Testosterone Optimizer For Men (5.8G - Type B/C Hybrid

Disclaimer: This program is not intended or designed to act as an alternative to or replacement for proper medical attention, diagnosis or treatment, or to treat or cure anything, and no such claim is explicitly or otherwise made or implied.  Do not use this program if you are using any other hormone therapy or boosters, prescribed or not, including herbs. Always check with your medical doctor before starting this program if you are currently taking any prescription or non-prescription drug or have any disease, disorder, issue or condition that could be negatively impacted by adjusting your hormone balance.


Testosterone Optimizer For Men is limited to men 18 years old and older, and those who are genetically male.

This program is for two types of men: those who used to have higher testosterone levels and want to get them back, and those for whom their testosterone levels have never been high enough.  The first type of guy is in his 30's and older and is seeing things change from what they were.  The second type of guy can be any age, and never had the effects of high testosterone.  In either case, this program is designed to make your life and health better through the improvement of your T levels.

Testosterone Optimizer For Men is designed to adjust your testosterone levels to their optimal amount and maintain them at that amount.  Since pollution and environmental factors have increasingly been detracting from natural testosterone production for men of all ages because of chemicals and hormones found in processed foods and the environment, what was natural and optimal decades ago may not be what the peak of a man's testosterone is now, even in his teens and 20's. 

I have therefore defined "optimal" for your subconscious as the amount at which you experience the best of what positive things testosterone can do for your body.  This program's design goal is to be at least as useful and effective as Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).  The benefits of TRT should also be the benefits of this program when it is used properly.  They are:

  • Higher energy levels
  • Increased sex drive, higher libido
  • Increased fertility, more sperm production, healthier sperm and larger amounts of ejaculate
  • Better ability to achieve and maintain erections
  • Higher levels of lean muscle mass
  • Easier gain of lean muscle mass
  • Stronger immune system function
  • Higher production rates of red blood cells for better oxygenation of the body
  • Better cognitive function
  • Improved mental health
  • More sexual attention, attraction and interest from others
  • Higher levels of motivation, pep and drive
  • Potentially lower blood pressure
  • Better lipid profile

Testosterone Optimizer is designed to be as good as or better than TRT for men 18 and older, regardless of your age. How well it works for you may depend on how you use it, your age, how healthy you are, your diet and other factors.  Your mileage may vary.

This program also includes a very powerful and very specialized detox module.  It is designed to trigger your body to remove from your physical body any and all toxins that are present, as some of these toxins can disrupt and reduce testosterone production.  This module will direct you to detox in every way that could negatively impact your T levels, and will help you clear your system of many different types of toxins.  This alone may be worth the entire price of admission.


Q: How fast will I start noticing results?

A: Noticeable results can be experienced in days or weeks for most people.  Generally speaking noticeable results may require 3 to 7 days to begin showing up.  In some cases, it will happen faster, and in a small number of cases it may take 2-3 weeks or more.

Q: Can I use this program at the same time I am using other testosterone boosters or taking testosterone replacement therapy?

A: No.  You must use this program by itself without also using any other form of testosterone therapy or boosters at the same time.  Otherwise you will most likely experience a testosterone overdose, which can have some significant and serious negative effects.

Q: Is it possible to have too much testosterone as a result of using this program?

A: Not as a result of using this program by itself, no.

Q: Can this program help with erectile dysfunction?

A: That will depend on a number of factors, the chiefest of which are the specific causes of the ED and the usage patterns you employ when using this program.  If the ED case in question can be helped by increasing testosterone, then it should be positively influenced by using this program properly.

Q: Will this program work for me if I am in my 50's/60's/70's/80's/90's or older?

A: This subliminal should work for any man who uses it properly and can hear well enough to clearly understand the script.

Q: What if I am genetically male, but identify as something other than male?

A: You should not use this program unless you accept yourself as being male.


Testosterone Optimizer For Men 5.8G is designed to be used long term, but cannot be used at the same time you are using any other subliminal program and should not be used at the same time you're using other mind programming methods. 

Please do not attempt to use this program if you are using any form of testosterone replacement therapy or testosterone booster.  This program must be used as the only method for increasing and optimizing your testosterone levels because otherwise you may end up with an overdose of testosterone which can lead to significant negative and undesirable effects and results.

While it is designed to only affect those who are physically and genetically male and 18 years old or older, as a precaution against unforeseen issues, please do not expose this program to females of any age or anyone under 18 years of age. 

To use this program properly, first calibrate the volume of the device you will be using to listen to the program.  Then select your preferred format, and then use the program as follows unless and until the AutoConfig module directs you to do otherwise:

Loops per day on: 4 (Four)

Days on: 3 (Three)

Days off: 2 (Two) 

It is strongly recommended that the Hybrid format not be used until you understand how the Masked and Ultrasonic formats affect you; and then only use Hybrid if those formats are for some reason producing unsatisfactory results.  It is also recommended that you use and prefer Ultrasonic format.

AutoConfig is a module in the subliminal script that is designed to cause your own subconscious to determine the best usage patterns for succeeding in getting the best results from this program.  If and when it kicks in, you will feel an urge to use the program in a specific way.  This adjustment may be to loops per day, days on, days off, volume, format, player, time of day used or any other variables.  This is your subconscious mind executing the AutoConfig module, and if this happens, you should follow the guidance your subconscious is providing through these urges. 

The instructions given here are only to give you enough exposure to kick start AutoConfig, and give you guidelines if the AutoConfig does not trigger.  You should always favor the instructions you get from your subconscious executing the AutoConfig module over the instructions given here.  If you get no such urges, it may be that the instructions given here are ideal for you already.

It may be necessary to take breaks from this program every so often.  In some personalities, the subconscious may get bored with the same instruction set all the time.  In some physiologies, a rest may occasionally be needed from the effort to adjust the hormonal levels that this program triggers.  In both cases, it should be helped by running the program for 3 months and then taking 1 to 4 weeks rest from this subliminal, without running anything else if you plan to continue using this program. This program is only sold by the creator at subliminal-shop.com, and getting it anywhere else is piracy.

The cognitive benefits from increased T levels is getting really noticeable now. Also, energy levels are increasing and the overall effects are amazing once they really kick in. I feel like this is the sub that I've needed for a long time.

Starting to notice that my strength is getting better and i am putting on muscle a little easier now for those that have asked.  Even if I don't workout for a few days, I don't lose anything and I'm definitively stronger than prior to starting this sub.

To verify that the files you download (should you opt to purchase the program instead of subscribe) I provide SHA256 hashes.  For this program and the .txt file that contains them, they are as follows:

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$ sha256sum *

8978084ec25f544ccb6af9c097c9f0fbcc987b55c06749b0f9c7b14f04b46f83  Testosterone_Optimizer_5_8G_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf_Silent).flac

33390b56c34c4e01b518af4835d9e9e4c794ade15f35365d4b4c8a0f7666bc31  Testosterone_Optimizer_5_8G_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf_Silent).mp3

34e125bebf44d12335baf02f09e1c165bd9e37227938519b3b1f2d8a02f4f274  Testosterone_Optimizer_5_8G_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream_Silent).flac

333b3b073bf2d454f0ea05f3446d52b5edd4f242b5df43e44038994f1267db52  Testosterone_Optimizer_5_8G_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream_Silent).mp3

870985ba8d38be771083b08011836cb96e3e33af2f7d7de4c8f6ec6500562e4e  Testosterone_Optimizer_5_8G_Masked_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf).flac

c6de787d1b24202b060a33267442b9358699e1f7501d70153b8f81b84829849d  Testosterone_Optimizer_5_8G_Masked_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf).mp3

f3d7a8fefaff757c5df6896fc285ef319e92567b5aa70b028f7c619917df0c6e  Testosterone_Optimizer_5_8G_Masked_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream).flac

edf2a2d5966042302164b1e6376d8a0f8142788f759d436c613aec256d244190  Testosterone_Optimizer_5_8G_Masked_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream).mp3

c62cb9d02d4f2a05a1d73d44f587553511311df573b8d954657039f730b6ef8a  Testosterone_Optimizer_5_8G_Subliminal_FLAC.zip

318f9e6851c61146110fe545e1054fb4150e3a901ce3cabb5dcda4b0a33b17ce  Testosterone_Optimizer_5_8G_Subliminal_MP3.zip

a5111666bd450ace832a04487915fd39b55adbe8bcbb30a57b737395a6cbdddf  Testosterone_Optimizer_5_8G_Ultrasonic_Subliminal_(Silent).flac

438b4cd8cf058e0ad98891e02eccf9de9510105d8a677741dbf366cc0df21b2d  Testosterone_Optimizer_5_8G_Ultrasonic_Subliminal_(Silent).mp3

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$sha256sum *.txt

6b2e20ac43485b333e1110ec47391968f0da0615b693c877a8f55b467a7817da  Testosterone_Optimizer_5_8G_SHA256Sum_Hashes.txt

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$