Attract Romantic Love (5.8G - Type B/D Hybrid)

Have you ever wished there was an easy way to find a serious romantic relationship that would let you be genuinely happy?  That would attract into your life the best option for you when it comes to romantic partners, who wants what you want in a serious romantic relationship?  In today's day and age, things are a mess when it comes to finding relationships, and especially romantic relationships.  And there is every reason to believe that social media and the Internet will only make things worse as time goes on. 

There is a secret method that those in the know use to find love and happiness regardless.  I've used it to great success myself, so I know it works.  And it's not manifestation, shifting or magick.  What is it?  Well, that's a secret I'm not going to tell.  But I have created this program to let almost anyone use this secret to attract into their life the best possible serious romantic relationship with the best possible romantic partner for them.  And all you need to do is press "play" when you're supposed to, and then leave it alone.  You don't need to do anything else.  The rest is taken care of for you by your own subconscious awareness.

I know, I know.  This sounds too good to be true.  I thought so too, until I saw it actually work for me.  But there is a catch to this method.  It's got to be used the right way.  Ironically, I have made it effortless to use and get success, but some people will refuse to use it the way it needs to be used, and at least some of those people will actually prevent it from working.  So what's the catch?

For this program to work, you have to "set it and forget it".  Use it as instructed, and then leave it alone.  Just go on about your life and let your subconscious handle the rest.  Don't focus on it, don't worry about it, don't look for results.  Just set it and forget it. 

For those who can do this, the process is easy.  Just turn it on on the days you're supposed to listen, and then do your thing.  But there are three types of people who tend to have difficulty with setting it and forgetting it.  The program itself is designed to help you set it and forget it, and be ready to accept a serious romantic partner and relationship into your life.  But sometimes, people focus on it so much at the conscious level that it causes issues.  These three types of person are:

  1. The Antagonistic Skeptic.  These people don't believe the program can work, usually because they don't see a way that it could work that is explained by modern science.  Most of the time, this type won't even bother trying to use a program like this.  But if they do, you can bet that their goal is to prevent it from working and then loudly proclaim that it doesn't work, and that they've "debunked" it.  That's the antagonistic part, and it separates them from a reasonable skeptic because a reasonable skeptic's goal is to find the truth, whatever it is, not attack and disprove something they disagree with while hiding behind "science".  Reasonable skeptics are open minded to the facts.  These people will actively and intentionally prevent the program from working because they don't want the intended result; they do want to loudly claim that it failed and they've "debunked" it, however.
  2. The Too Curious. These people are usually open to the idea that a program like this can work, but they have never seen something like this work before.  They really want to see it work for themselves so they can have proof and understand the process better.  This group will usually be at least mildly favorable to the program working, but their curiosity causes them to consciously watch the program's progress and look for results so closely that they disrupt and prevent the very results they're looking for, which then never come.
  3. The Needful Believer.  This type of person is the reverse of the Antagonistic Skeptic.  They believe the program will work, but they consciously want and need the outcome too much.  They therefore tend to focus consciously on watching the process for any sign of progress and look for results so much that it disrupts the process and prevents the results they want.  This happens because these people tend to focus so much on what they don't have, which they want that they tend to perpetuate the "don't have" part to the degree that it overrides everything else.  Ironically, they're using a manifestation method backwards to get what they don't want by constantly focusing on it with emotional focus and passion.

 Remember, the key is to set it and forget it.  Just as with a light bulb, which always works as long as the right conditions are present, you don't have to "believe" that it will work, or "have faith" that it will work.  But you do need to at least be open to the possibility that it can work, and then let the program (and your subconscious) show you what it can do. 

If you can identify yourself as an Antagonistic Skeptic, then don't even bother trying.  If you're a Too Curious or a Needful Believer, then you'll need to find a way to overcome your curiosity or needfulness for achieving the goal, and set it and forget it.  The program is designed to help you do this, as well as several other important things that will help you achieve the results.  But if you consciously try hard enough, and if you focus on looking for the process and the results enough at the conscious level, you can still disrupt and prevent the results the program is designed to attract.  So if you think you cannot simply set it and forget it, I suggest you wait until you can before using this program.

Most people are stuck in a very limited world view.  They assume that their experiences to date are all there is to experience in the world, and the future must therefore conform to the experiences of their past.  They believe that there are only a small number of options available to them for romantic partners or finding them, and that they must wade through a bunch of bad choices to find a good one.  This is only true if you go about looking using the "numbers game" approach.  That approach says, "just keep going and do it again and again until you find what you're looking for.  Statistically, it's gotta happen sooner or later."

The problem with the "number's game" approach is that it is frequently self defeating when it comes to love. Nobody can continually open up their heart to people who aren't compatible or don't care, get hurt as a result, and be willing to do it again, over and over, until they find "the one".  The getting hurt, being deceived, being used -, it gets to you, and fast.  A lot of people these days simply choose to stop trying, and close themselves off to being hurt again.  Since you aren't very likely to find love if you don't look for it, and it won't happen if you won't open your hear to let it happen, the "numbers game" approach only produces a lot of people who have been hurt and become distrusting and unwilling to open up and try anymore.  The reverse of what needs to happen for you to actually find and start a serious and successful romantic relationship!

The truth is, "the Universe" (or whatever else you care to call it) will give you whatever you ask for, anything at all, as long as you ask in a way that it understands.  That's all you need to do.  And there are several ways you can ask; manifestation, creative visualization, magick, shifting and reality trans-surfing all come to mind.  But there are other ways as well, including this one.  And when you use any of these methods correctly and successfully, you can skip all the BS and just find exactly what you're looking for directly.

So how does this work?  The fact is, everything in the Universe is connected in some ways.  When you access this network of inter-connectedness in the right ways, all possible options to fulfill the request made can be very quickly considered and then the best options can be matched to the request.  That is essentially what all of these different methods are doing: putting out a properly made request, allowing the Universe to find the answer, and then causing the result to pair with the person who requested it.  The specifics of how all this happens and why it works this way are much too complicated to go into here, but that is the basic idea of what's going on.

Attract Romantic Love 5.8G is designed with an understanding that the people using it will generally fall into two groups: those who have experience with romantic relationships, and have been hurt, and those who have very little to no experience at all.  In order to make this program as useful and effective as possible, approximately 83% of the key script in this program is designed to help you achieve the goal of the program regardless of these things. 

It's intended to help you set it and forget it, open yourself up to experiencing romantic love in the right ways for it to be possible, help you recognize the right person when they come along, and make the romantic relationship come into being as naturally and seamlessly as possible, as well as help you through insecurities that might otherwise get in the way, among other things. 

But this program does not have an active fear removal module, because that module would conflict with and disrupt the approach I have used here to attracting the desired outcome.  Instead, it uses a gentle approach to relief of minor anxiety. If you have serious anxiety or fears concerning achieving a serious romantic relationship, opening up for love, trusting, being hurt or having a new experience you've never had before (if you're new to all this), then you should run a program like Emotional Healing & Pain Relief Aid or Universal Healing first, and then use this one.

Remember that when this program is used correctly, and it is allowed to do what it is designed to do, you don't have to try again and again, or hope this one is a good one.  It will simply match you to the best option for you, and a serious romantic relationship will naturally result.  Let go of your artificially limited thinking and beliefs, because they do not apply with this approach to finding love.  Use this program according to the instructions, let AutoConfig do it's thing, set it and forget it, and be patient; allow the right person to find their way into your life at the pace that the Universe sees fit to bring them to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this program bring me my Soul Mate or my One True Love?

A: It is possible, but I'd like you to consider a few things here.  First, there are a lot of misconceptions about these sorts of things.  The term "soul mate" has been so badly and so frequently misused that I prefer not to even use it anymore.  For each person, there is not just one "true love" in the world, and there is not just one of what you might call a "soul mate".  There are in fact many, many people on the planet with you with whom you can have a long, genuinely happy romantic relationship.  But you are a dynamic system, and you (and they) are constantly changing and growing.  Over time, any particular one of them may therefore become more or less optimal for you and who you are at that time. 

This program seeks to bring to you the best possible option for you at the time you make the request, and considers many factors, including how far away the two of you are when the request is made and how easy it will be for you to meet and have the desired relationship.  Therefore over the course of your life, you may have different options rate as best for the response to using this program.  That is not to say there is no "one true love", or no "twin flame soul mate", but for such a person, you may not be in a good position to be ready for that type of relationship when you use this program, and they may not be ready for that either.  So you will tend to attract the best option when you use the program.

Also remember that there are multiple different types of soul mates, not just the "twin flame" everyone seems to want to find.

Q: Does that mean that who I attract will be a temporary result?

A: No, it means that once you attract someone and start a serious romantic relationship with them, you must work together to make that relationship strong and healthy. This is true of any serious romantic relationship.  The program is designed to attract a serious romantic relationship for you, and that will tend to be a long term relationship.  That doesn't mean you never have to communicate, be honest, respect your partner, be considerate, be kind, care for them, compromise or put in any effort to keep the relationship healthy and alive.  How long your romantic relationship lives is therefore entirely your choice as a couple.

Q: What if I am polyamorous, polygamous, polygynous, polyandrous, homosexual, bisexual or whatever else?

A: Doesn't matter.  The program will still work.  However, it is designed to attract only a single person and result in a romantic relationship with that one person.  The person you attract will be right for you in that regard.  You will have to set up whatever rules you prefer and agree to for your particular relationship when you begin.

Q: Will the relationship be purely romantic, or will there be sex involved as well?

A: That depends on what is right for you.  If all you want is romance, then romance only it is.  If you want sex involved also, then that's what will result.

Q: How will I know who to look for?

A: You won't.  You're not supposed to be looking for the responder.  You're supposed to follow the directions, let AutoConfig do it's thing and set it and forget it.  It is common for results to be unseen for months before you realize who showed up, because they won't just walk around a corner and hand you roses with a kiss.  It is usual for the future couple to meet and have one of these two outcomes:

  • There is an immediate spark that makes it very obvious who is who and what is what, with the relationship seeming unavoidably inevitable after that.  This "love at first sight" option is, by far, the rarer of the two outcomes.  Nice fantasy, but almost never happens in real life.
  • The two meet and don't realize they are going to be a romantic couple for one or more months before they realize what is happening between them as their connection, attraction and relationship naturally and organically comes into being.

Q: Can I run it again while I have a romantic relationship that it brought me?  Can I run it while I'm currently involved with someone else?

A: If you are already involved, then unless you and your partner are some form of poly, you should either not run this program, or end your current relationship first and allow yourself to heal.  If you are some variation of poly, and your partner(s) agree to a +1, then feel free to run this program.  However, please note that if you expose yourself and them, you may end up with a +1 for each of you exposed.  In either case, running this program again while you're involved will potentially disrupt the existing relationship(s).

Q: How old do I have to be to use this program?

A: You should not use this program or expose anyone to it who is not at least 18 years of age. It is age limited to 18+. 


Suggested volume is 12 to 13 out of 15 on an Android cell phone, 13 to 15 on an iPhone, or 24 to 26 on a Google phone, using the external speakers.  Don't use those volumes with headphones or earbuds, as that will make them too loud.  If you use headphones or earbuds, find an appropriate volume, but try to avoid going below 40% volume on your cell phone while using headphones or earbuds if at all possible.

Use this program 4 (Four) loops per day on, 3 (Three) days on and 2 (Two) days off per usage cycle before repeating the cycle.  Use this program until your romantic partner has been attracted and your romantic relationship has begun, and not less than 2 (Two) months in any case.

While most people will achieve the desired results in between 2 and 6 months, in some cases it will take longer for the right person to become ready for you and to find their way into your life.  Therefore, to be eligible for a refund on this product, you must use it without success for at least 10 (Ten) months straight. 

 All of my 5.8G subliminals have and use a module known as AutoConfig, which is designed to cause your own subconscious to direct you in how best to use the program to achieve the results it is designed to give.  When it is working, it will guide you by causing you to feel an urge to make any necessary adjustments.  These adjustments may include some, none or all of the following: number of loops per day, number of days on, number of days off, volume, format and what to use to play the program.  If and when you get an urge to adjust any of these things, please follow it.  For example, if you have run it for three days and on your first day off you feel the urge to run it again, please do so.  Let AutoConfig and your own subconscious awareness guide you to your goal.


If you purchase this program outright, you will receive a text file with the hash values below in it.  These values can be checked against the program files using a SHA256 hash checker, like sha256Sum, to verify with absolute certainty that the files have not been altered at all since I created them.  Windows, Linux, Apple and other operating systems all have different programs for creating and checking this type of hash, so you will have to use the one appropriate for your operating system.  To be absolutely sure that the hash text file has not been tampered with, I give you the hashes contained in it below, and the hash value of the text file itself. 

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$ sha256sum *

64e8fb6dfd78c47f6b86a6e606c3be1587d3462aea53f7186e25b405d550f379  Attract_Romantic_Love_5_8G_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf_Silent).flac

47465d8059621fdbe3af64104fd82ad54469407007f9705275797c6ae23f28ba  Attract_Romantic_Love_5_8G_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf_Silent).mp3

77584f979d2c76145e40be391a427bba2838eb856f69341687d3d1f4815e3ae2  Attract_Romantic_Love_5_8G_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream_Silent).flac

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0a6801dd8f3ac80b589d3fcf99999af8ba50b6afd098cab37884de84478541d6  Attract_Romantic_Love_5_8G_Masked_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf).flac

b59119406d0b0b7578fb5812abf20e44636a2fa945137fc9bcd8cc1bb73fa4b5  Attract_Romantic_Love_5_8G_Masked_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf).mp3

37598e67aab219f31bbbd720a85bd6c0e5be4ca5fc606dca0e5ad1e1b923d113  Attract_Romantic_Love_5_8G_Masked_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream).flac

b7f87c577efb264040766ab0c66d757d7bcfd2955d8bee792002676cb1c28d71  Attract_Romantic_Love_5_8G_Masked_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream).mp3



4de8844f4fb3297ad1921e641b1180d6f06c96b987fc19b7223185c604cc591a  Attract_Romantic_Love_5_8G_Ultrasonic_Subliminal_(Silent).flac

8b84b8e0e9bbd1527b732180e2defc26ead625da34927967d64a5792a57e8dc9  Attract_Romantic_Love_5_8G_Ultrasonic_Subliminal_(Silent).mp3

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$ sha256sum *.txt

318d359b20ac020f2ed3bacdfcf253bc9bb03838d9e4dad9023e38887aab5cc6 Attract_Romantic_Love_5_8G_Subliminal_SHA25Sum_Hashes.txt

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$