Hormone Optimizer For Weight Loss v1 (5.9G - Type B/C Hybrid)


Disclaimer: This program is not intended or designed to act as an alternative to or replacement for proper medical attention, diagnosis or treatment, or to treat or cure anything, and no such claim is explicitly or otherwise made or implied.  Do not use this program if you are using any other hormone therapy or boosters, prescribed or not, including herbs. Always check with your medical doctor before starting this program if you are currently taking any prescription or non-prescription drug, are pregnant or lactating, or have any disease, disorder, issue or condition that could be negatively impacted by adjusting your hormone balance.


  • Hormone Optimizer for Weight Loss (HOWL) is designed for use by those 18 years old and older only.  It will not work properly for anyone under the age of 18.  People under 18 should not be exposed to this program for the following reasons:
  • The determination of the optimal goal weight is based on adults 18 years old and older, and becomes inaccurate below that age. 
  • For people under 18 years of age and who are therefore not finished developing naturally, hormone adjustment may interfere with natural development, and should be limited to use only with the permission of and supervision of a medical doctor.
  • Therefore, do not allow this program to be exposed to or used by any person under 18 years of age.


This is the very first 5.9G program to ever be published. 5.9G is a major upgrade from 5.8G, and takes certain aspects of building a subliminal to their absolute limits.  Please use ultrasonic or Masked format and avoid using Hybrid format unless it is necessary.  Hybrid format in 5.9G may actually be too much impact for some people. 

Weight loss is one of the most sought after - and most difficult to achieve - of all of the goals one could try to build a subliminal to achieve.  Everyone wants to lose weight, and they always want it all gone, right now.  Very few people are willing to do what it takes to achieve their goal weight (like changing their lifestyle and eating patterns and habits) without some sort of assistance.  The holy grail is of course a "magic pill" that you just swallow, and voila! You are at your optimal weight with no effort and no sacrifice on your part required. 

The closest you can get to actually achieving that magic pill is going to be through mind programming, and the easiest way to do that is through subliminals.  And because of that, you will find endless options for subliminal weight loss products available, ranging from free to very expensive.  You may even occasionally come across a few that actually do cause weight loss, and some of those may have some impressive sounding testimonials as well.  25 pounds down in a month, said one such testimonial that I recently read.  If true, that would be impressive.

But there are some serious "gotcha"s you need to consider when looking for a safe, effective and useful subliminal for weight loss, and these are things that very few people consider.  Ignore these at your peril, because they will kill your success every time. 

First, is it safe to lose that much weight that fast?  According to my research: no, it is not.  The faster you lose weight, the more stress you put on your body and the various systems that make it up, and those stresses can be very dangerous to your health. 

Second, when you lose weight too quickly, you will not be able to keep it off.  It will come back, and you may actually gain even more weight than you started with.  I'm sure you have seen someone you know lose a lot of weight, and then gain it all back and add more weight as well.  That is a big part of why. 

I'd like to introduce you to a new, advanced and very different approach to weight loss, one that uses your body's own endocrine system to achieve the goal.  Your endocrine system is what produces your hormones, and your hormones influence and control various different systems in your body.  Some of these hormones have a big impact on whether you gain, lose or maintain weight. 

You can see this in the fact that young men typically don't have belly fat, and middle aged or older men - who have their endocrine system producing smaller amounts of hormones as they age - often do. 

By adjusting the right hormones to the right levels you can lose or maintain weight very naturally and easily in most cases.  When it works, it is as close as you can get in real life to an effortless hands off, automatic, holy grail magic solution.

Hormone Optimizer for Weight Loss v1 is designed to influence your subconscious mind and body to optimize your hormone levels in the right ways to naturally, safely and automatically result in the effortless loss of up to 3 pounds per week* until you have achieved your optimal weight, at which time the program will begin maintaining your optimal weight instead.  The program achieves this by influencing your metabolism and signals of hunger (among other things) in a safe, natural, unobtrusive way.  This should cause a comfortable, effortless and subtle adjustment in your body and behaviors that then safely, naturally and automatically result in the intended weight loss.  When the program's instructions are being executed, you don't have to do or eat anything in particular to achieve this weight loss.

[* Depending on your physiology, psychology, usage patterns and other factors, exact weight loss per week may vary from person to person.  So far we have seen results from 1.5 to 3.5 pounds per week.]

The weight loss is limited to a maximum of 3 pounds per week in the script so that the impact of losing this weight remains safe.  Additionally, losing weight faster than this can cause your body to think you are at risk of starving to death, which it may respond to by entering "survival mode".  In survival mode, it will seek to increase your weight by slowing down your metabolism and storing as much energy as possible, which typically results in regaining all lost weight and then adding some on top of that.  By limiting weight loss to a maximum of 3 pounds per week, we keep the process safe and effective and help prevent the weight from coming back after it has been lost. Slow and steady wins the race.

Once you have achieved your optimal weight, this program will automatically switch to weight maintenance mode and maintain your optimal weight for as long as you are using it and at your ideal weight.  This makes it useful for models, athletes, body builders, fitness enthusiasts and the like.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are hormones, and what do they do?

A: Hormones are the special chemicals your body naturally produces through various glands that make up your endocrine system.  This naturally produced bio-chemistry acts as communication and control for various systems of your body.  For example, puberty is caused by a shift in hormone levels, meaning that hormones can affect growth, physical development, moods, metabolism, energy levels and much more.  Hormones influence or regulate many aspects of your body and health.  As a result influencing their production, levels and ratios in the right ways, you can make significant changes to your body that are effortless, natural and automatic.  One such change concerns weight gain, maintenance and loss.  This program seeks to influence your endocrine system in the right ways to reduce your body weight safely and naturally to your ideal weight, or maintain your ideal weight if you are already at that weight.

Q: Can this program be used for weight maintenance?

A: Yes.  Once you achieve your ideal weight, it will automatically switch to automatically maintaining your optimal weight.  If you are already at your ideal weight Hormone Optimizer for Weight Loss makes an excellent method of making it much easier to maintain your ideal weight, and therefore will be of interest to those who do not need to lose weight as well.

Q: Who will this program work for?

A: Hormone Optimizer for Weight Loss is designed to work equally well for anyone who uses it, presuming they are at least 18 years of age and are at or above their optimal weight.

It is designed with a special new approach that allows it to cause your subconscious mind to determine your optimal weight and adjust the goals of the program for achieving and maintaining that weight, regardless of what your needs and circumstances are.  For example, it will work just as well for a soccer mom who needs to lose 45 pounds as it will for a supermodel who wants to use it for easier weight maintenance, and it will work just as well for an athlete, body builder or fitness enthusiast as it will for someone who spends all their time sitting in front of a computer at work all day and gets next to no exercise.  Whatever your lifestyle or goals, it will adapt itself to you and find the optimal goal weight for you.

However... There are two groups that may encounter difficulty in getting this program to work as intended. 

The first group is people who are classed as being obese or extremely obese.  This group is overweight for reasons that may in exceed the capacity of this program to help with. It will depend on the specifics of why the person is obese or extremely obese and how you define that status.

The second group is people who are overweight because they subconsciously associate losing this weight with literally dying for some reason.  This group may fail to lose weight, or may (in very rare cases) actually reverse resist the program and slowly gain weight instead, as a "defense" against the supposedly "life threatening" weight loss that the program is trying to achieve.  Rest assured, the program's goals are far from life threatening; this response results from some sort of trauma that the subconscious has experienced, which it has responded to in such a way that it believes that being overweight keeps it safe, and that it is a dire threat to lose weight.  Until this trauma is cleared and the belief that losing weight is life threatening is dealt with, this program will not be likely to help a person in this situation.

Those who are classed as overweight, thick, average, athletic or skinny who do not fall into either of the above categories  can find this program useful. It is useful for those who are interested in losing weight, and those who want to maintaining their already-achieved optimal weight.  It is useful for athletes, body builders, sports enthusiasts, weight lifters, models, beauty pageant participants, fitness enthusiasts, people who want to lose a little weight or a lot of weight, people who want to get ready for summer and people who are trying to get ready for a wedding.  It should be useful regardless of your age, as long as you are at least 18 years old.

This program will not help you to, or cause you to, lose weight below your optimal weight, and therefore is unlikely to be of interest to people who need to gain weight to achieve their optimal weight.

Q: Will this program reduce my lean muscle mass?

A: No.  The program will never reduce your lean muscle mass.  It is safe effective and useful for body builders and fitness enthusiasts, as well as athletes to use.

Q: How does it determine my ideal weight?

A: Hormone Optimizer for Weight Loss 5.9G uses a special and very advanced algorithm that is finely tuned to be able to accurately determine the optimal weight for anyone who uses it who is at least 18 years old, regardless of their sex, body type, height, activity levels and goals.  It took me more than 20 years to figure out how to make it be able to do this for everyone and with very high accuracy, so how it does this is a closely guarded secret.

Q: Will this program work for anorexics or bulimics?

A: It will work for people suffering from those conditions, but those conditions will typically demand that the person be below their actual ideal weight.  As such, they may find that there is no benefit to using this program because they may actually need to gain weight to achieve what their optimal weight actually is.  This program will absolutely not help anyone go below their actual ideal weight, and is therefore safe to use for such people, but typically also not of much interest.  If you or someone you know suffers from anorexia or bulimia, please seek qualified professional medical help for it immediately.

Q: Will this program reduce breast size in women?

A: The design of the program takes into account that a woman's breasts are typically preferred to be larger than smaller, so unless the woman in question consciously and definitely wants her breasts to be reduced in size by this process, it is very likely that she will see little to no reduction of her breast size. The only case where this program will reduce breast size regardless is if it cannot achieve the woman's ideal weight any other way, which is very rare.

Q: Can I eat whatever I want while I am using this program?

A: The design of Hormone Optimizer for Weight Loss is intended to help you regulate your desire for food in a way that naturally reduces your caloric intake slightly such that over the course of a week, you will naturally use up as much as 3 pounds of body fat.  This means that you should be able to eat whatever you like and still lose the weight.

However... HOWL is not a magic wand, and if you try hard enough to intentionally increase your caloric intake while using it, you may be able to override the weight loss it is trying to achieve in some cases.  Therefore, if you are using HOWL, allow it's effects to guide your eating habits naturally.  In other words... don't try to eat when you're not actually hungry, and don't try to continue eating when you're actually full.  It may also help to get in the habit of eating more slowly.  Some of these habits - eating too fast, eating out of boredom, eating past full - may take some time to break, but you should find that they fade with time iif you are cooperating with the program. 

Q: Do I have to exercise while I am using HOWL?

A: The design of the program is such that you should not have to exercise while using it in order to lose weight, if you are cooperating with (i.e., executing) the program.  In fact, exercise is not as good a weight loss tool as dietary adjustment, which is what this program aims to accomplish.  So as long as you allow HOWL to do it's thing, you should be able to literally lay around all day every day and still lose weight. 

Q: Will Hormone Optimizer for Weight Loss affect my testosterone levels as a man/estrogen levels as a woman?

A: The program is designed specifically to focus on those hormones that allow it to achieve it's goals, but it will also simultaneously adjust the levels of your other hormones as necessary to support that goal.  It is not designed to specifically affect testosterone or estrogen directly, but may affect your testosterone or estrogen levels as a result of the fact that these hormones do play a role in weight loss and maintenance in some cases.

Q: I started seeing much more morning wood and/or higher sex drive after using HOWL for a few days.  Is this normal?

A: Yes.  In men, testosterone levels have a direct impact on the amount of fat you store, and low testosterone levels generally results in more fat storage.  It is normal for guys to experience higher levels of testosterone, and thus the other effects it has, while using this program. That's not to say every man will experience these effects, but it certainly isn't a surprise. 

Q: How long does it take to start seeing weight loss?

A: That is going to depend on a number of different factors, including your personality type, your physiology type, your sex, age, lifestyle and choice of foods and activities.  Some people will start seeing weight loss within a week or two or three of starting this program; others will need more time.  In rare cases, significantly more time.  The specifics will depend on your unique psychology, physiology and various other factors.  You may notice that your metabolism, energy levels, sleep quality and activity levels may increase within hours, days or weeks, but it will require that everything has finished making the necessary adjustments before you'll start seeing the weight come off.

In the beginning, you'll be making a lot of adjustments physically, and they take time to ramp up and begin having an effect when we ramp them up at a safe speed.  Also, you'll be finding the ideal amount of time off per usage cycle for yourself, so the first couple of usage cycles may not yet show weight loss.  Finally, you may find yourself faced with changes that are unfamiliar to you and do not fit with your previously established habits, such as no longer wanting to eat or drink the same things, or eat as much at a meal or as frequently.  These changes will take time to get used to also.  Remember that this program's approach to weight loss is not about speed, it's about achieving your ideal weight safely and naturally and doing so sustainably.  Be patient.  It will come.  This is the price you pay for making it a safe, natural, sustainable and easy process.

Q: Does this program change my eating habits and choices?

A: From what we have seen during testing, that seems to be a "yes".  We have observed that as this program takes effect, your appetite will be adjusted, your choice of foods and drinks may change, what you choose to eat and drink may change, how much you consume at a time may change, how quickly you eat may change and when and how frequently you eat may change.  I even noted that the specific order in which I was eating what was on my plate changed, and I began favoring certain types of foods over others and only eating the last choice if there was not enough food otherwise. 

One of our testers reported that for the first time in her life, her craving for sweets was fading away without her trying to do anything.  These changes will differ from person to person as to what specifically happens and how much and how quickly. 

This process may require weeks or months to complete, and you may need to make adjustments to your new desires when and if they conflict with conscious habits and/or beliefs.  For example, a lot of people eat too much simply because they've been taught to "clean their plate".  That will conflict with this program in some cases, and where it does, you will eventually find that cleaning your plate requires that you start using a smaller plate and/or taking smaller portions.

Q: Once I achieve my ideal weight, can I stop using Hormone Optimizer for Weight Loss?

A: Hormone balance adjustment requires constant influence to achieve and maintain, so you will need to continue using this program for as long as you want the effects and results it is designed to give.

Q: Can I use this program with hormone replacement therapy or anything like pills or herbs that influences my hormone levels?

A: No.  Never use this program with anything else that will adjust or influence your hormone levels.  It will conflict and produce undesirable results.

Q: Does this program include a detox module?

A: Yes.  This program includes an extremely powerful universal detoxifier.  It seeks to flush out of your system anything that can be classified as a toxin or poison, so you may find that certain drugs (nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, etc.) have less impact, or affect you less when you use them.

Q: Does this program have active auric shielding?

A: No.  All possible energy and effort is put towards influencing your endocrine system to produce the optimal hormone levels for triggering weight loss and achieving and maintaining your optimal weight.  There is a LOT to overcome in order to make this work, so auric shielding is not enabled.

Q: Does this program use emotional healing methods?

A: No.  It does not attempt to change your beliefs or heal you emotionally at all.  It only seeks to optimize your hormone levels for triggering the appropriate amount of weight loss, and maintaining that state until optimal weight is achieved.  Then it switches to optimal weight maintenance mode. 

For those who are above their desired weight as a result of severe mental, emotional and/or sexual trauma, this program may not be the best approach for achieving weight loss.  In some (but not all) cases, a person experiencing from weight gain in response to trauma will need to seek help processing and dealing with their traumas before this approach can work. 

If you are experiencing weight gain in response to severe mental, emotional and/or sexual trauma, and you do not experience weight loss as intended by using this program for at least a month, please seek help processing and dealing with your trauma and then try again.

Q: Does this program affect mood?

A: In any case where you are making a major shift to the endocrine system of the human body, you are likely to affect mood.  In testing, this program has been observed to affect mood in a very positive, but subtle way.  In the reports we have gotten, it has increased a natural and effortless sense of patience and made for a lot more positive mood and happiness, gratitude, etc.  One tester reported that he had never been so happy with and in love with his wife ever before.  These effects of course will vary from person to person, and your mileage may vary.

Q: What if I want to expose myself and my significant other or spouse to the program at the same time, or while we are sleeping?

A: HOWL will adjust itself to your individual needs.  If you're a couch potato and your spouse or significant other is an althete, for example, that will automatically be taken into account by the program, and each of you will have the appropriate optimal weight calculated and locked in for your individual needs.

Q: What if I use the metric system to define weights in kilograms instead of using pounds?

A: No problem.  The program uses both pounds and kilograms in the script so everyone will understand what they need to understand to make it work.

Q: Any tips on getting the best out of this program?

A: Yes.  Please do not obsess over what Hormone Optimizer for Weight Loss is doing and trying to see results.  It's designed to work gently and naturally, allowing you to press play and lose the weight without having to do anything in particular to achieve that result.  But obsessing over seeing it work and weighing yourself will not help it do that and may be counter-productive.  Therefore, please do not try to weigh yourself every day or every week.  Limit weigh-ins to once per month, or allow your doctor to do them when you visit your doctor.  Focusing on and obsessing about weight loss can result in anxiety that may cause counterproductive effects and results.  Just let it do it's thing and live your life.

Also, do not use this program with anything that will adjust or influence your hormone levels, such as hormone replacement therapy or herbs and treatments that adjust your hormone levels.

Q: What does the "HD" at the end of the file names mean?

A: HD stands for "high definition".  In order to achieve the highest possible audio clarity, 5.9G subliminals are built to take advantage of the highest possible audio quality and fidelity during recording and build while remaining universally accessible to our customers, and are designed to retain as much of that fidelity as possible in the final product.  I therefore recommend that if you choose to purchase and download this program instead of subscribe to it, that you use and favor FLAC whenever possible.

All 5.9G and later subliminal generations will be built in high definition, regardless of whether the name include "HD".


Please do not expose this program to anyone under the age of 18.  Please do not use this program if you are pregnant or nursing, or expose any pregnant or nursing woman to it. Do not use this program with any hormone replacement therapy or any herbs, pills or treatments that adjust or influence your hormones.

During testing it has been noted that this program can be disrupted by other subliminals and their TID (Temporal Impact Displacement) effects.  Therefore, (1) do not use this program with any other form of mind programming, and (2) before using this program, allow yourself at least 7 days off from any other subliminal.  Furthermore, please do not try to use any other subliminal for at least 7 days after you decide to stop this program.

Hormone Optimizer for Weight Loss v1 in 5.9G uses a special module designed to cause your own subconscious mind to figure out the best usage patterns for you personally and then get you to use the program in those ways.  If you experience an urge to use HOWL in a different way than specified above (different number of loops per day, more or fewer days on or off, different volume, different format, etc.) please follow that urge.  That urge will be your subconscious self trying to guide you to the best usage patterns for you to successfully achieve the program's goals.

To get this program started achieving its goals for you, run it in the following usage pattern until and unless the AutoConfig module kicks in and makes any necessary adjustments:

Use this program for 7 loops per day for 7 days on and 6 days off.  Continue using this program for as long as you want to continue achieving, or maintaining, the results.  Adjust your usage patterns as directed by your subconscious as it executes the AutoConfig module.  Please note that some people will not need to adjust their usage patterns at all from initial directions, and some will.

If you do not get any urges as to how to adjust the usage patterns, and you note that the effects of the program seem to be wearing off before the end of 6 days off, you can adjust how many days you take off to compensate for that.  For example, if you start seeing the effects fade on the 5th day off, then you would want to take 4 days off instead.  Many people will find that 2, 3 or 4 days off suits them best.

Please only use FLAC unless you have no other choice.  You must have used this program for at least 3 months to be eligible for a refund if you purchased it.

Official Weigh-In/Physical Appearance Changes

Today I weighed in at 204.8 lbs which is approximately 10lbs lower than my starting weight of approx 215 lbs from 5-11-2022 (approx 4 weeks ago). I definitely can see a difference, my belly isn't bloated out like before and overall I feel "lighter". This is a huge change and what's great is that this was all for the most part effortless. I still have some more weight to lose but this is definitely a good start. After today no more weigh-ins for at least another 3-4 weeks because I want to stick to the instructions as far as not focusing too much on weight loss. 

Effects of Elevated Testosterone

I feel like HOWL has essentially been a TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) treatment because that raw, aggressiveness that I felt back when I used to play sports in high school, lift weights, etc. was BACK. In a good way though. I'm much more assertive and I speak my mind much more now. Honestly I understand why MMA fighters used to get TRT. When your T-levels get boosted back to an optimal range after being in a suboptimal range for so long it almost feels like getting the clock turned back. Super high sex drive, throwing the finger at idiots who try to tailgate you on the road, shaking off BS thoughts so quickly that you forget about them until someone says something. The good life.  I haven't done any weight lifting on HOWL but I imagine that if I were to actually hit the gym regularly and up my protein intake I'd be able to get absolutely shredded without much problem. HGH is also high up as well but I'll report on that later because this report has been deleted multiple times and I'm honestly just trying to get through as much of it as possible."

“Feeling like things are really starting to kick in now. Starting to feel a lot lighter these last couple of days compared to days prior. My metabolism has ramped up over the last few days, and even with that said I still don't feel like I need to eat as much to match the increase in metabolism.

Also noticing that I don't consume or even need to consume as much caffeine. I used to drink the types of coffee that are advertised as extremely strong and higher caffeine levels compared to other brands. Now I'm drinking coffees with "normal" (I guess you can say normal) caffeine levels and most days I don't need any more than what I drink in the morning."

SHA256 Hash values for the files are listed below:

shannon@localhost Compressed]$ sha256sum *

19a0f129338659d4c2a10eba9267b776e86d980c35f5c97665056f66a9a57f38  Hormone_Optimizer_For_Weight_Loss_v1_5p9G_HD_FLAC.zip

97c94bf810e6ea341e0a466bb5d9f022153f3aff867d7c0b4f14e1f0f1eb3145  Hormone_Optimizer_For_Weight_Loss_v1_5p9G_HD_MP3.zip

808036203f82fc0a72e262dcacf4fedebf6c5a2c00ae4c1dc2b9ed8db2f6c008  Hormone_Optimizer_For_Weight_Loss_v1_5p9G_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf_Silent_HD).flac

45d07e3b2f13c3cc853e39c07e5dce5080ffc3e47042549e6794bba57e12df8a  Hormone_Optimizer_For_Weight_Loss_v1_5p9G_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf_Silent_HD).mp3

0e6911607f890ca2e0024ca5a5b735f3f2f92f4cca0d413166ee462acd08ec37  Hormone_Optimizer_For_Weight_Loss_v1_5p9G_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream_Silent_HD).flac

599c566f206c8c65a382bd1f93e17cf8f1183b36181f973289431f6f3613d83c  Hormone_Optimizer_For_Weight_Loss_v1_5p9G_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream_Silent_HD).mp3

59f353da70bd5f1f2d14b788c9a2fb824c48420e25c1dde313fb5332acab5b24  Hormone_Optimizer_For_Weight_Loss_v1_5p9G_Masked_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf_HD).flac

809f5809b01d8805a97cd567173643a0ad845cd4f5862439f3d569bdcd94e4ca  Hormone_Optimizer_For_Weight_Loss_v1_5p9G_Masked_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf_HD).mp3

019bbe10df23abe03fa036088db075e047cfb4ff20575217e27f0684e02fd29f  Hormone_Optimizer_For_Weight_Loss_v1_5p9G_Masked_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream_HD).flac

69e1d094bf5508b7d0e11b2184edb8fd0772160bd3e3d0590764eac05fdc3134  Hormone_Optimizer_For_Weight_Loss_v1_5p9G_Masked_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream_HD).mp3

eba732a06c179c26cbd694a035366233807fb75cf9ddacd5546eb2e216b4b368  Hormone_Optimizer_For_Weight_Loss_v1_5p9G_Ultrasonic_Subliminal_(Silent_HD).flac

63f371d554a57c31ac698fe76a4dd943700b4405bd95c84bc14a05adecdf4510  Hormone_Optimizer_For_Weight_Loss_v1_5p9G_Ultrasonic_Subliminal_(Silent_HD).mp3

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$ sha256sum *.txt

916342d34b11f8e02cd6b74405066dd42738e6f521c54d524cd3924a3a769223  Hormone_Optimizer_For_Weight_Loss_v1_5p9G_Subliminal_HD_SHA256Sum_Hashes.txt

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$