Directional Reflection Shield (5.75G Type A/B Hybrid)

Disclaimer: This program is not designed or intended to be used to diagnose, prevent, cure or treat any medical condition, disease or other situation that should be handled by a qualified medical and/or psychological professional. By purchasing, downloading and or using this program, you agree to accept full responsibility for any and all direct and indirect results from having used it.

The Directional Reflection Shield

The Directional Reflection Shield is a set of instructions for your subconscious mind that is designed to turn your personal energy field (sometimes called an “aura”) into a “Directional Reflection Shield”. In plain English, this subliminal program gives you the ability to reflect negative energy from other people right back at them all while preventing that negative energy from affecting you. Instant Karma! 

The shield was designed to accomplish two main goals: 

  1. Protect you from negative energy and influences, and 
  2. Reflect undesirable, negative and unwanted energies back to their source. Return to sender.  

The shield actively reflects the negative energy other people send you back to them and protects you from any attempts to negatively influence or manipulate you, your thinking and your emotions. We’ve all been in the presence of negative and confrontational people. This Directional Reflective Shield protects you from the negative energy and energy influence of this type of person while directing that energy back to its sender.  

The wise men and women of ancient times used this same technique for self defense.  With this subliminal, you instantly have the same ability without having to learn how to do it the hard way. Directional reflection shields have always been popular with those who know how to create them because they give good reason not to send you negative energy or try to attack or influence you negatively by giving back exactly what was given to you.

You may notice that people trying to manipulate you suddenly can’t, or have a much harder time doing so, and that they will start acting differently around and towards you in general. People who are “hatin’ on you” are typically going to either quickly escalate and proverbially “knock themselves out” with their own energy, or they may suddenly distance themselves from you and eventually stop their hatin’. They may also suddenly come to “respect” you for no apparent reason, and even try to get on your good side out of nowhere.


Who Will Benefit From Using This?

Anyone who is regularly exposed to negativity and confrontation, those in a position of power and authority, or anyone who is the target of negativity, hate, jealousy, disrespect, anger, bitterness, or blame.

  • Employees in competitive or high stress work environments,  including Cashiers, customer service professionals, IT specialists, blue collar workers, call centers, help desk, etc.
  • People climbing the corporate ladder or those who are already at the top: CEOs, CFOs, company presidents, etc.
  • Celebrities and people in the public eye, including politicians, leaders and diplomats.
  • Those with toxic family members, relatives and/or roommates.
  • People in positions of power: presidents, senators, mayors, governors, men and women in congress, judges, bosses, managers, etc.
  • Police, sheriffs, deputies, security guards and prison guards.
  • Therapists and social workers.
  • Teachers and professors.
  • Anyone who has had a bad breakup or has an ex who still holds a grudge.
  • Anyone who has “frenemies”, enemies or jealous or “competitive friends”.
  • Anyone who deals with “-isms” on a regular basis: sexism, racism, ageism, etc.
  • Anyone who is a recipient of hate or hate speech.
  • Anyone who deals with road ragers and similar idiots while driving.
  • Anyone who works for or with nitwits.
  • Empaths and others who are similarly sensitive to energy and emotions.

In other words… pretty much everyone should have and use this program! No matter what industry you are in or what walk of life you come from, this program will give you an advantage and help keep you safe and secure. People using this subliminal frequently report feeling lighter emotionally, generally happier, under less stress or pressure, and more comfortable and safe in general.


Observing Instant Karma

The Directional Reflection Shield (DRS) is very useful for creating a situation I call “instant karma”. With the DRS, whatever is sent to you is instantly given right back to the sender. So if someone is attempting to cause you emotional pain with their energy, they will feel that pain instead of you. After reading the list above, you’ve certainly imagined more than one scenario where this subliminal would be useful and perhaps even shamelessly satisfying at the same time. If someone is attempting to manipulate your thoughts, decisions and or feelings, that influence will be directed right back to them, and of course, will not affect you. They will experience what they are trying to cause you to experience.


So What Exactly Does It Do?

It causes your natural personal energy field (or “aura”) to intensify and become more dense. Then it forms a smooth surface on the outer edges, which is “mirrored” so that it reflects and prevents entry and influence of any and all negative energy and negative influences that are sent your way. 

The Directional Reflective Shield differs from the somewhat simpler “Non-Directional Reflection Shield” (NDRS), which protects you from negative energy but causes that negative energy to be reflected randomly out into the universe. Instead, the directional shield sends this negative energy directly back to whatever or whomever sent it to you in the first place.  This will usually get the sender to stop sending negativity to you. At the time of this release, the Non-Directional Reflection Shield is not available as a standalone program but will be released as such in the future to add to our line of subliminal auric shields. The DRS is the first standalone auric shield to be released. 


What You May Notice

  1. Not all, but most users can consciously feel themselves projecting the shield. For some, this is reported to feel like warm sunlight on the skin in certain parts of the body. For others it feels as if they are emanating heat. I usually feel it as heat projecting from the head, neck and chest areas most, and sometimes the arms and legs too, but sometimes it feels like warm summer sun on my skin as well. It can also be too subtle to notice if not much energy is required to maintain integrity of the shield.
  2. You will potentially know it is working by how the shield itself feels as it is actually warding off moderate to strong attempts at intrusion. You may feel it powering up and pushing back on the intrusions to maintain your personal auric space. Depending on the specific type and intensity of attack and how sensitive you are, you may actually be able to feel what direction it is coming from and how much energy is being used to reflect it.
  3. If you are under constant moderate or unusually heavy bombardment, you may note that maintaining the shield requires a good bit of energy.  For some people, this can make them more hungry or tired than usual, or both. This is not particularly common, and varies depending on who you are and what level of bombardment you have been exposed to.
  4. The majority of people feel a noticeable difference in your emotional energy and the energy of your surroundings as the negative energies are prevented from reaching you.
  5. And last but not least, you should notice that the people who have been sending you negativity and/or attempting to influence your emotions, thoughts or actions begin acting and reacting differently toward you.  You will notice them reacting as they receive their own negativity and efforts at manipulation back and are duly affected by it. Depending on what they are attempting to do to you, those sending you negativity may suddenly experience a variety of unpleasant things, ranging from simple emotional discomfort and withdrawal to guilt/shame/fear (if that was what they were attempting to influence you with) to suddenly not feeling well or getting sick, to more serious effects. However, the more serious effects are most likely going to be rare, since that would require someone to intentionally attempt to do you significant harm using negative energy, and people who know how to do that and who are dumb enough to try are – thankfully – relatively rare.

In some cases, you may not be able to see the effects at all. For example, if you are not emotionally sensitive or if there is little to no negativity coming to you at that time. 


Double Standards

In cases where you are being energetically attacked by someone with a very instinctual thinking style, they may exhibit upset and/or anger towards you because this type of person thinks in terms of double standards: it is okay for them to attack you, but it is not okay for you to act in kind or give it back. (How dare you?!)

The usual reaction of this type is to try to attack you again and again, harder and harder until they can’t escalate anymore for whatever reason. This should result in a “swift kick in the butt” for such types. They usually find themselves in a lot of bewilderment and discomfort as they get back exactly what they attempted to give to you, again and again, in real time. If they are particularly thick-skulled, they may attack you hard enough to proverbially “knock themselves out”. I have seen that, and it’s usually relatively dramatic when it happens. 


A Little Known Fact

People frequently attempt to attack and manipulate one another for their own benefit using their personal energy field. No, people generally don't go around doing this intentionally at the conscious level. Instead, they simply act upon their emotions, and as a result, will radiate with and send negativity to others unknowingly. In the vast majority of cases, however, this is done subconsciously and is so subtle that neither the sender nor the receiver may have any idea consciously that it is happening. 

In some rare cases people might be consciously aware of sending or receiving negative energy. You may have experienced this in the form of having felt suddenly guilty or ashamed when someone looked at you a certain way, or perhaps used a specific tone of voice when speaking to you.  Or you may have felt pain when someone lashed out at you verbally, or even if they just gave you a dirty look. Have you ever been in a room and could ‘feel’ the tension without any words being exchanged? These are all examples of receiving this sort of effect.

There are certain types of personality that are naturally better at doing this sort of thing (attacking and attempting to influence or manipulate others using their personal energy) than others, and they quickly learn that they can influence people to do or not do what is desired using this method. If you have ever gotten into an argument with someone and felt “stung” or “hurt” by what they said or had their words “cut like a knife”, you can relate to this. These phrases are describing this very same phenomenon. It can be perceived in a variety of ways, from feelings of guilt, shame and fear to feeling emotional pain and other things as well.

Such attacks and influence can even extend to manipulating the emotional state of the receiver. For example, I have witnessed cases in which the receiver was made to feel insecure, afraid, guilty, depressed, hopeless and even delusional. The delusion effect is a rare thing to see, but I have experienced it myself.  One of my ex’s prevented me from seeing her actions and herself as they really were that way. It required fully 2 weeks of being away from her to have the effect on me fade out, and only then was I able to think straight. Once I realized what was going on and erected an auric shield, she was unable to manipulate or influence me that way.



Does this program put me at risk of creating or increasing karmic debt?

You may be wondering whether or not reflecting such negativity back to its source is safe for you to do. If you are worried about “what comes around, goes around”, this method is actually karmically neutral. You are simply refusing to be affected by someone else’s negativity and/or attempts at influence or manipulation, and giving those efforts and energies back to them. So, the answer is no, this does not create or increase karmic debt. 

Is it safe for me to reflect these things back to their source? Is there some sort of potential backlash? Will I somehow be punished for this?

It is completely safe and you will not be punished. You don’t have to worry about any backlash.

What happens if I am using a DRS and they are too?

If both of you are using a Directional Reflection Shield at the same time, the result will always be one of two things:

  1. There will be a series of “volleys” back and forth until the weaker shield falls and that person is affected. As long as you are using this program according to the instructions, your shield cannot fall; it is automatically generated, regenerated and maintained.
  2. There will be a series of volleys until the negative energy simply uses itself up going back and forth between the shields, and dissipates.

In neither case will either party be affected by the negative energy while their DRS is up. You have several advantages because this program instructs your subconscious to practice this method actively,automatically, continually and correctly and maintains the integrity and strength of the shield as long as you have enough energy to keep it up.  You don't have to do anything at all consciously or manually. 

What happens if I expose a group of people?

Do not play this subliminal program out loud for a group of people to hear. Presuming they are willingly being exposed, they will all begin generating a DRS to the best of their ability. This can backfire by protecting them from their attacks on you. It can also create a situation in which, if these people are too close together, they may experience energy overload. That can potentially have adverse effects on the nervous system, potentially similar to the effects of a serious caffeine overdose. If this does happen, separate the people immediately by at least 20 feet each from all the rest.  That should allow it to dissipate. Again, please do not expose more than two or three people to this program at a time. 

What is this program NOT good for?

This program is aimed at repelling and reflecting negative energy and influence of the types that your natural aura can be used to repel and reflect. That means it will not be able to repel and reflect every form of negative energy or influence. For example, to the best of my knowledge, it will not protect you from:

  • Electromagnetic energy in the sound, light or radio spectrums. (People will still be able to see you, photograph you and make sounds you can hear. It’s not an invisibility cloak.  Sorry.)
  • Any type of radiation from radioactive materials.
  • Ultraviolet or infrared light (therefore heat and sunburns).
  • Gamma rays and X-rays. (Although it would be interesting to see if this affects x-ray imaging equipment at all.)
  • Cell phone radio waves, any generation
  • High energy particles of any type, exotic or otherwise
  • Stupid people doing stupid things, unless that stupid thing happens to be attempting to attack or influence you with negative energy of some sort.
  • Bad drivers. (Although it will protect you from the negative energy of road ragers.)
  • Asteroid impacts
  • Guns, knives, swords or katanas, spears, bows or crossbows
  • Submarines, spies, spy satellites or missile strikes
  • Flying, crawling or stationary (but hot) frying pans
  • Rabid animals, especially coyotes and trash pandas (raccoons)
  • Karate, Jiu-jitsu, ninjitsu, krav maga, judo, kung fu, wing chun or any other martial art
  • Cow bites or cowlicks
  • Fleas and ticks
  • Failure to study before a test
  • Aliens, alien abductions or alien implants
  • The Truth



Use this program for 2 loops per day (back to back and without interruption), for 9 days straight,  followed by 7 days of not using it at all. This program is designed and intended to be used for blocks of 3 months at a time.  

If 7 days off is too much and you begin experiencing that the shield is failing, adjust your number of days off to correct this.  For example, if you start feeling attacks again after 5 days off, start using it again after 4 days off. 

This program is designed to generate, regenerate and maintain a Directional Reflection Shield, and for it to accomplish that goal properly and fully it cannot be competing for resources with another program designed to generate any type of auric shield. Therefore, never attempt to use more than one program designed to generate an auric shield at a time, and do not attempt to manually generate one while using this.

This program uses P6 technology, which means it triggers a phenomenon known as Temporal Impact Displacement, and will begin affecting you as much as 35 days before you start using it. Therefore, if you are using it after using any program that incorporates a different type of auric shield, it may require between 3 and 7 days for the DRS to become the dominant shield unless you allow the previous programming to fade out first.

The Audio to Silence Balancer Ratio (ASRB) used in this program is 10 minutes of audio followed by 4 minutes of silence. Because this program uses ASRB technology, all loops in a given day of use must be run back to back. Do not split up its usage into parts during each day of usage. (A loop is allowing the entire 84-minute program to play through once.) We measure usage in loops because the length of the audio files is unusual, and therefore cannot easily be expressed in minutes or hours and still make sense.

Use this program for 2 (two) loops per day of use. The secondary audio to silence balancer ratio (ASRB2) is how many days you should use it for, back to back, and how many days off you should take from using it after that. This program’s initial ASRB2 is 9:7. That means you should start off using it for 9 days in a row, followed by 7 days of not using it. This should produce the intended results, creating, powering up and maintaining your DRS without draining you too much. If you notice the effects of the shield failing or fading out before the end of the 7 days, reduce the days off to prevent that from happening.  Use it in blocks of 3 months at a time, allowing all days on and off to be completed for each ASRB2 cycle.

Do not expose others to this program if you wish for them to be affected by their own negativity/influence/manipulation efforts, as exposing them also will create a DRS for them as well, and the negativity/influence/manipulation they attempt to affect you with will simply bounce harmlessly between both shields until it dissipates, without them experiencing the effects.  

Do not expose groups of more than 3 people at a time to this program.  

This program is not designed or intended for use by anyone under the age of majority. Exposing anyone under the legal age of majority is done at your own risk, and must be done with careful adult supervision. You accept any and all responsibility for whatever happens as a result.

*Contains Chemical state shifting override.  This attempts to forcibly override the state shifting effects of non-prescription chemicals that you have ingested which would otherwise cause your state of mind, body and/or emotions to shift away from their optimal state for you to accomplish the goals of this program.  This is designed to leave prescription drugs unaffected.  Recreational drug use, as well as drugs that are not typically thought of as being drugs (caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, etc.) will be affected and you may find they become significantly less enjoyable. This may also affect natural substances/supplements that shift state.