Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction V3 (5G - Type B/C/D Hybrid)

Erectile dysfunction is a man's inability to achieve or maintain a satisfactory erection when or for how long he desires to, and it can negatively impact his ability to have enjoyable sex (or any sex at all) and is often deeply humiliating and depressing for him.  It is generally caused by either a physical issue (damage, scar tissue, etc.) or an emotional issue (guilt, shame, fear, trauma).  Sometimes, it is caused by both at once.

Most men in today's society are under enormous pressure to perform sexually, and so much so that even men in their teens and twenties are now routinely using medications designed for erectile dysfunction sufferers.  It is common for a man who feels fear or performance anxiety during sex to withdraw or close off emotionally to protect himself, only to have that effort to protect himself emotionally cause him to be unable to achieve erection.

Worse still, this frequently leads him to a vicious cycle.  He feels fear of performance anxiety, closes off, loses his erection, and then feels shame and embarrassment which causes him even more emotional pain, which causes him to close off, which leads to fear that he won't be able to get an erection, and a self fulfilling prophecy develops.

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction and it isn't purely caused by physical damage or scar tissue, you may be able to find relief in this program.  For most men, it will focus the mind in such a way as to trigger a very successful erection whenever one is desired or appropriate, which will last for as long as desired.  It also helps with self confidence, self esteem and reversing the cycle of psychological damage that causes this form of ED.

Not all men will be affected successfully because physical damage or scar tissue may prevent the flow of blood, and some rare personality types may resist the program.  But for the vast majority who have a psychological component to their ED, it has shown itself to work beautifully.


This script is based on the Optimus Engine, which is proprietary and is therefore not published.

“….your subs are actually working! At least i notice a difference and my erection dysfunction is almost gone after only a week and i feel like a more confident man.”

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