just because a sale happens after you purchased it, regardless of when you purchased the program relative to when the sale begins.  We attempt to give reasonable indication that a sale is coming weeks or months in advance, but regardless of what indication we do or do not give, you are not eligible for a refund on these grounds.

    14. No program is eligible for a refund except by and to the original purchaser, and the original purchaser waives their right to a refund on the program by giving away, trading, exchanging or otherwise transferring their ownership of their copy of the program to anyone else.

    15. We are more than willing to provide refunds to our customers when their refund requests comply with our refund process and requirements. We have this policy to provide a fair way to determine whether or not a refund is actually and reasonably due.  We want to protect you from spending money for something that did not provide at least equal value to what you paid for it when it was used according to the instructions; at the same time, we need to protect ourselves from those few who would try to take advantage of us.  Therefore, it is our policy that forcing a refund without going through our refund policy process, or forcing a refund should your refund request be denied, including (but not limited to) any chargebacks, will result in immediate and permanent banning from our store and forum.

    16. If you "accidentally" purchase a program other than the one you thought you were purchasing, there is no reasonable way for us to help you, and we do not offer refunds or exchanges in this case.  Therefore, please be sure that you are purchasing the title and version of that title that you think you are purchasing. This also applies when we are having to manually complete orders on our end, which we have made everyone aware on the top of the checkout page. Just because your order takes some time to complete doesn't entitle you to a refund.

    17. If we publish a new version of a program within 30 (thirty) days of your purchase of that program's immediately previous version, you are eligible for a free upgrade if the two programs are the same price, or an upgrade at the difference of their prices if they are not. For example, you purchase Overcoming Fear v2 on April 12th, 2021.  We then release Overcoming Fear version 3.0 within 30 days of that purchase.  In that case, you would be eligible to request an upgrade.  If the price of v3 is equal to or less than the price of v2, then you would get a free upgrade.  If the price of v3 is more than v2, you would be eligible to upgrade for only the difference in their prices.

    18. Refund policy regarding subscriptions is as follows:  We offer monthly subscriptions for some of our products, and in some cases we may offer longer (yearly) or shorter (daily, weekly) subscription options.  We make it easy for you to subscribe, and easy to know you are purchasing a subscription.  You must check a check box during checkout that verifies that you know and understand that you are purchasing a recurring subscription.  Therefore, there can be no mistake that you have entered into a subscription purchase.  Furthermore, we make it easy for you to pause or cancel your subscription at any time, and resume a canceled or paused subscription at any time.  It is your responsibility to subscribe to what you intended to subscribe to, and it is your responsibility to cancel or pause your subscription should you wish to do so.  Therefore, under no circumstances are we obligated to give refunds for subscription purchases. We may, under certain limited circumstances and at our discretion, give refunds or pro-rated refunds of subscriptions of up to one month's charges, if the service is interrupted and we cannot restore it within three (3) days.
    19. In order to prevent undesired effects on women when accidentally exposed to a program designed for men, or men when accidentally exposed to a program designed specifically for women, Indigo Mind Labs uses a small script in gender-specific programs that limits the script to only execute for a person who is genetically of the intended gender.  Therefore, if you buy and try to use a program specifically designed for a gender you are genetically not, the program will not work, by design.  In this case, this will be made very clear in the product description, and we will not refund your money.
  6. Returns, Exchanges, Trades and Trade-Ins:  Because our products are digital in nature, we do not allow returns, exchanges or trades/trade-ins of products you have previously purchased, for any reason.  

  7. Usage Policy: You agree to use these programs with all necessary and due diligence towards the safety of yourself and that of others. You agree not to use these subliminal programs more than 21 hours per day, or around people who do not know or consent to being exposed. You agree to avoid exposing children to inappropriate or unsuitable content, or allowing such content to get into the hands of or possession of minors, or be used by minors. You agree to follow the volume calibration instructions, and always use the program at a reasonable and safe volume at all times.  You agree not to trade your program to anyone else for any reason, whether or not you trade it for anything else.  You agree to never give away a copy of your program except as a gift to someone else, which means you give it away immediately and do not use it yourself between your purchase of the program and when you give it away as a gift, and do not retain any copies in your possession.  You agree to safeguard your subscription login and password and not share these or your subscribed materials with others, with the exception that others may be exposed while you are using the subscribed subliminals as part of your normal usage rights.

  8. Copyright: You understand that these programs are copyrighted material, and therefore cannot legally be shared, given away, re-sold, rented, leased, financially profited from the public or private display or playing of, traded, published, or “pirated” without breaking copyright law. You understand that some programs may contain anti-piracy measures, and that the program may not function as expected or advertised if you knowingly use, make, distribute or allow others to knowingly use, make or distribute “pirated” (illegal) copies of the program. You also agree not to use, make, distribute or allow others to knowingly use, make or distribute “pirated” (illegal) copies of the program.

  9. General Disclaimer: You agree that by downloading, subscribing to and/or using any subliminal program created by Shannon L. Matteson, you accept all responsibility for the use of and results of using any and all programs created by Shannon L. Matteson, and that you therefore agree to hold completely harmless Shannon L. Matteson, Indigo Mind Labs and the owners, management, employees, contractors, affiliates and payment processors  of Indigo Mind Labs, for anything at all that you experience from using, believe you experience or think you experience as a result of using, any program created by Shannon L. Matteson or made public by or through Indigo Mind Labs, and that your sole recourse for any damages, actual or otherwise, is a refund for the full purchase price of a single specific program, minus any third party processing fees (in the case of a purchased product) or $35.00 in the case of any subscribed product(s).

  10. Refusal Of Sale And Access: Indigo Mind Labs reserves the right to refuse and refund any purchase order without delivery of the product ordered, for any reason, without revealing the reasons for refusal to accept a purchase order. If a purchase order is refused or rejected, a full refund will be issued within 10 (ten) business days of the order purchase order.  Indigo Mind Labs also reserves the right to refuse access to it's forum and/or store to anyone for any reason, without revealing the reasons for refusal of access.  

  11. Response Times: We have staff around the world.  Our e-mail is answered by our staff in Australia, so depending on where you are in the world, we may require as much as 12+ hours to respond to any communications you send to us.  We will do what we can to keep response times to a minimum, but please be aware that time zone differences require that we allow for at least 12 hours to respond to your e-mail.  In most cases response times should be significantly less than that, but it is possible as a result of time zone differences and various other circumstances.

Indigo Mind Labs Privacy Policy

Indigo Mind Labs greatly values your trust. Part of how we endeavor to earn your trust is by respecting and protecting your privacy. When you do business with us, we respect and protect your privacy in the following ways.

Doing business with us through our Internet store, we only collect your first name, IP address, account credentials to our store, and what you purchase. We do not have access to, nor do we collect or store your any of your financial information. All purchases are completed through trusted third-party off-site payment processors. This information is only used for responding to customer service requests and compiling purchase statistics for the whole of our customer base (not statistics that track or reference any specific person individually) which allow us to improve our service.

Our mailing list is private and optional. Because we genuinely respect your privacy, signing up for it is turned off by default. To be included in our mailing list, you must personally and intentionally join on your own (opt in). We do not and never will sell, rent, lease, share or otherwise distribute it to anyone else for any purpose or reason. 

When you contact us, we receive only the information you supply, along with your IP address. Aside from your IP address, what we receive from you when you contact us is determined by what you submit to us.

The information you share through your e-mails to us is only accessible to Indigo Mind Labs administrators and select staff members, which staff members are only allowed access to it in order to perform their jobs.

We do not use e-mail addresses sent to us through contacts initiated by you for adding to our mailing list. To be added to our mailing list, you must sign up (opt in) for inclusion at our Internet store. Unless we are legally required to do so by court order, we do not and will not share any private information you give us with anyone who does not have access to your e-mails within our business when you contact us through e-mail.

We will fully comply with lawful and legal orders to reveal any aforementioned personal information, provided that such orders originate from a valid subpoena coming from a valid U. S. legal jurisdiction.

Text Marketing and notifications:

By providing your phone number during checkout and initiating a purchase, subscribing through opt-in forms where a phone number is provided, or texting a keyword phrase, you are giving us consent to send you text messages. These messages can be sent to deliver information about our products, services, and promotions, including abandoned cart reminders. Consent is not a condition of purchase. Msg & data rates may apply. Message frequency varies.

You can unsubscribe from receiving text messages at any time by replying STOP to any message sent from us or by clicking an unsubscribe link provided in any of our messages. You understand that there are alternative options to opt-out of our text messages and that manual requests will not be attributed as a reasonable means of unsubscribing from our text messages. Text HELP to any message sent by us for more information. For any questions relating to our policy or unsubscribing, you can contact us at indigomindlabs@gmail.com. To opt-out please follow the procedures listed above.