Special Meditations 10 Volume Set (Brainwave Entrainment Only)

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A 10 volume set of audio programs designed to allow virtually anyone to meditate. Each one explores a different level of meditation. These range from eyes-open relaxed mind to ultra-deep. Specific frequencies were derived from multiples of special numbers appearing in nature. Included in this set is the Earth Resonance frequency and the same frequency found in American Indian Shamanic meditations. This is ten hours worth of audio, and each program will awaken you at the end. For those who want to explore their minds, or those who wish to make meditation faster, easier and deeper, this is a gold mine! You'll also find that extended use improves your hemispheric interactivity and coherence, resulting in a more whole-brain thinking and awareness. You could spend thousands of dollars on this type of program from other sources, and get almost exactly the same thing!

“I purchased the Special Meditations Kit about 2 years ago myself and I absolutely loved it! I played around with Alpha and Theta mostly (specifically, levels 1,4, and I believe 6). Great stuff no doubt. I noticed that doing it regularly made me feel smarter and more balanced mentally.”

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