Advanced Stress Relief (5.9G - Type A/B/C/D)

Do you have stress? Do you want relief? Of course you do!  Who doesn't? But you don't just want any old stress relief. No, you want Advanced Stress Relief!  And would you look at that, ladies and gentlemen, here it is!

Just turn on Advanced Stress Relief (ASR for short) and BAM! Your stress is dissolving and well on it's way to gone in mere minutes!  In fact the new technology added in this program makes this program work at speeds that we have never seen before in a program.  While it is still classed as 5.9G, it is a step up in speed, power, impact and effectiveness that we think you'll be able to notice compared to earlier 5.9G programs.

My first experience with it, I turned it on to see how long it would take to notice results.  About 10 seconds later, my girlfriend knocked on my office door.  I invited her in and told her I was testing this.  I asked her to stay and see what she experienced. 

After approximately 40 to 50 seconds of listening, we had to turn it off.  She was having her legs relax so profoundly that she was getting worried that she would fall down as a result, and I was relaxing so profoundly that I wasn't sure I would be able to drive us to our destination later that evening. 

Then at bed time, I got the idea to try a full 60 minute loop of it as a sleep aid, and I played at 7 out of 15 clicks of volume on my cell phone speakers next to my bed.  What an interesting experience.  It put me and my girlfriend to sleep in about 2 or 3 minutes flat, when it usually takes me 10 to 15 minutes and she may take from 15 to 90 minutes or more.

Upon awakening, we both had significant trouble getting out of bed for a little while because we were just so relaxed.  It felt like I had had a beautiful back massage while I slept, and this feeling didn't go away until about 15 hours after I listened to the program.  It turns out that 60 minutes of this program is serious overkill for most situations. Getting up to start the day was rather challenging because we were a couple of limp noodles. 

One of my testers used it at the same volume I did, and his experience was overall a slower one, but he was aware of it working "within 1 to 3 seconds of turning it on" and it took about 3 minutes to really start feeling it.  He was certainly struggling to be steady on his feet after 20 or 30 minutes, and he described it like having a pleasant body high.  (The program is designed to make the stress relief feel pleasant, but exactly how it is experienced will depend on what you specifically associate with stress relief and relaxation.)  Where it felt like a back massage to me, he experienced it in his feet, upper back, shoulders and hands.  For my girlfriend, her first experience was feeling it dissolving stress in her back, neck, shoulders and upper thighs.

My second experience with it, I used it as a sleep aid again, but this time only for 30 minutes.  Sleep again came without me realizing it.  Upon being awakened by the sound of heavy construction equipment (a new house is being built next door), which would normally seriously upset me and my girlfriend, I realized that I was hardly bothered by it.  And her response?  Instead of getting up cranky and being upset and negative for the rest of the day (as she sometimes does), she simply put in ear plugs and went back to bed.  Remarkable!

It was then that I realized that this time using it, it felt different than the first time.  The sensation of muscle relaxation in my back was less, and I realized that the stress relief effect seems to be cumulative: the more I use the program, the less stress I feel.  I spent that day struggling to stay awake, and as it turns out, 30 minutes is also too much for most situations.

So what does it feel like?  That will depend on what you associate with stress relief.  For me, it felt like the results of having received a massage wherever I have physical tension.  Not the massage itself, mind you - just the warm, glowy feeling of relaxed muscles that results from a really good massage.  It will tend to be most felt where you have the most tension in your body. 

Not everyone will experience it the same way; for me, it felt like the results of a massage.  For one of my testers, it felt like something completely different that he associates with stress relief.  And so it will likely feel to you like whatever it is you most associate with relieving stress.  It is designed to be an enjoyable experience, and it is.

Now I don't necessarily think it will work as fast for every person as it did for me the first time, or do so in every situation.  But it does work very quickly, and in fact most of the people who have tested it actually reported feeling it start working in between 1 and 10 seconds from the start of being exposed.  No joke, no exaggeration.  Some personality and physiology types may need longer, maybe ten or so minutes at the most, but they are in the minority.  One of the truly amazing things about this program is that it does not use P6 or any other "Instant On" technology, and yet it seems to be "Instant On" in the truest sense of those words anyway.

I have to admit, the new tech in the skeleton script of this program obviously does a good job at doing it's job, and as a result this program surprised and impressed me, a lot.  Blew my mind, really. It is "Instant On", and it lasts a long time from one exposure; for me, it lasts about 16 hours per exposure.

Update: I've used it very successfully as a sleep aid running 15 minutes a night before my other program.  It has not only helped my girlfriend and I fall asleep much faster, but it makes for a generally much calmer state during the day as well.  One night right before hurricane Ian (Sep 2022), we had a lot of rains and the frogs were going to town so much that I thought we wouldn't be able to sleep.  30 minutes of this proved me wrong.  During the hurricane, I put it on for 45 minutes, and we didn't have any trouble sleeping and staying asleep.  I doubt we really even needed 30 or 45 minutes.  (My house was in the tropical storm strength winds during Ian, so we did not need to evacuate.)

Update #2: I have noted the following two things that are worth reporting since releasing it.

  • Using it too many days in a row, even at 15 minutes per day (say, as a sleep aid) can cause your brain to enter a state of awareness associated with deep relaxation, during which it becomes difficult to focus, concentrate and may impair memory recall.  Therefore, do not try to rely on this program for daily use for more than a few days at a time.
  • Seriously over-exposing yourself to this program (i.e. looping it overnight) may cause overload.  If this happens, you may stop experiencing results until the effects fade out because your subconscious simply cannot do what is being asked of it, and it stops even trying.  The other response that can result is being too relaxed to function for a day or two.  Again... DO NOT loop this program, or over-expose yourself to it!

So what are the possible uses for this program?  Well here is a list of what I can think of that this program may be useful for:

  1. General relaxation.
  2. Calming down from anger.
  3. Calming down from frustration.
  4. Calming down from too much excitement.
  5. Calming emotional turbulence.
  6. Helping to calm irritability caused by PMS.
  7. Helping to come down from high levels of focus after work or long periods of intense mental activity.
  8. Relaxing enough to fall asleep quickly. (I love it for this.)
  9. May improve the amount and quality of sleep.
  10. May help with PTSD.
  11. Calming down after a significant scare.
  12. Enhancing a vacation, or getting yourself to really relax on a vacation.
  13. Enhancing a massage.
  14. Ending or even preventing arguments or fights. (Directional Reflection Shield + calmative.)
  15. May help in reducing anxiety.
  16. May help reduce, relieve, process and/or eliminate fear.
  17. Reducing or eliminating tension headaches.
  18. Generally improving your health by reducing stress.
  19. Reducing stress hormone levels, which helps to...
  20. Slow down the aging process.
  21. May help to improve memory under pressure or stress.
  22. May help with smoking less, drinking less, and using recreational or prescription drugs for stress relief.
  23. May help make breaking addictions easier to do.
  24. May help with stress induced Erectile Dysfunction.
  25. May help with stress induced Pre-Mature Ejaculation.
  26. May help with stress induced stuttering.
  27. May help speed recovery after workouts or martial arts/boxing matches.
  28. May help with muscle spasms, muscle tics and some types of involuntary tremors.
  29. When used appropriately, it can help you manage stress during your work day and after it.
  30. May be helpful for improving patience, which...
  31. May make dealing with children easier.
  32. May help calm hyperactivity in children and adults.
  33. Can be helpful when used during certain types of mediation, and may be helpful for achieving mental and or emotional relaxation outside of meditation as well.
  34. May help for relaxing before a surgical procedure, a doctor visit or a dentist visit.
  35. May be useful for relieving pain by relaxing sore, strained or damaged muscles.
  36. May help recovering from burnout.
  37. May help improve relationships as stress, anger, tensions, frustrations and the like are reduced.
  38. May help with bruxism (grinding your teeth at night).
  39. We have had some reports that it helps with dentist visits.  It may also be helpful for anxiety resulting from visiting a doctor, or pre-surgery.
  40. May help with social anxiety and approach anxiety.
  41. Some users report that it is effective for helping with menstrual cramping.
  42. We have a report that it is very useful for relieving tension based neck and headaches.
  43. May help in lowering and managing blood pressure levels.

The specifics of how well Advanced Stress Relief works for each of those potential uses will depend on the person and the specifics of the circumstances. But if you can't find something on that list that applies to you, then you don't need Advanced Stress Relief because you're not alive!

Questions & Answers

Q: How long does it take this program to produce noticeable results?

A: That will depend on certain factors, including your personality, physiology, how loudly you play it, which format you use, what you play it on and how stressed or upset you are to begin with.  Played at high volumes, it can be felt working in less than 10 seconds for some personality types.  At the volume instructed, it may take between about 3 seconds to 5 minutes for most people, depending on the personality and physiology type.  Under adverse conditions (you are upset, very stressed, agitated, challenging physiology or personality type, etc.) it may take a little longer than that to kick in noticeably.

Q: What is the difference between this program and the free stress relief program?

A: The free version of Stress Relief was built in 5G back in 2011.  It was, and is, a good program, but it is nowhere near as advanced, powerful, capable, fast acting, obvious, enjoyable, versatile, useful or effective as this one.  There really is no comparison.  The technology I have developed and used in this program is light years beyond what was being used in 5G.

Q: Does this program include the Directional Reflection Shield?

A: Yes.  The DRS is on, and very high powered in this program.

Q: Why add the Directional Reflection Shield?

A: The Directional Reflection Shield is a tool for shielding the user from negative energy and influences, which are frequently a source of stress.  It creates a safe bubble of energy in which to relax, and it also acts as a brilliant way to shut down tensions between two or more people who might otherwise spiral into argument or even blows, as well as defusing such situations if it is used after such is already in play.  Very effective for cutting off subtle, unseen sources and causes of tension that would not be dealt with otherwise, which might thwart the results the program is trying to achieve.

Q: How would this program help Erectile Dysfunction or Pre-Mature Ejaculation?

A: In the case that either of those situations is caused by stress alone, it makes sense that by relieving the stress, we open the door to eliminating that situation.  However, these situations are usually a combination of multiple factors, of which stress is typically only one.  That means that ASR will probably not work for helping cases of ED or PME that are based on more than just stress, which I would expect to be the majority of cases.  If you are experiencing ED or PME, it is suggested that if you are interested in trying this program, that you subscribe to the program for a month to see if it helps before you consider purchasing it for these purposes.  In some cases, relaxing more can actually make PME worse.  Obviously, you would not want to use it if that is the case for you.

Q: Can this be used to replace drugs designed to relieve stress or anxiety?

A: In some cases, that may be a possibility.  The specifics will naturally depend on the unique circumstances.  Never replace or stop using a drug your doctor has prescribed without your doctor's knowledge and consent.  However, this program is likely to be useful for reducing consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and other nicotine delivery methods and other drugs that are aimed at stress and anxiety relief.

Q: Can this program be used to counter anger, frustration or PMS?

A: In many cases, it can be effective for those uses when used properly.

Q: Can this program be used to relieve tense muscles, hypertension, muscle spasms or headaches caused by tension?

A: It will depend on the specifics of the person and situation, but these are certainly valid uses for this program.

Q: Can I use this program to relax while giving birth naturally?

A: Your body relies on muscle contractions to push the baby out.  It cannot do that if it is too relaxed.  Therefore, do not use this program if you know you are in labor or giving birth.

Q: Can I use this program in a sensory deprivation tank?

A: Using it in a sensory deprivation tank would defeat the point of the sensory deprivation tank because it is stimulating the brain through the ears.  If you wish to pair this program with a sensory deprivation tank, please use it before entering the tank.

Q: Can I use this program on loop?

A: That is a very bad idea.  The effects are likely to be serious overkill and last much longer than you want them to if you do that.  Do not loop this program! Only use this program as much as you need to in order to achieve your desired level of stress relief.

Q: Can this be used for seduction?

A: It is intended to relieve stress.  If stress is what is standing in your way of getting to sex, then this program may help, but it is not designed or intended for seduction or arousal purposes.  However, it can be helpful when one or both parties have had a stressful day and are therefore focused on and distracted by that stress.  Even then, it is not an aphrodisiac or arousal program, so use for seduction seems unlikely.  It is more likely to be useful as an aid to opening the door to sex between couples who have children, work a lot or are otherwise experiencing a reduction in sexual intimacy as a result of stress.



  • Do not expose this program to anyone while they are driving or operating any sort of motor vehicle, or operate any such vehicle while you or they are still noticeably under the influence of this program after turning it off.
  • Do not attempt to perform any task that requires focus or concentration to be safe or effective, including serious decision making, operating a weapon, surgery, important work or calculations, or the like while under the influence of this program, and do not expose anyone else to this program while they are similarly engaged.
  • Do not listen to this program while you are, or expose anyone else to it who is, standing, climbing or engaged in any position or activity that requires muscle tension to maintain safely.  It is possible that some people may relax so profoundly and/or so quickly that there is a risk of falling down when engaged in those activities while listening to this program.
  • Do not listen to this program, or expose anyone else to it, while there is a need for your or their reflexes to be active and quick.  The profound relaxation this program produces may slow the reflexes considerably.
  • Do not listen to this program or expose anyone else while you or they need to stay awake.  While it is not designed to induce sleep, some people may experience sleep as a natural response to the deep and profound relaxation this program produces.
  • Do not expose anyone under the age of sexual consent, which it is age limited to.  Those under the age of sexual consent may have undesirable responses to this program, as certain types of stress is what keeps them from doing some of the things things they should not be doing.  This program is age limited, but nevertheless, do not expose them to it or allow them to use it.
  • It is strongly recommended that you do not use this program with any type of recreational drugs or drugs designed to reduce anxiety or stress, or act as a muscle relaxant. 

Advanced Stress Relief is designed to quickly and effectively induce a profound state of stress relief, which typically begins by manifesting itself as deep relaxation physically, and which may also effectively calm the mind and/or emotions as well, depending on what type of stress you are under and how it is being held within you.

How Advanced Stress Relief should be used depends on the situation.

If you are using it while experiencing low to no detectable stress (0 to 3 out of 10), use it for 15 minutes per usage, and then allow it to bloom. Blooming means allow it to run in your mind after you stop physically listening to it.  This is typically the right setting for use as a sleep induction aid when you are going to bed calm.  Simply start it at the 45 minute mark, and set it to stop when it finishes.

If you are using it under a moderate level of stress (4 to 6 out of 10), listen for 25 minutes per usage, and then allow it to bloom.  Simply start it at the 35 minute mark, and set it to stop when it finishes.

If you are experiencing high levels of stress (7 to 9 out of 10), listen for 35 minutes per usage, and then allow it to bloom.  Simply start it at the 25 minute mark, and set it to stop when it finishes.

If you are experiencing extreme levels of stress (10 out of 10, maximum possible stress), listen for 45 minutes per usage, and then allow it to bloom.  Simply start it at the 15 minute mark, and set it to stop when it finishes.

You should not need to use it more than once on the day you run it, with the possible exception that you are being constantly exposed to the cause of your stress and you cannot avoid escalating it or get away from it.  Only use this program once per day for the amount of time specified whenever possible, as too much stress relief is not useful.

This program will naturally work better if you remove yourself from the source of the stress, or the cause of the stress is stopped.  It can still work if that's not possible, but the better option is to end or remove yourself from the source of stress while using it.

For example, if someone is irritating you, don't do things that will escalate the situation or result in more stress for yourself.    Try to get away from them, or avoid escalating the situation.

It is at its best at a volume of 8 out of 15 on an Android phone when played from the phone speakers OR ear buds/headphones.  That would translate to 9 out of 16 on an iPhone, and 16 out of 30 on a Google phone.  Normally, we would not be using the same volume for both phone speakers and headphones or earbuds, but in this case, it works best.

Please remember to avoid using headphones or earbuds when using the ultrasonic format, as it is too easy to have the volume change without you realizing it.  Too low a volume may not work, or work well, and too high a volume may cause headaches, tinnitus and other issues, while not working well.

If you have trouble staying awake the day after using this program, you are using it for too much time when you use it. 

ASR may be usable with another program, as long as you don't use it with a program that relies on some form of stress to motivate you (positive stress is still stress), or use it so much that it overrides the program.  It appears to be possible to use it as much as once a day for low levels of stress, or as a sleep aid, with another program it does not conflict with.  However, this program should not be used more than is necessary to achieve needed stress relief, so don't think you need to use it every day.  Instead, use it as needed.

Do not attempt to listen to this program at the same time as any other mind programming.

SHA256Sum Hashes: [shannon@localhost Compressed]$ sha256sum *

2384841c53c058d34cb7a19f5f0864e0a2ee2f9ebb4be941d18cf5e1ec80b912  Advanced_Stress_Relief_5p9G_HDA_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf_Silent).flac

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6b8ea0fce6b8c869ac89951a2e6a8b4393fbe0ed84aef0eed07c19cc03613426  Advanced_Stress_Relief_5p9G_HDA_Ultrasonic_Subliminal_(Silent).flac

3d0515e22b0c2a6770f9ca6fa80ced6d82d87c44a49a76bd6a9eeefe11fe167a  Advanced_Stress_Relief_5p9G_HDA_Ultrasonic_Subliminal_(Silent).mp3

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886188f5bd7411cb31741038d9058d7af68160b36f39c6752f17edfdd7dc3781  Advanced_Stress_Relief_5p9G_SHA256Sum_Hashes.txt

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