Self Esteem 5.5G (Type A/B/C/D Hybrid)

Self Esteem 5.5G is designed to be a powerful driver toward building self esteem for the user.  It first defines self esteem and then aims at getting the person to develop and enhance their self esteem.

This program defines self esteem as:

my positive respect for myself, my positive impression of myself, how and how much I now positively value myself, the genuine positive pride I now have in myself, the positive ways I now feel about myself, and how positively confident I now am in all of these things


Use this program six (6) loops per day, back to back.  This will be most easily done while sleeping.  It should be used every day for three (3) months.

This program is designed such that it should be safe to use for any age.  When exposing very young children, be extremely careful to use moderate to low volumes when using any format that includes an ultrasonic component, to help protect the child's hearing.

Right now I feel much better again. Yesterday I went to the city to buy some stuff and have a drink. I felt completely relaxed and my slef consciousnes has also dropped a lot again. An other great improvement I noticed was my eye contact with strangers. In the underground I noticed a man looking at me, instead of ignoring him like I usually do, I made eye contact with him. I still found it difficult to hold eye contact for longer time with strangers, however that wasn’t needed this time since he looked away almost imdediately.
I also made eye contact with 2 good looking women. With the first women thh situatuion went exactly the same as with the men except it did happen on street. With the second women there was improvement. She looked at me, I looked at her and whd held eye contact for like 3 seconds. I couldn’t handle more than that. It’s just too intense for me right now.
The last thing I want to mention is something I also already mentioned in an earlier post. The way I walk is very powerful and confident. I always had a quiet relaxed confident walk, atleast that’s what people told me. But right now it’s improved even more, I really feel like a boss when walking. I also noticed that more people were willing to move out the way when I was passing them.

**** I was super confident today.
Thats how I know self esteem is working really well.
I was NEVER that comftorable. I was SUPER playful and direct and it didnt feel like i had any inner turmoil. not even a little. I think my anxiety is even less now.

Just started Self Esteem 5.5G
First day was pretty good, i noticed my confidence skyrocket.
Have too see what next day will bring me.

I was asked about my experience on SE recently so i thought i’d just post up a summary.
I’ve been under the impression that Self Esteem is the most fundamental building block of a good life for a while.
I know I’ve been trying to become smarter, better with women, more popular, richer, admired and accepted really just to cover up that I am unwilling to accept that I am fundamentally flawed and that, because of that, it is possible, and often (with that belief) probable that people will neglect, reject or outright hate me. The foundation of all of this work with subs, spirituality, even dabbling in the Occult has been predicated on the need to fix something in order to be safe.
I wanted to get passed this since no matter what I achieve, I just return to that base of i’m no good and it’s never enough.
That’s me, and not everyone else, I’ve met plenty of people who – however ***** up their life is, seem to have a self acceptance which gets them through.
So for me I needed to get self esteem in a higher resolution; find out what it was and see if i could nail it. I originally thought nailing it looked like me never having self doubt, fear, and discovering and endless well of self acceptance and love; well that didn’t happen.
SE 5.5g didn’t give me unending self esteem – it might have done if i’d stuck with it longer. What it did teach me though, was self esteem resilience, the ability to face down threats to your personal identity, to go through the emotional range that comes out of failure and the fear of failure. After five or so months running SE, i cultivated core principles that I regularly refresh and adhere to, I have significantly reduced negative self talk and very much reduced bouts of depression. I have emotional honesty so if something doesn’t feel good, I can grieve, cry it out, just be with the pain and feeling in my body until i’ve moved through it.
That’s the emotional side of it. Now what happened in real life (before results started to peter out).
(1) Found myself reading a shit tonne on self esteem and figured out how i could measure my actions and be more conscious in doing things which enhance self esteem. These included, never lying, patient confrontation with reality and applying more thorough truth telling to it – for example, yes you’re imperfect and possibly more shitty than a lot of people, but that’s not all if you’re really going to be honest about it, you’re also (insert virtues here), and yes many people don’t really care about you, but that’s quite possibly because you don’t really care about them or yourself and that’s something which is in your power change or you may think you’re alone, but you’re not the only one and connection is an honest vulnerable conversation away.
(2) With this, when practiced, I’m able to unleash my intellectual capability more; i find myself able to have complex conversations at work with experts, think much quicker on the spot, generate creative ideas and manage my own team. Highlights were being in very technical meetings with experts and generating complex concepts on the spot which shocked even me.
(3) I’ve detached from needing people or engaging in activities for validation, not that i don’t feel lonely at times when i’m less conscious, or feel that I’m falling short sometimes – rather i have the ability to keep it moving, to integrate these feelings as lessons, to be able to re engage with people and life’s activities.
(4) Relationship with girlfriend is increasingly good, many times it’s phenomenal. It’s one thing to have girls just on you – that’s certainly fun and exciting – it’s quite another thing to just be deeply in tune with a woman, to love her and for her to love you, there is something powerful about that connection which opens up the senses to many aspects of life previously not withing my realm of cognition. Here i can only talk for myself though, I don’t know if that will resonate with anyone else and it may be just something I’ve experienced. Since people are interested in generally getting laid here as well, i’ll say that old gfs have been regularly trying to connect and i’m vibing with women in an amazing way, if i wasn’t committed i don’t believe i would have many problems in that area.
(5) I’m just enjoying life so much more I laugh much more. I ***** run!, I’ve never been able to run in my life now i’m like a ***** runner, i started being unable to jog for a 60 seconds i’m going for a full half hour before i collapse in a sweating ball of exhaustion. This same out of being able to accept small daily progression rather than be impatient. I socialise for fun, I enjoy people’s company, especially funny people who are interested in the world, I have great enriching conversations with people. I find myself doing things which, in my previous bottom feeding consciousness made absolutely no sense to me, hiking in the hills? wtf? the old me would have laughed at someone who just wanted to be in nature. When you don’t have yourself as someone who needs to be fixed, you free yourself up for appreciating beauty, for being refreshed by good things, you allow yourself to feel joy and you learn that life doesn’t have to be just about proving your existence is worthwhile. This frees up so much space in your being…

Day 7 – One week in I continue to be impressed by what this sub is doing for me. Its done more in one week that a lot if not all prior subs did in months. I still have self doubts but they are rapidly going away. I’ve been far more assertive at works which I was not expecting but given the need to be to do my job the way I want to having that increase is awesome . I no longer focus on what I might be missing out on or what other people are doing. I used to have an occasional habit of trying to get into conversations other people at work are having. I have the awareness now to not do that. I have so much more ability to be patience & delay gratification . As someone with ADHD that is huge. I no longer question my ability to do my job. I realize that the only things I need to do is be patient so I can gain the knowledge & experience it requires.