Disconnect From Negative Work Stress 5.5g (Type A/B/C/D Hybrid)

This program is designed primarily for use by those who have job stress that does or has the potential to negatively impact their health, their job performance and/or their job security.  Certain jobs are naturally very stressful, and these jobs tend to have such negative impacts on the people who do them.

DNWS 5.5G is aimed at creating a natural, automatic state of disconnect from the negativity and the negative stress of the job, the people who must be dealt with during the job, what the people encountered do and say, the physical things that must be dealt with during the execution of the job and the condition in which the job must be performed (deadlines, frustrating and/or unreasonable rules, regulations and expectations, etc.) such that the job can be performed without negative (destructive) stress and at the best capacity of the person doing the job without being negatively impacted for stress, emotions, health, job performance, desire to do the job, burnout, etc.

Designed for use as in-the-moment programming, long term programming and training to make this your default, permanent, automatic state and response, DNWS 5.5G is designed to be as complete a negative work stress relief solution as possible in one program.  It is designed for both in-the-moment use and long term programming/training during the the same period of time, so the number of loops you use per day for long term programming and training will not be interfered with if you use it to disconnect from work stress in the moment, and using it both ways is encouraged where that is possible to do safely.

This program is designed as being "instant on", and should produce noticeable effects within minutes, but it is also balanced to have an effect that does not in itself affect the job you are doing negatively by causing too rapid a change of state, so in some cases it will require longer than most other "instant on" programming to be noticeably in effect.  In the capacity of an in-the-moment program, it may require between 1 minute and 2 hours to consciously perceive the effects the program is having, depending on your personality, circumstances and usage patterns.  You may need to use this program as in-the-moment programming for a few days, weeks or months while the long term constant-effect programming is brought into being, again depending on your personality, circumstances and usage patterns.

Disconnect From Negative Work Stress 5.5G is designed also to get you to train yourself to create and perpetuate a natural, automatic state of disconnection from negative work stress at all times, making it your long term or permanent automatic, natural and default state and reaction to negative work stress and the things that trigger or cause it.


To achieve the full design goal and impact of this program, it must be used as long term programming -- a set number of loops per day/night, and supplemented as necessary with "in the moment" usage.  Over time, the long term programming will take over for the in-the-moment usage, but in the short term, the in-the-moment supplementation will fill in the gaps until that happens.  Since this sub is as much an "in the moment" effect sub as it is a long term programming sub and a long term training sub, necessary usage patterns will be somewhat different than other subs for this level of technology.

To get all of the the results and training this program is designed for, you must listen to it four (4) loops per day (easiest to do from a playlist while you sleep) and supplement with in-the-moment usage as necessary.  It must also be used as long term programming for seven (7) months to fully train yourself to make these effects and training your natural, automatic, default state for the long term or permanently.  Therefore, you are instructed to use this program 4 loops per day for 7 months.

This program is not intended for use by or to be exposed to persons under the age of 18.

Please be aware that it may affect your sleeping patterns by causing you to relax more and sleep longer and more deeply, which may require some adjustment to your schedule and extra measures to make sure you get up on time.

Please make sure you know how this program affects you by doing preliminary self-effects in-the-moment testing before using it in-the-moment while you are driving, operating heavy machinery, piloting any aircraft, performing medical procedures, handling or using firearms or other weaponry or doing anything else that may be affected by being in an altered state of awareness, and be sure that the in-the-moment effects it has on you are safe.  While it is designed to be safe to use while you are doing your job and performing other tasks, if your preliminary self effects testing causes you to suspect or determine that you cannot use this program in-the-moment and safely do your job, do not use it in-the-moment while doing your job or performing any activity that may not be safe while using this programming in-the-moment.

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