Optimal Physical Healing (5.10G - Type A/B/C/D)

Disclaimer:  This experience is for those who are 18+. It is not designed or intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical or psychological condition, or replace any medical or psychological treatment. If you need medical or psychological help, please see an appropriate medical or psychological professional.  This program is designed and intended to be used, and useful for, getting your body to heal everything that needs healing, to whatever extent that it is capable of healing that part of you.  It is always you doing the healing, not the program, which is a set of instructions for your subconscious mind.  Please do not rely on this program to replace any necessary medical care that is appropriate for a medical professional to deal with.  Do not rely on this experience to be a life saving tool. 

About This Experience

This is the first 5.10G subliminal experience. This technology generation is a major improvement over 5.9G in several ways.

Optimal Physical Healing 5.10G is designed to get your subconscious mind to scan your physical body to identify anything and everything that needs healing.  Then it causes you to prioritize those things from most important to least, and begin sequentially working to heal each of them in order to the maximum extent your mind and body are capable of. 

Please remember that this experience does not heal you!  It gives your subconscious mind a set of instructions that, when executed, will result in you acting to heal yourself wherever and to whatever degree is possible. 

If using this program does not heal something you need healed even after it is finished doing what can be done, it is very likely that your body does not have a way to heal it, or lacks sufficient energy to do so by itself.  Be sure to consult a doctor in this case.

Optimal Physical Healing (or OPH for short) is based on its predecessor, Maximum Healing Speed 5.75G (MHS).  This is a complete upgrade of the MHS Key Script and includes many new script additions for both the Key Script (which accomplishes the goals of the program) and the Skeleton Script (which enables the Key Script to best accomplish it's goals).  In working to make OPH all that it can be, the changes made to the Skeleton Script were so many and so profound that it went beyond what can be built in 5.9G, and so 5.10G was developed to be able to build this level of technology.  That is a big part of why this program required fully five weeks of development and meticulous attention to detail to create, even though it is an upgrade of a previous program and not a build from scratch.

A Better Approach To Healing

There are a number of differences to how OPH approaches healing, vs its predecessor, Maximum Healing Speed.

The first difference is that it now starts by identifying and prioritizing anything and everything in your physical body that needs to be healed.

The second difference is that it now focuses all of your ability to heal yourself naturally on that one highest priority thing that needs healing at a time and healing it as much as possible before moving on to the next lower priority thing on the list.  Previously, MHS instructed you to heal all of everything all at once.  This new approach allows for much greater effectiveness by focusing much more energy and resources on one specific healing goal at a time.  This approach potentially takes longer to achieve its goals, but produces better results.

The third difference is that OPH tries to keep your conscious mind informed as to whether or not your body is still healing something by making the healing process consciously detectable as a pleasant sensation.  This sensation will be different for everyone, and does not necessarily indicate what is being healed.

When your body is finished with whatever healing your body is capable of doing for everything on the list of things that need healing, you will stop feeling that pleasant sensation.  In this way, it becomes a more convenient program to use because it lets you know when it's finished doing its job.

A New Auric Shield

Like its predecessor, OPH also uses an auric shield.  (If you're not familiar with what an auric shield is, basically it turns your personal energy field into a specialized defensive energy shield.  In this case, the goal is to allow you to heal better and more quickly by filtering out any negative energy or influences coming your way.) The auric shield in Optimal Physical Healing is very different than the one found in MHS 5.75G. 

Instead of being a Directional Reflection Shield as was previously used, this experience now uses an entirely new type of shield, designed and developed specifically for it: a Grounding Shield.  Instead of sending back to the sender any negative energy and unwanted influences, this shield simply grounds them by sending them straight into the Earth itself to be harmlessly absorbed, dissipated and recycled as some other form of energy. 

The effect is that negative and unwanted influences should simply cease, and those attempting to attack or perform the unwanted influences simply don't know why.  Meanwhile, you are encapsulated within a safe space in which to heal without unwanted energy and influence efforts from others.  This makes healing easier, faster, and in some cases, enables healing to become possible where it may not have been before.

This approach was chosen because it requires significantly less energy than a Directional Reflection Shield, and that energy can then be used for healing purposes instead.  

Healing In Different Ways

Optimal Physical Healing does not limit itself to just physical healing.  It also takes into account the non-physical aspects necessary to heal the physical body. 

It seeks to trigger your physical body to heal itself literally from the atoms up, including repairing any damaged copies of your DNA that your body can repair.  At the same time, it works equally with energy for healing both your physical and non-physical bodies. 

Furthermore, it causes your personal energy field to be cleansed and repaired, and any unwanted parasitic entities should be dislodged and removed by this process.  Energy blockages in your non-physical bodies are also identified and cleared, and the free and correct flow of natural energies within your physical and non-physical bodies is restored naturally and automatically to the greatest extent possible.   

Ultra Detox

Optimal Physical Healing features a powerful detox module, like its predecessor.  In this experience, however, the detox module is designed to be able to trigger any and all detox capabilities your body has at its disposal, and get them to act to the maximum possible extent.  This means that your body will go all out to get rid of any and all toxins it detects within you, and will do whatever is possible to successfully expel them from your body.  This module is also given an incredibly high impact configuration setting in order to accomplish this goal.

This does not mean that you will magically be able to expel toxins that your body is not physically able to find a way to remove.  But it does mean that removing those toxins it can remove is going to get one heck of a push to accomplish that goal.  In some cases, this alone will be a major part of the healing process, or a major enabler of the healing process.

Dual Purpose Healing

This experience is designed to be useful for two major purposes:

  1. It is of course going to be useful for triggering healing from any sort of physical injury or damage faster and better than you could have otherwise.  Everything from the most minor of survivable physical injuries to the most major.
  2. It is also useful for periodic tune-ups of your physical and non-physical bodies by power-detoxing you, repairing any damage that may have accrued over time since the program was last used, repairing and cleansing your aura, and working to clear any energy blockages you have at that time.

For this reason, it is recommended that you use this program initially whether or not you have an obvious injury to heal, so that it can cleanse and repair all of the baseline issues your body is dealing with regardless.

If you want to feel your best and be at your highest levels of functionality and health, this program is an absolute must-have.  And if you currently have physical injuries or damage, or old issues that have only partially healed, this program is a great way to heal them to the best of your body's natural abilities to do so.

Getting Past Self Inflicted Conditions

In rare cases, a person may experience health issues because some part of their subconscious is actually and actively causing that issue in order to limit the person in specific ways. 

This is typically done to prevent and avoid something that is feared or considered by that part of the subconscious to be a potential threat in some way or for some reason, or even deserved self punishment for some reason.  (The subconscious is not always very rational, and sometimes comes to some very strange conclusions as to what is a threat, and how much of a threat it may be.)

If it happens to be the case for you that you are experiencing a self inflicted condition, then this program should get you to work past this condition and end the use of an artificially created health condition as an excuse to hide from or prevent something from happening or being accomplished, or for self punishment.

In such cases, it is possible (but not certain) to experience symptoms including, but not limited to: stomach cramping, loss of appetite, constipation, loose bowels, general emotional irritability, short temper, unexplained anger and/or a temporary flare up of the self inflicted condition. 

These symptoms result from Optimal Physical Healing happen because you are trying to end the self inflicted condition, which results in the part of you causing the issue feeling threatened, afraid of and/or upset by by whatever it is trying to avoid by causing the self inflicted condition.

If it is a self inflicted condition, you may experience one, some, all or none of these symptoms.  Every case is different.

Some examples of potentially self inflicted conditions are pains that doctors cannot explain or stop, unexplained nausea, allergies, eczema, rashes, welts and some other skin conditions, and in rare cases, things like cough, irritation, hearing issues, sight issues and so forth. 

These conditions may or may not be self inflicted subconsciously.  A good clue that they might be self inflicted is that no conventional treatment works to get rid of them when it is expected to, and/or when multiple doctors cannot find the cause of or explain the issue.

Self inflicted conditions are relatively rare. 

Optimized Healing

Where MHS was focused on healing as fast as possible, OPH is focused on healing as optimally as possible.  No longer does it focus on speed.  Instead, it now focuses on the quality of healing.  This means that healing may require longer than MHS was accomplishing, but the results will typically be superior.

Auric Healing

Optimal Physical Healing generates a specific modulation to the personal energy field which exists inside the Grounding Shield, which causes the personal energy field within your shield to bathe you in specialized healing energies and assist in your overall healing process as much as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can Optimal Physical Healing heal?

A: OPH is a set of instructions for your subconscious mind.  It, therefore, can heal nothing.  It's purpose is to get your own subconscious mind to heal your body to whatever extent is possible.  Since we do not have the capacity to test this program on every possible ailment or issue, we do not know what what specifically can be healed, or to what extent.  However, based on past reports from various versions of Maximum Healing Speed, it appears that it is possible for the body to heal itself in some ways that modern medical science does not currently believe it can heal. 

As to specifics, the only thing that I can tell you is that in response to using this program, you should find yourself in an accelerated state of healing and what is healed may in some cases surprise you.

Q: Can this experience help pinched nerves or issues caused by bones being mis-aligned or out of place?

A: Pinched nerves and bone misplacement is a physical issue that typically requires physical adjustment to correct.  The body is not naturally able to correct things like this, which is why there are surgeons and chiropractors to do the physical adjustments necessary.  While I would not say it is impossible, I would say it is very unlikely to be able to get your body to move bones around to correct such issues on its own.

Q: Can this experience help me get rid of an infection or physical parasite?

A: It is not designed or intended to do either of those things, so the answer is almost certainly no.

Q: Can this program cause things to finish healing that are not fully healed, but have stopped healing?

A: Potentially, but it will depend on the specifics of what you're talking about and whether it is possible for your body to heal that thing beyond what has already been done.  If it is possible for further healing to take place, it is very likely that your subconscious will identify that and do something about it while you are using OPH.

Q: Does this experience have anything to relieve or prevent itching or scarring while healing?

A: Optimal Physical Healing is designed to minimize itching while you undergo the healing process.  It is also designed to prevent scarring to the maximum extent possible, but it is not guaranteed that you will experience no scarring as a result of using this program.  Existing scars may be affected and lessened, but this has not been tested.

Q: Does this program provide pain relief during the healing process?

A: There is a mild pain reliever in the script, approximately as strong as an over the counter pain reliever like aspirin or the like, and the program is also designed to make the process of healing a pleasant one to signify that healing is ongoing.  It is likely that for moderate to severe pains, you will need to use another approach to pain relief while you heal.

Q: Can this program be used by children?

A: It is not designed to be used by anyone under 18 years old.  

Q: Can I use this experience instead of going to the doctor?

A: No.  It is not designed or intended to replace professional and appropriate medical diagnosis and care.  You may be able to use it along with your doctor's care, if they say it is not going to influence the medications or treatment they prescribe for you.  But you should never try to use OPH instead of getting appropriate medical attention, diagnosis and care.  

Q: Can this experience heal cancer?

A: It is not designed or intended for healing cancer.  No such testing was done during development, and I don't know if it is useful for helping with cancer in any way. 

I do know that chemotherapy is typically very toxic, specifically neoplastic toxins, designed to target and kill the faster growing cells in your body that include cancer cells.  I also know that the detox module in this program will cause your body to expel those chemicals from your body faster than otherwise, and therefore this program should NOT be used while you are receiving chemotherapy.

However, if someone undergoing cancer treatment is not receiving chemotherapy, or is completely finished with their chemotherapy regimen, then they can consult their doctors about using this program.  This is necessary to be sure that no medications will be interfered with by the detox module.

Since it was not designed to heal cancer, and it was not designed with use by cancer patients in mind, I also do not know how the cancer cells would be affected by it.  Therefore it is not recommended for use by people who have cancer.  The only time it should be considered for use by someone with cancer is if the conventional medical treatments have failed, and the doctors have nothing else they can do to help. 

Of course even then, there is no guarantee that it will be useful, helpful or even affect the cancer cells.

Q: How much will it speed up the healing process?

A: That depends on too many variables to answer.  It depends on what needs healing, how much healing is needed, how old you are, how well you eat while healing, how much you rest the parts that are healing (prevent injury from use before being finished healing), how healthy you are in general, how much sleep you get, how much stress you're under, whether you use nicotine or alcohol or other recreational drugs, if you're taking medications that have side effects working against the program and many other factors.

Q: Why do I suddenly smell different while using this program? 

A: While your body is being detoxified, it is naturally going to start expelling the toxins that have been building up inside it.  When you detox, these toxins will be expelled in every way possible, including your exhaled breath, your phlegm, your saliva, your sweat, your urine and your bowel movements.  As a result, some or all of these may develop a different smell than usual while you are flushing out the toxins.

Q: I'm a smoker.  Why am I coughing up black stuff from my lungs all of a sudden?  

A: In cases where a person has been a tobacco smoker for a long time, and/or is still smoking cigarettes, cigars or pipes, they may notice that they begin coughing up black chunks from their lungs after a short period of time using this experience.  This black substance being coughed up is the tar from the tobacco smoke that has lodged in your lungs. 

Normally, your lungs are self cleaning because of special cilia cells which move the mucus out of your lungs. Smoking numbs and even kills these cells, and they stop being functional.  When that happens, the mucus in your lungs begins to stagnate and tar from the smoke builds up over time and becomes lodged in place as black or dark brown chunks.

When you start using this program, two things will begin taking place.  First, your body begins to aggressively detoxify itself.  This will to some degree push toxins out of your body and into the mucus in your lungs, typically causing it to look and smell somewhat different.  At the same time, the program will begin healing and revitalizing whatever cilia cells are still alive and they will begin functioning again, which will dislodge and flush out the tar from the tobacco smoke.

This process will be much more likely and much more pronounced if you actually stop smoking, but it may happen regardless, depending on certain variables.

Q: Why am I tired after listening to this program? 

A: Sometimes, if you have something that needs to be healed and it requires an exceptional amount of energy to heal it, the healing process may make you noticeably more tired while the healing is taking place.  This will not happen for everyone, or every healing situation, but does happen occasionally.  It just means your body is devoting all of its energy and focus to healing whatever it is that needs healing.  OPH is designed to minimize exhaustion from this process, but it is still possible to feel drained according to how much energy is needed to do the healing required. 

As the healing progresses, you may find that you experience a slow and steady lessening of this tiredness, or you may experience periods of more or less tiredness as different parts are healed.  Depending on specifics, you may never feel tired at all!  I suggest allowing yourself as much rest as possible, and as needed, while this program is doing its thing.

Please note that using this program at too high a volume and/or for too much time per day of use will very likely result in excessive and possibly even debilitating exhaustion that can last for days after you stop.  Don't do that.

Q: Can I use this program while taking medications, or will the detox module flush them out of my system?

A: The detox module is designed to cause your body to identify anything it considers a toxin, and then act to remove it from the body as rapidly and completely as is safely possible.  For this reason, you should not use this program while you are actively undergoing chemotherapy unless your oncologist says otherwise.

Other medications and drugs may also be affected, but I cannot know the specifics of which ones.  It will depend on whether your body identifies the chemical as a toxin, and how you define "toxin".  

It is therefore recommended that you consult your doctor on how to proceed if you take prescription medications.

Q: Will this program kill my buzz from alcohol and recreational drugs?

A: In many cases, yes.  Alcohol is a known toxin, and so is nicotine, which is actually a natural insecticide, for example.  Many other recreational drugs can be classified as being toxic in some way as well.  If your body or subconscious mind considers it a toxin, it will attempt to purge it from your system as quickly and completely as safely possible while you are using this program, and that may result in the effects wearing off much faster than you may be expecting.  

If you notice this happening, that means the drug is working against your healing, and you should stop ingesting it.  

Q: Can I use this program to detox from having my body become dependent on alcohol?

A: If you have conditioned your body to become physically dependent on alcohol to continue functioning without getting sick, then this program is not what you want to use to detox until after that is no longer the case.  You'll need to wean yourself off your physical dependence on alcohol before you try to use this program.

Q: How do I use this program as a periodic "tune up" for my body?

A: Use this program quarterly each year for a periodic tune-up.  That is, run it every third month until the pleasant sensation fades out.  

Q: Does this program work on emotional or mental issues?

A: No.  It is designed with a primary goal of healing your physical body to the maximum possible extent that your body is capable of achieving naturally. 

Q: Can this program heal my (pick your disease/syndrome/condition)?

A: Aside from the program being a set of instructions that is aimed at getting your subconscious mind to trigger your own body to heal itself naturally - which means that the program itself doesn't actually do the healing, you do - I have no way of effectively testing OPH against specific conditions, syndromes and diseases.  I therefore have no data to consider for forming an answer to that question, and thus, I cannot answer it.  

Q: Can I use this program if I have an auto-immune disease or condition?

A: I cannot answer that because I do not have access to the resources necessary to safely conduct such testing, and therefore have not tested it against any such diseases or conditions.  As a result, I suggest that you consult your doctor for that answer.

Q: Can I continue to smoke/drink/use recreational drugs as I please while using this program?

A: Generally speaking, those activities introduce toxins into your body and may degrade your health in one or more ways.  It makes no sense to use a detox and healing program while actively and intentionally working to undo its effects and accomplishments.  I suggest that you either commit to healing and detoxing or use whatever substances you prefer to use, but avoid doing both at once.

Q: Can this experience help me stop smoking by flushing the nicotine out of my body faster?

A: While this program will help you flush the nicotine out of your body faster than the typical 14 days needed for your body to accomplish that task on its own, doing so faster may not help you stop smoking, and here is why:

Nicotine addiction isn't usually why most people smoke or vape nicotine containing substances.  The fact is, the majority of the reason people have trouble with quitting cigarettes or another nicotine delivery system is psychological, not physical.  Nicotine withdrawal typically feels like you missed lunch, but it's not that hard to handle by itself.  The real issue is a lifetime of faulty beliefs that have been built up and reinforced again and again over the course of your lifetime.  

You could use this program to help detox and heal your lungs and such after you physically stop ingesting nicotine, and that's a good way to recover better and faster.  But the actual cessation part requires a different approach.

Q: Can this program regenerate lost body parts?

A: I have as yet had no opportunity to test that, but it seems unlikely.

Q: Can this experience improve my hearing or vision?

A: It is not designed specifically to do either of those things.  However, if your subconscious mind identifies that your eyes or hearing parts need healing, it will try to heal them to whatever extent it is capable of doing so.  It is unlikely to correct deafness, but a perforated eardrum may be healed faster or may be returned to a healing state.  It will be unlikely to correct visual issues based on the shape of the eye, or the shape of the lens or the condition of the lens, but it may help heal physical damage such as a scratched cornea or detached retina, for example.  

Q: Can I use this program to help me recover from intense workouts faster?

A: Absolutely, but remember that what is healed will be prioritized according to necessity and importance.  For this reason, it may be necessary to do a preliminary run to heal everything else in order to free up the list of things to heal so that this specific healing goal can be prioritized as the top priority.

Q: Can this experience repair or correct deformities of the body?

A: It is theoretically possible, but the experience is neither intended nor designed to do that particular task, and I would say it is very unlikely.  The only case I can think of where it seems like a reasonable possibility is where the deformities resulted from physical injuries, and healing is still possible.  Even then, it seems more likely than not that this experience will not help with deformities.

Q: Can I use other subliminals with this one?

A: That is a HARD NO, with one exception, which is Advanced Stress Relief.  ASR may be used as instructed, but this is still not recommended.  Dividing your body's focus and efforts is not going to be helpful.  It is already hard enough to cause physical changes to the body like healing.


Use this program for 25 (twenty-five) minutes per day on, for 5 (five) days on and 2 (two) days off per usage cycle. 

You can do this easily in a 60 minute track by starting the program playing at the 35 minute mark. If you're a few seconds off because you cannot achieve better control of your player's time seeking, that's okay; just make sure that you err in the direction of adding a few seconds, rather than removing them.  And keep the deviation to a minimum.  In 5.10G, minutes really do matter, so make sure it's seconds, and make sure it is as close to 0 seconds of deviation as possible.

Alternatively, just set a timer for 25 minutes and press "play".  When the timer goes off, press "stop".  Naturally, this option only works if you are awake while using this program.

The best time to use this program will be just before you go to bed, or at the beginning of your sleep cycle.  This allows your body to focus all available energy, attention and resources completely on healing while you sleep, and helps you minimize the tiredness you may experience from using OPH.  In the case that using OPH has the effect of energizing you too much to sleep, use it during the day instead, the earlier the better.

If for some reason you do not experience the pleasant sensation during healing that is intended to tell you when healing is finished, please use this program for a minimum of 3 months.

DO NOT attempt to cut up the audio from this program into 25 minute chunks or re-encode it!  This will cause damage to the subliminal audio and can result in destroying the subliminal audio or unexpected problems otherwise.  Follow the instructions.

Don't think that just because the instructed time is short, that you can casually or carelessly use it for longer or multiple times a day!  More is not necessarily better.  Carelessly over-using this program is likely to result in severe and debilitating exhaustion, potentially for days at a time, or other more extreme unwanted results.  5.10G is an incredibly powerful and intense technology generation.  That's why even with a physical change subliminal, it can achieve its goals in under 60 minutes of use per day on, whereas even up to 5.9G, it would have required several 60-minute loops per day on instead.

Q: Why is each track 60 minutes if I only need to use it for 25 minutes per day on?

A: There are two reasons why I build these programs to a 60 minute per loop standard, even while it is likely that they will need less than 60 minutes of use per day on:

  1. The resulting build process allows for the highest degree of precision in configuring and building the audio for the best possible quality if I make the audio tracks 60 minutes.
  2. The program has an AutoConfig module which will guide you to using the program the way that works best for you individually.  Sometimes, that will be more or less minutes of exposure per day on.  Having a 60 minute track allows for the best flexibility in that regard.

Optimal Volume

Important! Please keep your cell phone within arm's reach and avoid having the phone's speaker pointed away from you as much as possible while using this experience!

Optimal volume for phone speakers will be as follows:

Android phone: 6 (six) clicks out of 15. 

iPhone: 7 (seven) clicks out of 16.

Google Phone: 12 (twelve) clicks, or as close as you can get to 40% of full volume if your phone has something other than 30 clicks of volume.

Q: Why do you only give volumes for using this experience on a cell phone through speakers?  What about headphones, or using it on my computer or stereo?

A: The more advanced, powerful and high impact the technology generation, the more important it is to get the volume right.  Too low and the effect will not be powerful enough; too high and it will overload your subconscious and degrade or even shut down results.  As the technology improves and the power and impact levels go up, the optimal volumes are steadily going down.  

The only way to know that you have the right volume is to use it on your cell phone, and play it through speakers, for two reasons:

First, this means there should only be one volume adjustment to consider.  If your player offers volume adjustment independent of the cell phone's Master Volume, please use a different player that does not have that feature.  Currently, I use Pulsar for my Android phone because it has the ability to make playlists that have the same track multiple consecutive times, and does not have independent volume control.  However, Pulsar is not perfect, and I am not necessarily recommending or endorsing it.  I don't get paid anything if you choose to use it.  I use it because it has the features I need.

Having two or more different volume controls to configure means neither you nor I can know how to configure your particular device and software to match the instructions.

Second, using the program on headphones or ear buds is not recommended when you're using the Ultrasonic track because it is too easy to play the track too low or too high volume accidentally, without knowing it's happening.  Too low a volume can prevent good results (or any at all, if volume is at 0), and too high volume can cause overload, nausea, exhaustion and even hearing issues such as tinnitus or damage to your ears if the volumes are high enough.  

Furthermore, using them on headphones or earbuds alters the optimal volume.

These high end experiences are the best of the best, and as such they are not cheap.  I want you to get what you paid for, which is why I go to the trouble to determine so exactly what the optimal volume is.  Therefore, please always use them through your cell phone speakers at the exact volume specified, unless AutoConfig guides you to do otherwise.


This program uses a technology called AutoConfig, which seeks to get your own subconscious mind to figure out the optimal usage patterns for you.  If you feel an urge or craving to use this program more than 25 minutes a day, or at a different volume, or use a different number of days on or days off, follow that urge or craving.

To be eligible for a refund of a purchase of this program, you must use it according to the instructions for at least three consecutive months straight.

"Tonight begins Week 4.

She had knee pain, I take her on daily 30 min walks in Target.

The aisles are wide and it's air-conditioned.
We have been doing this for years and now she is giving these daily walks credit that her knee pain is gone.

She would take Extra Strength Tylenol or rub Ultra Strength Ben Gay on her knee.
Sometimes she would use both.
After using Optimal Physical Health, she says her knee feels great and doesn't ask for pain medication.

I purchased Optimal Physical Health strictly for my trochanteric bursitis ("front pocket" hip pain).
The Extra Strength Tylenol and Ultra Strength Ben Gay stopped working.

The pain for trochanteric bursitis ("front pocket" hip pain) was gone after the first 25-min run.
A dull ache in my right shoulder that I had forgotten about is gone.
And I no longer need to use Ivizia Eye Drops for dry eyes. My eyes are naturally staying moist.

Lastly, my back injuries from falling off the roof onto the ground and two car accidents are healed.
I feel like I have a new back!!

Fantastic results from 3 weeks of listening only 25-mins | 5 days each week!!".

-4Kingdoms https://subliminal-talk.com/Thread-4Kingdoms-Optimal-Physical-Healing?pid=259714#pid259714

SHA256Sum Hashes

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$ sha256sum *

6751c0a1038ea929dcdab9a47ad3d8d6853add84ae789a0f8f088b182bad7578 Optimal_Physical_Healing_5p10G_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf_Silent).flac

611cabadfe5da0937a371792b86871dd98f74e23d8732b33931fc5f87a010849 Optimal_Physical_Healing_5p10G_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf_Silent).mp3

e08789293741707b42cbd3c7436b9729b981ec9ac9519f20df72d6419ef3843e Optimal_Physical_Healing_5p10G_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream_Silent).flac

fec332872e2f56c46aa33813cbf663f10fca619c7da2776480d970fdda96108f Optimal_Physical_Healing_5p10G_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream_Silent).mp3 

60044aeab04336e2feddb88ab7000a86d4d4912c3f93350371a81d93163d3391 Optimal_Physical_Healing_5p10G_Masked_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf).flac

4ac7b08194a1ea33c71d04e325e7b69a8204b20917a3374e4bd9e911cfe6017d Optimal_Physical_Healing_5p10G_Masked_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf).mp3

29c0e820b4188fef98d2d1a2b2e05a13898523ffd2019b6c85232974e326c7c7 Optimal_Physical_Healing_5p10G_Masked_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream).flac

820b01118ea87eaec7e41ef915fe0ce3dd0b33631f6f8b136dc83d7166d91fa8 Optimal_Physical_Healing_5p10G_Masked_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream).mp3

0e4ea6872f242efdb283af487aeb269b14e2f24a0efc5d07a4355dbf74d3fea9 Optimal_Physical_Healing_5p10G_Subliminal_FLAC.zip

0405549de484ff4288ed1ecdfb4d34ada2e1c418e43051b794086e71f977f9f9 Optimal_Physical_Healing_5p10G_Subliminal_MP3.zip

29eab8283de067f209967b4a78779e9e2513c2a798282cbbbba7fa7b51800744 Optimal_Physical_Healing_5p10G_Ultrasonic_Subliminal_(Silent).flac

c35469310061f6bd357fc43d71c8280316f5ebe580af988c53eadd1722ecf27d Optimal_Physical_Healing_5p10G_Ultrasonic_Subliminal_(Silent).mp3

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ae57eb9281369361174656843cb6b5d0b3a8581392614f471a01332e8f46aa3c Optimal_Physical_Healing_5p10G_SHA256Sum_Hashes.txt

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