Money Magnet (5.11G - Type A/B/C/D)

About This Experience

If you're one of the many who would like to have more money than they currently have, and you'd like an easy way to do something positive about it, then look no further.  

Money Magnet 5.11G is designed to help you become and experience being a walking, talking Money Magnet!

What is a "money magnet"?  It is someone to whom money flows naturally and easily, typically from multiple independent sources.  Maybe you've encountered someone like that, who just seemed to have money coming to them without difficulty, from different directions.  Whether it's a raise, a promotion or a better job, or they find it or stumble into lucrative opportunities or have people gifting it to them or they win it or it comes to them in any of a hundred other ways, these people seem to just naturally attract money into their lives with ease.

Wouldn't you just love it if that was you?

If you want to be that person who has money flowing into their life freely and easily in a variety of ways, then you want to experience this program.

What does this experience do?

These are just some of the goals of Money Magnet 5.11G:

  • Unlock and unleash your full potential for being, and experiencing life as a Money Magnet.

  • Allow yourself to fully become and experience being a Money Magnet.

  • Luck Magnifier.

  • Positive Thinking, Positive Attitude.

  • Making yourself powerfully magnetic to money, financial wealth and prosperity.

  • Make the right choices that help you become a Money Magnet.

  • Open yourself up to all the different ways you can receive money that do not end up causing you debt or other problems.

  • Change your beliefs to support and enhance becoming and experiencing life as a Money Magnet.

  • Protect yourself from sources of money that are negative, harmful or which result in bad debt.

  • Destruction of prosperity limits and wealth ceilings. (Stop limiting yourself!)

  • Manifesting unlimited amounts of money coming into your life from the best sources available to you.

  • And more!

 Opening Up To Money

The biggest and most common issue most people have with attracting money into their lives is going to be that they hold and accept beliefs that are preventing them from doing so.  These beliefs are typically very deeply embedded in your awareness, stemming from a time before you really understood how things work.  They are also frequently based on a misunderstanding of something you heard or saw, or the acceptance of something as true that is not true, because of how young you were when you formed that belief.

This part of the program's script is designed to positively change the beliefs you hold that artificially limit you from having money flow into your life easily and freely into beliefs that allow and encourage the free and easy flow of money into your life. 

Simply put, it opens the doors that have been closed to you by faulty beliefs, so that the goals of the Money Magnet experience become possible for you.

Making You A Money Magnet!

Becoming a Money Magnet not only requires that you have the necessary doors open to allowing it to be possible, but that you also do certain things that will result the desired outcome. Some of these things are things you may know about, and some are things you may not know about. These things can all be done at the subconscious level.

Money Magnet attempts to make all of the things you can do to make money and have money flow to you naturally and freely become real options for you, and then directs you to automatically analyze the various different ways it can happenat the subconscious level and choose several of the best of those options to focus and act on. From there, you use those options to actually bring money into your life.

The only limits this program places on how you can bring money into your life are the things that will ultimately result in losing money.

Because it is so open ended, it is very hard to describe, but making it this open ended allows it to be it's best for each person's unique circumstances.

What does this experience NOT do?

Money Magnet is not going to make you magically unable to lose money if you do dumb things.  For example, if you take out a loan from a loan shark, and you don't have a way to pay it back, that's a dumb thing to do, even with Money Magnet.  If you then gamble away all of that money that's an even dumber thing to do, even with Money Magnet!

Money Magnet is therefore not designed to directly help you bring money into your life by gambling.  In any form of gambling, the odds will always favor the House.  No matter what I do, sooner or later, the House will win.  So in order to prevent people from doing dumb things, I simply did not design this program to help you at all when it comes to gambling.  

Money Magnet also does not try to change your spending habits.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between Ultimate Monetary Success and Money Magnet?

A: Many ask what the difference is between Money Magnet (MM) and Ultimate Monetary Success (UMS).  Simply put, UMS is designed for bringing ultimate monetary success into your life, which is both a tall order and which takes a long time.  It can take years to achieve that goal fully.

Money Magnet is the inverse; it's trying to bring money into your life as quickly as possible and on a regular basis, but it is also not aiming for the stars, so it will probably not be huge amounts of money.  

Q: You say it won't help us win the lottery, but it can bring money in through winning it.  I'm confused.

A: There are ways to win money that do not involve gambling,  For example, you might win a contest or a sweepstakes.  The idea is to prevent people from blowing all their money gambling and then getting upset because Money Magnet didn't stop them from losing when they gambled.  

Q: How long does it take to start seeing results from this program?

A: It should start showing its influence in your life quickly, within a week or less, but it is not guaranteed that you will start seeing the flow of money into your life that quickly. 

That is because the first steps that must be accomplished are the opening of the doors to allow the flow of money into your life (and you accepting it), and because some of the things this experience is doing to generate that flow of money into your life (such as manifestation) will take some time to show up. 

How quickly it starts showing its influence in your life, and how quickly you start seeing the influx of money into your life therefore may not be the same thing, and will be different for each person.

Q: How much money will this bring into my life?

A: That will be different for each person, according to their unique circumstances.  

Q: Is this intended to make me get rich quick?

A: No.  It's intended to make you open yourself to the best sources of money that you have available to you, and then draw them into your life and accept them.  While there is no limit set on how much money this experience may bring into your life, the most likely result is not that you "get rich".  The most likely result is that you develop multiple sources of money that give to you on a regular or semi-regular basis.  These sources may be stable, or they may themselves shift and change over time.

Q: Is there a fear remover module active in this program?

A: The approach to dealing with fear, specifically fear that would hold you back from wealth, is not dealt with through the standard fear removal module.  Instead, it is dealt with in a way that makes the process faster and easier for you because it is not trying to remove and shut down "all fears".  Only those beliefs and fears that are holding you back are being dealt with.

Q: Is there a shield in this program, and if so, which kind?

A: This program uses the Grounding Shield.  Instead of sending back to the sender any negative energy and unwanted influences like the Directional Reflection Shield does, this shield simply grounds them by sending them straight into the Earth itself to be harmlessly absorbed, dissipated, and recycled as some other form of energy. The effect is that negative and unwanted influences should simply cease, and those attempting to attack or perform the unwanted influences simply don't know why.  Meanwhile, you are encapsulated within a safe space without unwanted energy and influence efforts from others. This approach was chosen because it requires significantly less energy than a Directional Reflection Shield, and that energy can then be used for executing the program instead.

Q: What should we do concerning the Hybrid version?

A: Hybrid format should be reserved for use as a last resort.  It will only be useful if you find yourself having serious difficulties with Ultrasonic format, and using Masked format does not help.  By "serious difficulties", I mean that you are somehow having a negative response to the program that you cannot seem to overcome through other options (volume adjustment, etc.)

In the very unlikely event that you have difficulties with Ultrasonic, ask for help on the forum and I'll see what we can find to adjust things.

Q: Does this program make me less likely to succeed when I choose to gamble?

A: No, it is designed so that it is simply not useful for gambling, and to prevent you from trying to use it as an excuse to do dumb things while gambling.


Usage Pattern:

1 (one) loop (60 minutes) per day on, 1 (one) day on, 1 (one) day off. 

Important! Please keep your cell phone within arm's reach while using this experience!

Optimal volume for phone speakers:

Android Phones, Through Phone's Speaker:

10 out of 15 clicks

iPhones, Through Phone's Speaker:

11 out of 16 clicks.

Google Phone, Through Phone's Speaker:

Step 1: Determine how many clicks your phone has total for the maximum volume.  Google phones are usually, but not always, 30 clicks.  If your phone uses 30 total clicks of volume, your optimal volume will be the number of clicks specified for Android, multiplied by 2.  9 on Android becomes 18, 10 becomes 20, 12 becomes 24, and 14 becomes 28.  If your Google phone does not use 30 clicks, proceed to Step 2, below.

Step 2: Determine the volume to use for your desired purposes by finding the number of clicks that most closely corresponds to the percentage of maximum volume listed for Android phones.  This is done by dividing the volume into the total number of clicks possible.  For example, on an Android Phone, when 9 clicks are specified, we divide 9 clicks into 15 (the total possible number of clicks) and get 0.6, or 60%.  

In case you cannot find an exact match, use the closest value to the exact value desired.  For example, if the closest your phone gets to 60% is 58% or 63%, you can see that 58% is 2% less than 60%, while 63% is 3% above, so you would choose the number of clicks that gives you 58% because it is the closest to 60%.

Q: Why do you only give volumes for using this experience on a cell phone through speakers?  What about headphones, or using it on my computer or stereo?

A: The more advanced, powerful and high impact the technology generation, the more important it is to get the volume right.  Too low and the effect will not be powerful enough; too high and it will overload your subconscious and degrade or even shut down results.  As the technology improves and the power and impact levels go up, the optimal volumes are steadily going down.  

The only way to know that you have the right volume is to use it on your cell phone, and play it through speakers, for two reasons:

First, this means there should only be one volume adjustment to consider.  If your player offers volume adjustment independent of the cell phone's Master Volume, please use a different player that does not have that feature.  Currently, I use Pulsar for my Android phone because it has the ability to make playlists that have the same track multiple consecutive times, and does not have independent volume control.  However, Pulsar is not perfect, and I am not necessarily recommending or endorsing it.  I don't get paid anything if you choose to use it.  I use it because it has the features I need.

Having two or more different volume controls to configure means neither you nor I can know how to configure your particular device and software to match the instructions.

Second, using the program on headphones or ear buds is not recommended when you're using the Ultrasonic track because it is too easy to play the track too low or too high volume accidentally, without knowing it's happening.  Too low a volume can prevent good results (or any at all, if volume is at 0), and too high volume can cause overload, nausea, exhaustion and even hearing issues such as tinnitus or damage to your ears if the volumes are high enough.  

Furthermore, using them on headphones or earbuds alters the optimal volume because the volume range of the device and the proximity to the ear changes drastically.

DO NOT attempt to cut up the audio from this program into smaller chunks or re-encode it!  This will cause damage to the subliminal audio and can result in destroying the subliminal audio or unexpected problems otherwise.  Follow the instructions.

Don't think that just because the instructed time is short, that you can casually or carelessly use it for longer or multiple times a day!  More is not necessarily better.  Carelessly over-using this program is likely to result in unexpected, unwanted and/or undesirable results, overload or no results at all.  

These high end experiences are the best of the best, and as such they are not cheap.  I want you to get what you paid for, which is why I go to the trouble to determine so exactly what the optimal volume is.  Therefore, please always use them through your cell phone speakers at the exact volume specified, unless AutoConfig guides you to do otherwise.


This program uses a technology called AutoConfig, which seeks to get your own subconscious mind to figure out the optimal usage patterns for you.  If you feel an urge or craving to use this program more than the specified number of minutes, or at a different volume, or use a different number of days on or days off, follow that urge or craving and observe what happens.

To be eligible for a refund of a purchase of this program, you must use it according to the instructions for at least three consecutive months straight.

"Here are my initial observations:

  • Money Magnet gives me a sense of renewed internal strength and fortitude. In one word: RESOLVE. (I was feeling helpless about my finances, but after listening to the MM subliminal audio, I'm starting to see solutions).  

  • There seems to be a subtle increase in my will power and I seem to be more determined to see things through.

  • The way MM affects me on an energetic level, brings me to the sentiment expressed by others that 'Money is energy' and it's our negative and false beliefs about money is what's blocking its flow into our lives. Listening to the MM subs breaks down/dissolves these energetic blocks on an internal level first."


SHA256Sum Hashes

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$ sha256sum *

a3ec559697510f946546280467448c759b1b28685a9374b88821626bd04c77d4 Money_Magnet_5p11G_Hybrid_Subliminal_HDA_(Ocean_Surf_Silent).flac

93968e6f1ca376522641dfca5899bb5b1d0eb919cabf62c55f5abde259f4eee9 Money_Magnet_5p11G_Hybrid_Subliminal_HDA_(Trickling_Stream_Silent).flac

8fe97bdc6107b46097d9b8c996864b6512c986da0747e66d8db9732041e2b928 Money_Magnet_5p11G_Masked_Subliminal_HDA_(Ocean_Surf).flac

c51fdd4b2c4cb55bf77c57b149ef40ae28a9d13614e182179ee1d36abff8ac71 Money_Magnet_5p11G_Masked_Subliminal_HDA_(Trickling_Stream).flac

a4b8e09710e74ba6bd7eb48163b878ece24b2628b6c19d29ea5a982c3c7a54fa Money_Magnet_5p11G_Ultrasonic_Subliminal_HDA_(Silent).flac

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$ sha256sum *.txt

1ffced1f532761d3844e325651931abc2cd65ffc8e9897d0c73c250f619d4fc0 Money_Magnet_5p11G_SHA256Sum_Hashes.txt

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$