Positive Thinking, Positive Attitude (5.5g - Type A/B/C/D)

The Positive Thinking Positive Attitude subliminal program is designed specifically to help deal with and overcome the issue of negative thinking and negative attitude.  Negative thinking produces a negative attitude and failure based pattern of life experiences, which are frequently used by the conscious and/or subconscious awareness to hide from such things as fear of success.  It is also commonly used to hold oneself down in an artificially limited set of circumstances, which are themselves often used to hide from things that frighten the person in other directions.  Some people are also convinced that they prefer being miserable to being happy, and will foster a pattern of negative thinking and negative attitude for that reason.

Whatever the case is, positive thinking and a positive attitude make for a much happier, more successful experience of life and are virtually a requirement for achieving success in many ways. They also make life in general much easier.

If you recognize that you have a habit of negative thinking and negative attitude, this program will be an absolute must for you.  Even if you don't, this program will be a pleasant surprise as to how much better life can be when you are not sabotaging yourself through negative thinking and negative attitude.


You can use this program in-the-moment, as long term programming or as both at once.

In the moment use will simply be as desired, and should be a minimum of 30 minutes.  This will shift your thinking in the short term.

For long term programming (which is strongly recommended), you should use this program for three (3) loops per day, back to back, for six (6) months.

This program should be safe for any age to use, but if you expose anyone under the age of 18, please do so with parental or adult supervision regarding how it affects them, how well it is being used according to the instructions and what volumes are being used.

Calibrate volume by using an audible track and adjusting the volume to a comfortable level.  Then use the format you prefer.


33 days.
I have come to like PTPA more and more. It has risen the ranks and now easily is one of my favourite subs. Things flow and although this journal may not really reflect it, I had several awesome upgrades in my life because of it.