Self Improvement (5.9G - Type A/B/C/D)

Disclaimer:  This experience is for those who are 18+ only. It is not designed or intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical or psychological condition, or replace any medical or psychological treatment. If you need medical or psychological help, please see an appropriate medical or psychological professional.

About This Experience

Do you want to improve yourself?  Would you like to be a better version of yourself tomorrow than you are today?  Do you find it challenging or frustrating to make progress in your efforts at self improvement?  Do you wish self improvement could be made easier?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you're in for a treat, because this experience is here to make self improvement faster, easier and more successful for you!

That's right - with this subliminal experience, self improvement literally becomes possible and available at the press of a button.

How do you want to improve yourself?  No matter what your answer, this program can help, because it aims to trigger self improvement in not just one way, but in every way!  It also automatically adjusts how it works to match the ways that work best for you as a unique individual, adjusting itself to your personality and what improvement you make through this program over time.

Naturally, this means that it will work differently for every person, based on their unique place in life and their unique strengths, weaknesses and circumstances.  In other words, it may work faster for one person than another, and what is being improved may be different for different people at any given time.  It may affect a variety of aspects of your life, including (but not limited to) your sleep schedule, your motivation, your interests, your focus and your level of energy.  And what it is most obviously doing may change over time as you improve yourself.

This is also an open-ended, "move at your own pace" experience.  You could use it for the rest of your life and it would simply keep on guiding you to continue improving yourself.  And it is designed to get you to make these self improvements at the pace that works best for you. 

So if self improvement is your thing, and you want to improve yourself in many different ways and directions, then this is definitely the experience for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will be improved?

A: Anything and everything you can improve about yourself! The specifics are left up to your subconscious, but you are directed to work at your own pace and in the best ways for you. 

Q: Does this program have a Directional Reflection Shield?

A: Yes, and it is extremely powerful.  This helps you make these changes in a safe environment, free from the negativity that may result from others who do not want to see you change or improve yourself.

Q: How does this program compare to Maverick, Life Tune-Up and other programs in the catalog?

A: Maverick and Life Tune-Up are very different programs that have very little in common with Self Improvement.  While they are both focused on improving you, just like this program is, they are doing so in very different ways.  

This program is designed to be an open ended, universally useful, simple, easy and automatic way to achieve self improvement by simply pressing "play".  It is not limited in terms of what it seeks to improve, and it does not attempt to dictate any particular speed of progress.  The goal is for you to wake up every day being a better version of yourself this day than you were the day before, and doing it again tomorrow - for as long as you care to use it, and in every possible way.  Your subconscious chooses what to work on improving, and when, and in what order, according to what works best for you and what progress you have achieved so far.

There is very little overlap with Maverick or Life Tune-Up, or indeed, any other program in the catalog.

Q: What does the "35" after the 5p9G in the program file names mean?

A: That is a designation of reference for me to know how the program was built.  In this particular case, there were multiple special options for how to build it.  The option code named "35" was chosen because it produced the best results in the predictive models.  It does not designate a version of 5.9G. 

Q: Why can't people under 18 use this program?

A: During configuration, the question arose as to whether to use an age limiter in the script.  The predictive models indicated that using an age limiter was by far the better option.  I believe this is because it is important to have a certain level of development of the brain and understanding of the world before the program can really be useful.


Use this program for 15 (fifteen) minutes per day on, for 8 (eight) days on and 3 (three) days off per usage cycle.  You can do this easily in a 60 minute audio by starting the program playing at the 45 minute mark.  Don't think that just because the instructed time is short, that you can casually use it for longer or multiple times a day.  Short usage times per day are what happens with 5.9G experiences when the program doesn't need to fight huge amounts of fear.  But more is not necessarily better.  15 minutes per day will yield the best results.

Optimal volume for phone speakers will be as follows:

Android phone: 8 out of 15 clicks

iPhone: 9 out of 16 clicks

Google Phone: 16 out of 30 clicks, or as close as you can get to 53% of full volume if your phone has something other than 30 clicks of volume.

Use this program for 9 (nine) months per run-through.

This program uses a technology called AutoConfig, which seeks to get your own subconscious mind to figure out the optimal usage patterns for you.  If you feel a craving to use this program more than 15 minutes a day, or at a higher volume, or use a different number of days on or days off, follow that craving.

To be eligible for a refund, you must use this program according to the instructions for the full nine months.

SHA256Sum Hashes

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$ sha256sum *

0073730c6d11b90d87dea4f089e7b6be2cfea922a5bfe9e24608f2ae668ff572 Self_Improvement_5p9G_35_Hybrid_Subliminal_HDA_(Ocean_Surf_Silent).flac

29ec1c6548b31b7aaa2dbe7e6dc286831d6c7c04c87de51d69ba55701009ee55 Self_Improvement_5p9G_35_Hybrid_Subliminal_HDA_(Ocean_Surf_Silent).mp3

8c641653bd4a6494451edf7d1d76ff8eccb29acac2a5379f73dd0fa25ca5ec01 Self_Improvement_5p9G_35_Hybrid_Subliminal_HDA_(Trickling_Stream_Silent).flac

c5bd4de10d718951fbea49427095130bab3eb725ca3dc79e83869b4dbc482ca9 Self_Improvement_5p9G_35_Hybrid_Subliminal_HDA_(Trickling_Stream_Silent).mp3

82924a5ddaa6a58a86d2092d16b0149b67436884e095b73ca4543626b001e327 Self_Improvement_5p9G_35_Masked_Subliminal_HDA_(Ocean_Surf).flac

f1e43d1b85acdbf66e16b9571cf43203d8808fc8a2dc8d75edd2c0f3145db810 Self_Improvement_5p9G_35_Masked_Subliminal_HDA_(Ocean_Surf).mp3

451715c7892ca646b8dc0ce5f2968c77eaa44899836ad82f58f3b7cfba37a693 Self_Improvement_5p9G_35_Masked_Subliminal_HDA_(Trickling_Stream).flac

fe130e6f633447a2333ca788046a06c33819e2ff1845aff851783a1d88638bb7 Self_Improvement_5p9G_35_Masked_Subliminal_HDA_(Trickling_Stream).mp3

e2d1d4d05d6ac6001184c5eca11deb5052518514d32cfd08ff6e4f58baabbdbd Self_Improvement_5p9G_35_Ultrasonic_Subliminal_HDA_(Silent).flac

6dfa9fc70fc0499cc10cd911fb0b6a9dcc509001d1732cbfe33000e59b60776a Self_Improvement_5p9G_35_Ultrasonic_Subliminal_HDA_(Silent).mp3



[shannon@localhost Compressed]$ sha256sum *.txt

dabe333485067b644fd2930de7b17819cfa447c1eee2f961dcf49fa0607a07de Self_Improvement_5p9G_35_SHA256Sum_Hashes.txt

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$