CM (5.11G - Type A/B/C/D)

Disclaimer:  This experience is for adults and children five years old or older. It is not designed or intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical or psychological condition, or replace any medical or psychological treatment. If you need medical or psychological help, please see an appropriate medical or psychological professional.  

About This Experience

This is the first 5.11G subliminal experience.  5.11G is the most smooth and natural feeling generation to date, which we call "transparency".  It is so transparent that it is not necessarily obvious that you are listening to a subliminal, or being affected by one.  It seems to just do what it is doing so smoothly, so comfortably and so naturally that you may not immediately realize it did anything, or that it was the program. 

For example, during the first test of this experience, something very unexpected happened that was not part of the test.  It took me about two hours to realize what the program had done concerning that unexpected happening during the test.  It worked, and worked beautifully, but it was so smooth and natural that I didn't think anything of it until I got to questioning why the situation had been so different than before.  That situation would normally have made me anxious for three different reasons all at once, but there was no anxiety at all - and I smoothly and confidently handled and responded to it in the best and most effective way possible as a result.  The fact that it worked as well as it did was amazing, and the fact that it did what it did so naturally that I didn't even notice was even more amazing. 

So take some time to get to know the experiences in this generation and how they affect you - it may not always be immediately obvious, depending on what exactly they are doing and how obvious or subtle the results are.  This level of transparency is what I have been working towards achieving for more than a decade, but it requires that you be aware of how it can affect the results and how to experience them.  If it seems so natural that you don't realize it did anything, that makes achieving the results much easier, but sometimes can make them harder to recognize, again depending on what the experience is doing.

What if...

Sleep aid.  Stress relief.  Calmative.  Relaxant.  Social anxiety relief aid.  Approach anxiety relief aid.  General anxiety relief aid.  Phobia relief aid.  What if there was a way to potentially achieve all of these things... in just one program... just by adjusting the usage time and volume?  Would that blow your mind?  Would that interest you?  Of course it would!

And here it is.  After a decade of trying to create a sleep aid that works for the majority of people, I have finally discovered an approach that (depending on how it is used) makes it much easier for almost anyone to fall asleep - and also turns out to have these other very useful possible effects as well!  

CM 5.11G is designed to create a special state which makes these, and perhaps several other useful outcomes become possible.  

General Stress Relief/Calmative/Relaxant:

The state this experience generates can be used for general stress relief, as a calmative and as a general relaxant.  It has been shown to help reduce stress, upset, frustration and irritation.  The specific forms of relaxation may vary according to who is using it, and the circumstances. 

Sleep Aid, Level 1 (Just want to fall asleep faster or more easily):

If you fall asleep naturally without the help of sleep aids, but you'd like to do so faster or more easily, you can use this experience to achieve that goal.  It does not force you to sleep, so to get the best results from it as a sleep aid you'll want to start the program right before you lay down, close your eyes and try to go to sleep.  This holds true of all three levels of sleep aid.  

Sleep Aid, Level 2 (Typically need OTC sleep aids to fall asleep):

For those who typically need one or more over-the-counter (OTC) sleep aids to fall asleep, this experience appears to be able to replace those sleep aids in most cases.  

Sleep Aid, Level 3 (Typically need prescription sleep aids to fall asleep):

Some people have more difficulty falling asleep than OTC sleep aids can help with.  A simple adjustment to the usage pattern allows this experience to work as a sleep aid for them too in many cases.  

General Anxiety Relief Aid: 

The state this program is designed to create can also be useful for helping to calm and relieve most forms and causes of anxiety.  

Approach Anxiety Relief Aid: 

Approach anxiety - the anxiety some people feel at approaching someone they're attracted to to express interest and try to make something happen about it - is common for both men and women, and this program can help.  All it takes is a simple adjustment to the usage patterns for general anxiety relief.

Fear & Phobia Relief Aid: 

Even fears and phobia reactions can usually be influenced and helped by this experience, given the right usage patterns.

Other Uses:

This experience may have other uses we haven't even discovered yet!  Could it act as a social lubricant?  Help on a first date?  Make a couple's first time having sex together easier?  Help with stage fright?  Could it help people quit smoking more easily (stress relief)?  There are many possible uses that we haven't yet explored.


The state this experience creates may have unexpected effects if you use it in circumstances that initially do not align with what it is attempting to achieve.  For example, one tester attempted to use it while working on something he did not want to work on, and the effect was to annoy him into doing it, instead of procrastinating. (Could this also have use in anti-procrastination too?) Exactly what it is trying to achieve is a secret, but it will apparently find a way to achieve what it is trying to do, even if the circumstances do not mesh well with that goal.  So if you use it and get unexpected results, consider that.

Also, please be aware that the data density for 5.11G is currently too high for us to continue offering MP3s.  Too much data is lost even at 320 kbps and the highest quality levels possible.  Because of this extreme data density, we will only be offering programs in 5.11G and later as 24 bit FLACs, as this is the absolute minimum that balances file size with sufficient quality to accurately reproduce this level of data density and make it possible for your subconscious to still comprehend the subliminal audio. This means that the streaming options are also 24 bit FLACs, which may take more time to buffer than MP3s because they are ~6-7x more audio data.  

Hybrid format is not intended for use unless masked and ultrasonic formats do not produce the desired effects for you.  Hybrid format at this level of data density may work, be overload, or blow past overload into "nothing happens". Avoid using it if possible.  If you do use it, use it with caution.

An Auric Shield

This experience uses a new type of shield: the Grounding Shield.  Instead of sending back to the sender any negative energy and unwanted influences, as the Directional Reflection Shield does, this shield simply grounds them by sending them straight into the Earth itself to be harmlessly absorbed, dissipated and recycled as some other form of energy. 

The effect is that negative and unwanted influences should simply cease, and those attempting to attack or perform the unwanted influences simply don't know why.  Meanwhile, you are encapsulated within a safe space, which helps with achieving the things this experience is useful for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does "CM" stand for?

A: "CM" is the code name the program had before it was named and published.  This time, I decided to keep the code name in order to avoid telling everyone who hasn't actually done the work to figure this out, how to do it.  What it stands for is the wrong question, because it's just a code name for the project that resulted in this program.  It doesn't really stand for anything.

Q: Can this experience be used to help parents calm children down, deal with anxiety or or put them to sleep?

A: The design of the script allows it to be effective for children as well as adults, although how young it will affect is not certain.  However, child-specific settings have not been calculated, so you may need to experiment.  Those tests that have been done with children have done show that children may be affected by very different settings than are ideal for adults, and the effects may require consideration of the child's personality.  Also remember that for children, more is not necessarily better.  So it can be used to help children also, but exactly how it should be used to do so isn't certain yet.  If you would like to try to use it for your children, start off with the settings specified for the intended use, and then assess whether it is effective while they are exposed or possibly after it finishes playing and starts blooming (purely executing, instead of the input-decode-process-execute cycle that will be going on while it is playing).  From there you can make adjustments.  If there is enough need for it, we will calculate specific usage patterns for children.  Let us know on the forum how it affects your children, and if you think child-specific usage patterns are necessary.

Q: What happens if I use it too frequently?

A: It may have lingering effects if it is used too much or too frequently.  In this case, you have two options:

  1. Stop using it until the residual effects wear off, and adjust the frequency of usage as necessary.
  2. Reduce the exposure time to what is needed (with a buffer of 5 or 10 minutes), if the instructed time is more than that.  This is what you would choose if you were successfully using it as a sleep aid and wanted to continue doing that, for example.  When using it as a sleep aid, if you find it becomes difficult to wake up, reduce your exposure and find a balance between falling asleep easily and waking up on time.

Q: Can I use this while I am driving?

A: Anyone asking this question has to be joking, because this program can be used as a sleep aid.  Who in their right mind intentionally uses a sleep aid while driving?  The effects this program has make it unsafe to use while you are driving, piloting an aircraft or a watercraft, handling weapons or dangerous materials, or doing anything else that requires concentration for that activity to be safe.  

Q: Can I use this program to act as a social lubricant?

A: Presuming that you have the consent of everyone being exposed to do so, yes.  It can be played to a group and will generally make socializing easier, more natural and more spontaneous and smooth when you do.  It is more enjoyable, and you may find that with the right usage patterns, you can actually socialize with less, or even no, alcohol necessary.  If you would like to use it this way, try the usage patterns for general anxiety relief aid.  It is also potentially useful for dealing with social anxiety this way.

Q: Can 5.11G subliminals be used with other subliminals and mind programming?

A: 5.11G subliminals in general, no.  It should be possible to use CM with one other program, presuming that CM is not over-used each day.  Be aware that some goals may conflict with CM's effects.  If you are going to use it this way please monitor the interactions between the programs closely, and if there is significant disruption or one damages the effects of the other, choose one and stop using the other.

Instructions (Please Read All Of This!)

Usage time (and volume) depends on what you are using this program to achieve.  Below, we specify the usage time by goal, and the volumes to use for each goal are further down:

General Stress Relief/Calmative/Relaxant: 15 (Fifteen) minutes.

Sleep Aid, Level 1 (Just want to fall asleep faster or more easily): 20 minutes.

Sleep Aid, Level 2 (Typically need OTC sleep aids to fall asleep): 55 (Fifty-Five) minutes.

Sleep Aid, Level 3 (Typically need prescription sleep aids to fall asleep): 55 (Fifty-Five) minutes.

General Anxiety Relief Aid: 30 (Thirty) minutes.

Approach Anxiety Relief Aid: 35 (Thirty-Five) minutes.

Fear & Phobia Relief Aid: 55 (Fifty-Five) minutes.

You can do this easily in a 60 minute track by starting the program playing at the number of minutes that result when you subtract the instructed amount of time from 60 minutes.  For example, if the instructed amount of time is 3 minutes, then start the program playing at 60-3=57 minutes.  If the instructed amount of time is 35 minutes, then start playing it at 60-35=25 minutes.  For 55 minutes, 60-55=5 minutes, and so on.

Also, make sure than when the loop is finished playing that it does not start the track playing again at the beginning, or start playing some other audio track.  Typically, this requires that you create a playlist with 1 loop of CM 5.11G in it, and then play it from that.

If you're a few seconds off because you cannot achieve better control of your player's time seeking, that's okay; just make sure that you err in the direction of adding a few seconds, rather than removing them.  And keep the deviation to a minimum.  In 5.10G and later, minutes really do matter, so make sure it's seconds, and make sure it is as close to 0 seconds of deviation as possible.

Alternatively, just set a timer for the desired play time in minutes, set the track to start playing from the beginning and press "play".  When the timer goes off, press "stop".  Naturally, this option only works if you are awake while using this program, so don't use this method if you're using CM 5.11G as a sleep aid.

Do not use this program while you are doing anything that requires concentration to be safe, including driving, operating heavy machinery, piloting an air or water craft, or handling weapons or other dangerous objects.  Do not do any of these things after using this program unless you are familiar with how this program affects you, and know that it is safe to do so.  You and you alone are responsible for your choices, actions and the results and consequences thereof when it comes to using this program.

DO NOT attempt to cut up the audio from this program into smaller chunks or re-encode it!  This will cause damage to the subliminal audio and can result in destroying the subliminal audio or unexpected problems otherwise.  Follow the instructions.

Don't think that just because the instructed time is short, that you can casually or carelessly use it for longer or multiple times a day!  More is not necessarily better.  Carelessly over-using this program is likely to result in unexpected, unwanted and/or undesirable results, overload or no results at all.  

Q: Why is each track 60 minutes if I only need to use it for less than 60 minutes per day on?

A: There are two reasons why I build these programs to a 60 minute per loop standard, even while it is likely that they will need less than 60 minutes of use per day on:

  1. The resulting build process allows for the highest degree of precision in configuring and building the audio for the best possible quality if I make the audio tracks 60 minutes.
  2. The program has an AutoConfig module which will guide you to using the program the way that works best for you individually.  Sometimes, that will be more or less minutes of exposure per day on.  Having a 60 minute track allows for the best flexibility in that regard.

Optimal Volume (Android Phone, Through Phone's Speaker):

Important! Please keep your cell phone within arm's reach while using this experience!

Optimal volume for phone speakers will depend on what it is being used for, as follows:

General Stress Relief/Calmative/Relaxant: 9 (Nine) out of 15 (60%)

Sleep Aid, Level 1 (Just want to fall asleep faster or more easily): 9 (Nine) out of 15 clicks (60%).

Sleep Aid, Level 2 (Typically need OTC sleep aids to fall asleep): 12 (Twelve) out of 15 clicks (80%).

Sleep Aid, Level 3 (Typically need prescription sleep aids to fall asleep): 14 (Fourteen) out of 15 clicks (93%).

General Anxiety Relief Aid: 10 (Ten) clicks out of 15 (66%).

Approach Anxiety Relief Aid: 12 (Twelve) clicks out of 15 (80%). 

Fear & Phobia Relief Aid: 14 (Fourteen) clicks out of 15 (93%).

Optimal Volume (iPhone, Through Phone's Speaker):

Add 1 click to whatever the Android setting is.

Optimal Volume (Google Phone, Through Phone's Speaker):

Step 1: Determine how many clicks your phone has total for the maximum volume.  Google phones are usually, but not always, 30 clicks.  If your phone uses 30 total clicks of volume, your optimal volume will be the number of clicks specified for Android, multiplied by 2.  9 on Android becomes 18, 10 becomes 20, 12 becomes 24, and 14 becomes 28.  If your Google phone does not use 30 clicks, proceed to Step 2, below.

Step 2: Determine the volume to use for your desired purposes by finding the number of clicks that most closely corresponds to the percentage of maximum volume listed for Android phones.  This is done by dividing the volume into the total number of clicks possible.  For example, on an Android Phone, when 9 clicks are specified, we divide 9 clicks into 15 (the total possible number of clicks) and get 0.6, or 60%.  

In case you cannot find an exact match, use the closest value to the exact value desired.  For example, if the closest your phone gets to 60% is 58% or 63%, you can see that 58% is 2% less than 60%, while 63% is 3% above, so you would choose the number of clicks that gives you 58% because it is the closest to 60%.

Q: Why do you only give volumes for using this experience on a cell phone through speakers?  What about headphones, or using it on my computer or stereo?

A: The more advanced, powerful and high impact the technology generation, the more important it is to get the volume right.  Too low and the effect will not be powerful enough; too high and it will overload your subconscious and degrade or even shut down results.  As the technology improves and the power and impact levels go up, the optimal volumes are steadily going down.  

The only way to know that you have the right volume is to use it on your cell phone, and play it through speakers, for two reasons:

First, this means there should only be one volume adjustment to consider.  If your player offers volume adjustment independent of the cell phone's Master Volume, please use a different player that does not have that feature.  Currently, I use Pulsar for my Android phone because it has the ability to make playlists that have the same track multiple consecutive times, and does not have independent volume control.  However, Pulsar is not perfect, and I am not necessarily recommending or endorsing it.  I don't get paid anything if you choose to use it.  I use it because it has the features I need.

Having two or more different volume controls to configure means neither you nor I can know how to configure your particular device and software to match the instructions.

Second, using the program on headphones or ear buds is not recommended when you're using the Ultrasonic track because it is too easy to play the track too low or too high volume accidentally, without knowing it's happening.  Too low a volume can prevent good results (or any at all, if volume is at 0), and too high volume can cause overload, nausea, exhaustion and even hearing issues such as tinnitus or damage to your ears if the volumes are high enough.  

Furthermore, using them on headphones or earbuds alters the optimal volume because the volume range of the device and the proximity to the ear changes drastically.

These high end experiences are the best of the best, and as such they are not cheap.  I want you to get what you paid for, which is why I go to the trouble to determine so exactly what the optimal volume is.  Therefore, please always use them through your cell phone speakers at the exact volume specified, unless AutoConfig guides you to do otherwise.


This program uses a technology called AutoConfig, which seeks to get your own subconscious mind to figure out the optimal usage patterns for you.  If you feel an urge or craving to use this program more than the specified number of minutes, or at a different volume, or use a different number of days on or days off, follow that urge or craving and observe what happens.

To be eligible for a refund of a purchase of this program, you must use it according to the instructions for at least three consecutive months straight.

"The first effect, nearly immediately, was an enhancing of colors around me : plants etc. it is beautiful. It looks like a fog was lifted from my brain. I feel very relaxed, anxiety free. Lets see what will the longer term effects. I was looking for this kind of program for a long time. I think that will be the one !."


"My level of anxiety is so low, that I don't feel anymore my procrastination problem, seems to have been blown away ! I am preparing my speech for tomorrow without the butterflies in the stomach etc. that I have normally before the speech itself. I hope it will be the same during the speech and the Q and A part.
Yesterday I was writing and I suddenly noticed how peaceful i was ! I forgot totally that I listened to CM early morning !."


"Yesterday was a key moment, a moment I had to speak in public (through Zoom). Well in a normal setting, I would have many symptoms of anxiety few days before, and of course the day of the speech. One symptom would have been intestine problems :-) But yesterday I felt nothing, no pain in the stomach etc. It was like a normal day. But, I was caught by surprise when I went to the comfort room and I had loose bowels (sorry for the graphics aspect). So it looks that CM did not stop the symptoms but desensitized from feeling these symptoms ? My speech went so well and when I reached the time limit, the participants asked me to continue my presentation ! First time in my life I am asked to overpass my time limit and I enjoyed it ! So this CM is a beast !."


"Only ran for one 15 minute run but found that it reduced anxiety and stress a lot and was able to focus in a way I hadn't in a long while. The thing was I didn't realise it until I reflected back on it later on. So if things continue as they are then I suspect this could be a real game changer for me."


SHA256Sum Hashes

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$ sha256sum *

7a34722b2cf6cce5d262871cb6d0b3c53bd074548a0a77bf5eff1cf3e365f2eb CM_5p11G_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf_Silent).flac

768a2d8083c8944f171a915bf173a6d3e05f4e4bc7699bf3b7ace721721feb0d CM_5p11G_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream_Silent).flac

ac05b625cf9edadc5e350473377ae566d11ae379c677ab38c8dab9725fcc76b1 CM_5p11G_Masked_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf).flac

f153a15538821164c21c59cc5a65301a61643f1500548c2b07af8548c394585e CM_5p11G_Masked_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream).flac


8a5f68aac0d61ca71f888ea8bcb377eb80e4e4ae5613d34ae3d2f6e1038c5429 CM_5p11G_Ultrasonic_Subliminal_(Silent).flac

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$ sha256sum *.txt

6eca790c7635dbd84cd81ba7bbcdc426f17546cf793f210537cbfe96f3e2b560 CM_5p11G_SHA256Sum_Hashes.txt

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$