Overcoming Guilt, Shame & Fear (5.9G - Type A/B/C/D)

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Disclaimer:  Overcoming Guilt, Shame & Fear 5.9G is for ADULTS ONLY.  Do not EVER expose this program to any person under the legal age of adulthood!  NEVER expose this program to any person who has any mental or emotional disorder or disturbance unless directly supervised by a mental health professional.

This program is not designed or intended to diagnose or treat any medical or psychological condition that should be diagnosed, treated or handled by a medical or mental health care professional.  No claims are made, expressed or implied that it is anything but an aid for helping you deal with and overcome guilt, shame and fear, and the traumas that can cause those emotions. If you need medical or psychological help, please see an appropriate medical or psychological professional.

You and you alone are responsible for your use and all results from your use of this program.

WARNING: This program is extremely powerful and very cathartic.  If you have moderate or severe trauma to process, you should make sure you have some sort of emotional support system to rely on while using this program! 

About This Experience

If guilt, shame and fear are holding you back from achieving freedom, success and happiness - and let's face it, that is almost everybody - then this subliminal experience is for you!

This program is designed to get your own subconscious to look deep within you, find the roots of your guilt, shame and fear, and then steadily help you work on, process and overcome them at your own pace. And since trauma is a leading source of guilt, shame and fear, this program has a heavy dose of instructions for trauma healing in it, too.

What could you be doing with your life if you weren't held back by guilt, shame and fear, or the traumas that caused them?  What would it feel like to be free of these slave drivers?  What kind of achievements and success could be yours for the taking if you didn't have guilt, shame and fear binding you, standing in your way and holding you in place?

In other words... how much of your life, your time, your potential, your happiness and your success has been flat out wasted because of guilt, shame and fear?  All those dreams you have that you don't achieve because of guilt, shame and fear.  All of the potential you have that just sits there, wasting away, becoming less and less as time goes by and you age.  Time waits for neither any man, nor any woman.

Are you going to be one of those people who looks back on their life as they lay on their deathbed, and regrets what you could have and should have done, been, achieved, experienced, had when it's finally too late to do anything about it?

Or are you going to decide, here and now, that you've had enough, and that you want to be free of the pain, the trauma, the suffering, the limitations and the chains?  That it's time for you to truly live your life, be free, achieve your goals and potentials, and discover what true happiness, real freedom, and what all of your potential for accomplishment and success really is?

It's time for those who have had enough of being held back, held down and manipulated and controlled to do something about it.  It's time for Overcoming Guilt, Shame & Fear 5.9G.

OGSF 5.9G features...

  • A very high powered Directional Reflection Shield.
  • A powerful Detox Module, affecting mind, body and emotions.
  • A Trauma healing & clearing module.
  • A Fear Removal Module.
  • A Guilt Removal Module.
  • A Shame Removal Module.
  • A specialty aura for saturating the user in Guilt, Shame & Fear Removal.
  • Specialty scripting for enabling the program to work with and communicate with parts of your subconscious that do not comprehend spoken words.
  • Self Esteem scripting.
  • Self Forgiveness scripting.
  • Self Appreciation and love scripting.
  • Scripting for refusing to allow yourself to be manipulated, controlled or influenced by anyone attempting to use guilt, shame and/or fear to do so.
  • Scripting to keep you safe by using your logical thinking, considering your choices and actions (and their consequences) before you act, and always doing what you know to be the right thing.
  • Scripting to make the healing and clearing process as easy as possible.
  • And more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should not use this program?

A: This program should not be used by or exposed to any person under the legal age of adulthood, or anyone who has been diagnosed with or is otherwise known to have a serious mental disorder, such as psychopathia, narcissism, borderline personality disorder or other such disorders.  Nobody should use this program who has been diagnosed with any form of insanity.  Nobody should use this program who is violent or abusive, without the direct instruction and supervision of a psychological health professional.  Also, if you are pregnant or nursing, please consult a doctor or mental health care professional before using this program.

Q: Can this program be used to help deal with PTSD?

A: Yes, and when used properly, can be extremely helpful for that purpose.  However, this program should not be used as the first thing used to deal with PTSD unless your emotional health care provider instructs you otherwise.  Instead, you should use this program (if needed) after using something like Emotional Healing & Pain Relief Aid (EHPRA).  It is a good idea regardless to use this program with the supervision of a professional health care provider when dealing with PTSD so that you have a support system on hand to help you deal with the healing process.

Q: What kinds of traumas does this program try to deal with?

A: This program instructs your subconscious to try to process, heal and move past all of your traumatic experiences, but not all at once.  It does not limit its efforts to any particular type.  All traumas have the potential for resulting in feelings of guilt, shame and fear.

If you have suffered severe or extreme trauma, please use this program with supervision from a mental health professional who can help and guide you through the healing process.

Q: Can I use this program with Advanced Stress Relief?

A: Yes.  That is the ONLY program you can use with this one.  Make sure that you use it according to the instructions, and never use it more than you need to in order to help you deal with the healing and clearing process.  If you can get away without using it at all, don't use it.  If you need help, then ASR can be a significant help in dealing with the healing and clearing process. 

To use it properly, add it as the first program in your playlist for OGSF 5.9G.  Start off using the settings for Low Stress.  If after 4 days on, that is not enough, then during the next usage cycle move to the settings for Moderate Stress for one cycle.  If at the end of that cycle, you are experiencing difficulty handling the effects of OGSF, move up to the settings for High Stress.  And if you are still having trouble handling the effects of OGSF, move during the next usage cycle to settings for Extreme Stress.

Try to avoid using Advanced Stress Relief during the "off" days if possible.  If you need it, however, you can use it.  Do not use ASR more than once per day.  Use it at the same volume you use OGSF (9 out of 15 on an Android cell phone speakers, 10 out of 16 from iPhone speakers, 18 out of 30 on a Google phone that has 30 clicks of volume, etc.)

Q: Will I do bad things without guilt, shame and fear in my life?

A: While guilt, shame and fear can be useful for helping to keep children and animals from "doing bad things", they are not useful for adults who can actually think, and have enough experience and maturity to know better.  This program turns off guilt, shame and fear, but it also balances this out by engaging you to think and consider the consequences of your actions before you do something, and to always do what you know is the right thing to do.  There are other important safeties as well.  Ultimately, however, it is you who decides whether or not you will choose to "do bad things", and your responsibility for the consequences if you should choose to do them.  

Q: Don't guilt, shame and fear keep me safe?

A: These emotions are only useful for "keeping you safe" when you're a child or an animal.  Once you have enough experience, understanding and matuity to call yourself an adult, you have the knowledge and understanding to keep yourself safe without them.  At that point, they're just holding you back unnecessarily.

Q: Can I expose children to this program?

A: No.  This program is designed to be used by ADULTS ONLY.  Children don't have the experience and understanding to know how to handle this program's effects safely while they are developing.  It is age limited to 18+, but NEVER expose ANY person under the legal age of adulthood to it, regardless.

Q: Is there anything else I should know about this program or its effects?

A: This is an extremely powerful program.  For most people, it will be very obvious when it is working and doing it's job.  You may experience periods of irritability, tiredness or anxiety while using this program.

For some people and some personality types, there is a response to dealing with deeply buried serious traumas, or major guilt, shame and/or fear that may result in constipation, diarrhea or in rare cases, food sensitivities or gastrointestinal cramping. 

This is normal for those types of personalities when they are processing and healing serious trauma, guilt shame and/or fear.  Unless it is debilitating, you should try to keep going in order to work through the trauma. 

What is happening is that the parts of you that are deep, primal and hold your earliest memories also (in some cases) happen to be connected to the digestive system.  While you are working them through processing, healing and releasing uncomfortable experiences tied to trauma, guilt, shame and/or fear, these parts of you can sometimes respond this way. 

This will not be something everyone experiences, and not everyone will have the same experiences.  It will depend on your personality type, physiology type, your unique experiences, how severe the trauma, guilt, shame and/or fear is and what parts of your subconscious are being worked with. 

Some people will experience no gastrointestinal effects at all.  I have done my best to minimize these effects and prevent them entirely wherever that is possible, but some people may still experience things along these lines for a time while the relevant traumas are being healed, processed and cleared.

If you experience diarrhea, please make sure you stay sufficiently hydrated. Consult a doctor or mental health professional if you have constipation, diarrhea or cramping lasting more than a few days.


Use this program for 4 (Four) loops per day on, for 4 (Four) days on and take 4 (Four) days off.  A full run-through is 4 (Four) months of use.

Optimal volume will be 9 out of 15 clicks on an Android cell phone when listened to through the phone speakers.  For those who use an iPhone, this would be 10 out of 16 clicks, and a google phone with 30 clicks of volume would use a volume of 18 out of 30.  For other types of phone, this equates to a volume when played through phone speakers that is 60% of full volume.  This only applies to cell phones and playing this program through the speakers of the cell phone!  It is strongly recommended that you pay this program from a cell phone and use the phone's speaker to do so.

Start off using Ultrasonic format if you can.  If that is too intense, switch to Masked format, which is more gentle.  If Ultrasonic or Masked is not strong enough, then try Hybrid, which is more intense than Ultrasonic.  Use each format the same way.  Most people should be able to stick with Ultrasonic. 

If you experience urges to use this program in a different way, especially if the urge is a craving, follow the urges, as this will be the AutoConfig scripting getting your subconscious to optimize the usage patterns for you.  However, if you experience the desire to use this program for less time than instructed, be careful, as this may be a subconscious effort to escape from the program.

To be eligible for a refund, you must use this program according to the instructions for 4 (Four) months.

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4ede05c39c0f27e2f0972d9ba8c982d4368c2bf6f783b33bca909b69358be154 OGSF_5p9G_Hybrid_Subliminal_HDA_(Ocean_Surf_Silent).flac
0ac8b65eb7fdecfdec9a6e729b35e4a79eaab3e01e848780df78f1bc0f0e945d OGSF_5p9G_Hybrid_Subliminal_HDA_(Ocean_Surf_Silent).mp3
d4b0992eb0bf7ea69c9172786514407109a519dfd4819d783c6a672a5c0cee5f OGSF_5p9G_Hybrid_Subliminal_HDA_(Trickling_Stream_Silent).flac
ca28fd8bb6ba4d99d5691d10dd61767c586598ba699d6e609e776fb2071a88e0 OGSF_5p9G_Hybrid_Subliminal_HDA_(Trickling_Stream_Silent).mp3
cf3bbb778a187b008fff126356b23c7aac12bff6324956ce8d97bbbf9d1c9018 OGSF_5p9G_Masked_Subliminal_HDA_(Ocean_Surf).flac
d9fa403c4958862a2ea8daabf192aa8521c022b4b7863a0d363948d535366f20 OGSF_5p9G_Masked_Subliminal_HDA_(Ocean_Surf).mp3
c46376f6e2bee2ec666383df91dafaba748fb98470b93217240c31c9a8a87c88 OGSF_5p9G_Masked_Subliminal_HDA_(Trickling_Stream).flac
5d1e3fe932efb54dfbdb9cc4076091b0a5c10e825e64b796617ecdb446451de9 OGSF_5p9G_Masked_Subliminal_HDA_(Trickling_Stream).mp3
5c57b0ca800a2516e3bf184cf8e234278640039fd3769e19ca2b83fa7275b411 OGSF_5p9G_Subliminal_FLAC.zip
774afaa8ea8b7628cf41864b975ce26eb19867cf172a0835e6c42ff5692855d8 OGSF_5p9G_Subliminal_MP3.zip
a3f2bbbb452749157ef6500c9ef88eae7bbbfb75a1c50ce8a428864f10803853 OGSF_5p9G_Ultrasonic_Subliminal_HDA_(Silent).flac
1c17556490645eb9f3fbd34fed440ec730d7a5bf71e742f54e41b2efd643c6d7 OGSF_5p9G_Ultrasonic_Subliminal_HDA_(Silent).mp3
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50d6fff7631f7f5c188d653ca04ae7f83a3f8002b9787a56310e261163004e10 OGSF_5p9G_Subliminal_SHA256Sum_Hashes.txt
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