Enhance Your Intuition (3G – Type B)

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Intuition is what allows us to sense and be aware of things we otherwise might not be able to sense or know.  If you have ever looked over at someone and they looked back at you, without having any reason to do so, they were displaying a sort of intuition.  If you have ever "just known" who was calling the moment the phone rang, or you somehow knew someone was going to call, or that someone specific was in trouble, that''s intuition too.  Other examples include thinking of someone when they think of you, and slowing down your car while the light is green, just before it starts to turn yellow.

There are many things we do and experience day to day that are based on seeing what's going on without realizing it.  This program is designed to focus and develop the intuition such that it becomes easier to notice and take advantage of, and even control.