Universal Healing (5.8G - Type A/B/C/D Hybrid)

Disclaimer: This program is not designed or intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition or ailment that you should consult a qualified medical doctor to diagnose and treat.  It is also not designed or intended to replace any medical treatment.  You should always consult your medical professional first, and follow their advice and treatment plan first.  You should never attempt to rely on this program for life saving results.  No claims, expressed or implied, are made as to the suitability of this program for any particular purpose.  Use this program as an addition to, and an enhancement of, your medical professional's treatment regimen.  Never a replacement for it!

Universal Healing 5.8G (abbreviated UH) is a subliminal designed to present your subconscious with a comprehensive set of instructions that, when your subconscious executes them, will result in you subconsciously seeking out any and all things about yourself that can be healed and then working to heal them to the best of your ability.

Why is it called "Universal Healing"?

This program is called Universal Healing because its goal is to get you to heal anything and everything about yourself that can be healed, whether it is mental, physical, emotional, sexual or anything else.  It attempts to determine the best approach to how to heal nonphysical things and follows that path at the same time it attempts to trigger you to heal your physical body from the DNA to cell parts to cells to tissues to organs and systems and finally the whole of your body.  It also seeks to rejuvenate, regenerate and restore whatever you are capable of rejuvenating, regenerating and restoring, and floods you with healing energy.

Fear Removal Module 5.0

Universal Healing 5.8G has the FRM v5.0 turned on.  It is turned on for two purposes:

  1. To help you deal with any and all fears that have resulted in any issue or condition which causes you pain or needs to be healed as a result.  Some instances of physical pain that cannot be explained by physical causes can be explained as being created by a subconscious part of you that causes the pain to prevent you at a conscious level from doing something, usually something that is greatly feared by the part of you subconsciously causing the pain.  While not everyone has such a situation, when it happens, it is usually an effort by some part of the subconscious to create an excuse, limitation or incentive to avoid or not do something that is feared.
  2. To help you deal with and overcome any fears that might otherwise interfere with you being ready, willing and able to heal something that can be healed.  Traumas and the like can be difficult to heal because they are so sensitive and difficult to deal with.  This will help you move past any fears that stand in your way so that you can work on healing even those things that you may be afraid of healing.

The FRM in Universal Healing 5.8G is tuned to be exceptionally powerful, but it is aimed at getting you to achieve all possible healing, so it cannot be used as a replacement for the Overcoming Fear subliminal, which is designed to work on all fears.

Detox Module

In addition to FRM v5.0, Universal Healing has an active and extremely powerful detox module that is intended to detoxify you completely to aid in your healing. 

In some previous programs, there was a module active that was designed to override any and all state shifting effects that resulted from anything you ingested which took you away from the optimal state of awareness for achieving the goals of the program.  Because too many people like their drugs and complained so much about that module, I stopped using it, and it is not active in this program.

However, since the detox module relies on your definition of "toxin" and "detoxify", it may have the effect of causing certain drugs you ingest to be removed from your system very rapidly if they are identified as toxins according to your definition of a toxin, which may have a similar effect.  Examples of this would be alcohol (a poison), nicotine (an insecticide) and various other drugs which can be toxic.  You may notice that any drug you ingest that you classify as a poison or toxin has less effect, and affects you less long than usual while you are using this program.  If you notice this effect, please do NOT attempt to ingest more to compensate for this effect.  Instead, stop ingesting the poison/toxin you are ingesting (at least while you are using this program).

Directional Reflection Shield

Additionally, Universal Healing also has the Directional Reflection Shield turned on.  This module seeks to turn your natural energy field into a reflective bubble around you that will only allow neutral or positive energy to pass through it, and reflects back to the source in real time all other energies that you encounter or that are directed at you.

This is included because it has become apparent that illness can actually be caused in some cases by negative energy encountered in one's environment, especially when intentionally sent to you by someone who wishes to cause you harm.  This may come to you in the form of efforts to trigger guilt, shame, fear, anger, self loathing, emotional discomfort and pain, and even direct efforts to make you sick, manipulate you emotionally or mentally, or worse.

While you are projecting the Directional Reflection Shield, you are safe from these influences, and this allows you to have a safe, comfortable environment in which to relax and focus on healing, as well as potentially prevent some energetic causes of illness that you may be influenced by.,

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this program heal infections?

A: First, allow me to remind you that this program is just a set of instructions that are intended for your subconscious mind to execute.  It is you, not this program, that is responsible for any healing that takes place as a result of your execution of these instructions.

Second, infections are not something that can be "healed".  They are not damaged flesh, emotional traumas or the like.  They are infections, and must be killed or disinfected.  This program is neither intended to deal with nor recommended for dealing with any infection.

Q: Can this program help me with a broken bone?

A: Yes, but you must have the bone properly set by a medical professional first.  Once it has been properly set, you can use this program to help it heal faster.

Q: Will this program provide pain relief?

A: It is designed to provide pain (and itch) relief while it is helping you heal physically, and pain relief while it is helping you heal emotionally.  The physical pain relief is not intended to be major, and you may find that you need additional help with dealing with excessive physical pain.

Regarding emotional pain, this program must be used for long enough to work you through emotional pains before you stop using it, or as the emotional pain relief fades out, you may find yourself in emotional pain.  This is normal and a natural part of healing emotional damage and traumas.  Simply keep using the program to continue the emotional healing and pain relief process.

Q: I have eye problems.  Can this program affect my eyesight?

A: Only if your eyesight is affected by something that is damaged and can be healed with the right stimulus.  It may help with a detaching retina, but it cannot help you correct eyesight that is poor because of the shape of your eyes, for example. 

Q: Can I use this program to help me recover from surgery faster?

A: Absolutely, but keep in mind that this program is also trying to heal everything non-physical at the same time.  You may find that Maximum Healing Speed, which is entirely focused on healing the physical body, is a better option for that purpose.

Q: Can this program help with my erectile dysfunction?

A: That depends on a number of factors, most specifically what the cause(s) of your erectile dysfunction are.  If the causes are physical damage, then this program may be able to help.  If the causes are emotional in nature, this program may also be able to help.  However, specifics will vary from person to person, so your mileage may vary.

Q: Can this program trigger something to finish healing, or continue healing, if it is technically done healing but never healed fully?

A: Theoretically, yes.  As to the reality, that will depend on a lot of factors which I cannot account for, so all I can tell you is, theoretically yes, but your mileage may vary.

Q: Can this program help me recover from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

A: PTSD is not a simple thing, and its causes are not simple either.  While it should be able to help many people with their PTSD, each case is different.  So most likely, yes, but there is no guarantee.

Q: Can I use this program around or on children?

A: This program is designed and intended for adult use only.  If you wish to use it around or on children, you should first consult your child's psychological professional and always have close parental and psychological supervision of any child who is exposed to this program.

Q: Can this program cure my/heal my _____?

A: This program does not cure or heal anything itself.  It presents your subconscious mind with a set of special instructions.  Provided that you execute those instructions, you will be healing yourself in whatever directions are possible, and to whatever degree is possible.  Because each situation is different and unique, I cannot know how well this program will help you heal any particular issue.  I do know that the component that is designed to speed up healing of damaged flesh and bone works well for helping you do that, and the component that is designed to heal emotions does well for helping to heal that.  Specific issues I cannot comment on.

Q: Will this program make me tired?

A: Given how much is in the script, what the program is trying to do, and how many different things the program is trying to do, along with the amount of time necessary to do them, it is likely that you will at least start off feeling tired to some degree while using this program.  You may therefore expect to need more sleep than usual.  In general, the more healing is necessary, the more tired you will probably find yourself both due to the focus of your energy on healing, and the fact that sleep is when your body heals the most efficiently.

Q: Can this program heal relationships?

A: It is focused on helping you heal yourself.  Any relationships that it directly influences the healing of would therefore have to be between parts of your conscious and or subconscious self.  As you heal, it may have the side effect of helping to improve your relationships as a result, but it cannot directly heal relationships you have with someone else.  However, if you and the other person were to use this program together, you could both benefit from the emotional healing it encourages, which would have twice the potential positive impact on your relationship, albeit still a secondary effect.

Q: Is this program better than E5 for emotional healing?

A: The difference between this program and E5 lies in that this program is trying to help you heal everything possible, and it uses a higher level of technology (5.8G) and much more power for itself and the other component modules to do so.  It also uses a more comprehensive detox module.  So it will most likely take longer to work on any given thing because it has more goals than E5, but it may be more effective in the long run.

If you want faster results, stick with E5.  If you want deeper results, go for UH.  This of course only applies to the comparison between UH v1 and EHPRA v5.


To begin, use this program in Ultrasonic format for six (6) loops per day on, for 9 (nine) days on and 5 (five) days off per ASRB2 cycle.  Do this until the AutoConfig module kicks in, or you have used it for 4 (four) ASRB2 cycles without having AutoConfig kick in. (If AutoConfig does not kick in, see below for what to do.)  Use this program for 6 (six) months per run-through. 

This program has such a big script that I had to build it 80 minutes per loop. 6 loops is 8 hours of exposure.  We therefore recommend that you listen to this program while you sleep.  Yes, I know: this is not a small amount of time to use this program.  But it is also not a small number of things you're asking your subconscious and body to do, and they are not simple or easy things to accomplish either. 

What is ASRB2?

ASRB2 is an abbreviation of the term "Audio to Silence Ratio Balancer #2".  This is the number of days you use it followed by the number of days you do not use it, which is intended to allow you to achieve the best results from the program with the least energy expenditure in the process.  Each run through of the days on followed by the days off is known as one ASRB2 cycle. 

In case you are wondering, ASRB1 is not currently in use.

What is AutoConfig?

AutoConfig is a script module designed to get your own subconscious to determine the best usage patterns for you to achieve the best results from the program.  Experience has shown us that the result is always one of two things:

  1. You will feel an urge to change your usage patterns in some way (if it is executed), or
  2. You will not feel any urges to change your usage patterns if you are already using it the best possible way (~10% chance), or the AutoConfig module is not executed (~90% chance).

If you experience an urge to change your listening patterns, you may experience the urge to use the program a different number of loops per day on, a different number of days on, a different number of days off, a different volume, a different format or some other change.  Usually the loops per day is the first thing AutoConfig results in changes to.  If you get such an urge, follow it instead of the instructions given here whenever they disagree.

If you do not get any such urges after 4 consecutive ASRB2 cycles, then you should request assistance from Shannon on the forum.


"Yesterday my mind went kind of numb and suddenly I started thinking what if I lose myself, what if my memory fades and I become unable to remember myself or others, how much I will suffer from losing myself, what happened next wasn't that I lose myself but the multiple masks my personality has for avoiding pain and suffering were taken off (for example acting like someone else when I feel in danger or thinking with other voice instead of mine), now it's like nothing can affect me or maybe the masks were causing me suffering, as they were trying to keep me safe but now my true self is making it's way out, life seems easier this way, just being myself."