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Disclaimer: This program is for adult genetic males only. Do not allow minors or genetic females to use it or be exposed to it while it is playing. By using this program, you accept all responsibility for your use of it and all of your choices, actions, results and consequences of having used this program.

This is a Men's Only premium product and has a strict No Refunds policy. Please be absolutely sure you intend to keep it before you buy it. We will not be issuing refunds for this program for any reason.  All sales are final.

About This Premium Experience

For men who are married or in a serious relationship: This program triggers a tremendous amount of growth in the user that will result in changes regarding ambition, outlook on life and create a relentless drive to reach their greatest heights.

Maverick also tends to enhance the sexual energy of the user significantly, and this will create situations for potentially explosive sexual situations with varying interested parties.

These types of changes can put a strain on relationships that are already in a fragile place as spouses and significant others may feel threatened by the changes occurring in the user's life. If you believe that your relationship can be negatively affected by using this product, then Maverick is probably not for you. If you still choose to use this product after reading this disclaimer, Indigo Mind Labs and the program's creator take no responsibility for the impact it may have on your relationship.


  • If you're not willing to read the whole description, this program isn't for you.
  • If you think you're going to pirate this program and have it work, this program isn't for you.
  • If you think this program is expensive, this program isn't for you.
  • If guilt, shame or fears still significantly hold you back in life, this program isn't for you.
  • If you can't commit to using this program and only this program for at least 6 months, this program isn't for you.
  • If you've achieved at least some success and self mastery in life and you're ready to take it to the next level or two or three, then this program is for you.

What is Maverick?

According to our tester Duke, Maverick takes the user who is ready for it in the direction of becoming their version of a Maverick. It imbues the user with qualities that are "dangerous, passionate, visionary, ruthless, sensual, free, relentless, ambitious and commanding", in the best ways.

A Maverick is someone who does their own thing. More importantly a Maverick knows that doing their own thing holds risks, but does it anyway because the rewards are worth it for them. They are their own person, and they do not limit themselves, their potential or their growth or experiences because of society’s rules or expectations.

They seek to be all that they have the potential to be, and live their lives to the fullest. They decide what is right for themselves, and they follow that to its logical limit. Simply put, a Maverick is someone who lives life on their terms and forgoes the expectations of the world around them.

History is littered with such characters, including Benjamin Franklin, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Howard Hughes, Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileio Galilei, Alan Turing, Mahatma Ghandi, Miles Davis, Hugh Hefner, Steve Jobs, Eminem, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, Jay-Z, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and many more.

Regardless of how famous each example is, and regardless of what you think of these people as individuals, they all share the common thread of following their own unique path and following their own unique vision.

They achieved their highest potentials in their specific areas by freeing themselves of the arbitrary limitations others accept and allow themselves to be hampered by, often without even realizing it. This is what made them stand out and brought them incredible success. And this is what 'Maverick' is ultimately designed to do for the user who is ready to achieve their true potential.

This experience is about achieving your unrealized power. Taking off the bindings, doing your own thing, in your way, at your own pace and unleashing and achieving your full potential in the process. What would you do if there were no limits to what you were able to accomplish? Think about that for a while, because it isn't immediately obvious just how breathtaking and limitless that concept actually is.

Maverick helps you to:

  • Overcome limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
  • Develop a powerful mindset that empowers you to take action and make bold decisions.
  • Cultivate creativity and innovation to generate new ideas and solutions.
  • Build resilience and persistence to overcome obstacles and setbacks.
  • Develop a personal brand that sets you apart from the crowd.
  • Build a network of like-minded individuals who can support and inspire you.
  • Open opportunities to you that are hidden from most of the world.
  • Truly push you to experience what it means to work hard and play harder.
  • Cultivate incredible situations that allow you to explore new sexual experiences with like minded partners.
  • Live your greatest life and have a hell of a time doing it!

Almost all of us are so used to being limited, playing by the rules, staying within our assigned boundaries, that we don't naturally allow ourselves to even think along these lines. In fact most people don't even realize, never mind understand, what their real potentials are as a result of this almost automatically limited thinking that we are taught from the beginning.

So what would you do, what could you do, if you were to gently open up and start realizing all of your potential and just keep going until you couldn't go any further?

Naturally, some rules and limits are there for very good reasons. This experience is not about taking off all the limits and letting you do just whatever you please, regardless of the consequences to yourself and/or others. It's about taking off the artificial limits to achieving the full breadth and depth of your true potentials for success and self fulfillment. We aren't interested in hurting anyone in the process.

Maverick is best left to run without any expectations because it does not have any training wheels, and each person's mileage and outcome will vary widely. The more you try to consciously control the outcome, the harder it will be to get the greatest value that Maverick has to offer. Maverick is designed to integrate smoothly with you. And it will do just that - if you let it.

It is also very different from other subliminals, even those created by Shannon, although this may not be immediately apparent. It is an exploration of certain potentials within a subliminal experience that Shannon undertook to find out some of what is possible. It is, like its namesake, a Maverick in its own way: it does things differently than other subliminals. It must be used differently as well.

This is a Premium experience. This subliminal required so much time and effort to create, and has so much potential for changing your life, that it must be set apart in a different category than other experiences. To reflect the value and potential it has, it is priced differently than other experiences as well. 

Maverick is different also in that it is designed for advanced users - those who have reached the point in their lives where they aren't trying to master the basics anymore, like dealing with guilt, shame, fear and traumas. It is for those who have achieved some self mastery and have achieved enough to open the door to their higher potentials, but want something to help them along their journey of becoming more than what - and who - they currently are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is this experience meant for?

A:  This experience is for adult genetic men who understand that they are men and accept that.  It is for men who have achieved some degree of self mastery and some degree of success in life.  It is for those who are wanting to explore what is beyond their current comfortable reality and limits.  It is for those who seek to outgrow the limits they currently experience and become more than they are and more than they thought they could become or be.

Q: Who should not use this program?

A: To put it bluntly, this experience is not designed or intended for everybody!  It is okay if it's not for you, or not for you just yet.  If you are not ready for it, then it will not work for you, or will not work well for you, and it will be money spent that you do not get a good return on.  Therefore, we encourage you to seriously consider the following:  If any of the following is true for you, you should work on yourself in other ways before attempting to use this program:

  • You are a follower, herd member or want to be "part of the herd" instead of willing to be your own person.
  • You hide from challenges in life, instead of dealing with them.
  • You still think it is okay to pirate things or use pirated materials.
  • You are significantly hampered in life by unresolved guilt, shame, fear and/or trauma.
  • You don't have the patience or wisdom to use this program all by itself.
  • You don't have the patience to use this program for at least 6 months at a time.
  • You expect instant gratification.
  • You think you should get a refund if this program doesn't work for you because you're not ready for it, which is the only reason it could fail.
  • You will actively or obsessively look for results when you run this program, instead of allowing it to do its thing, and letting the results show themselves to you in the time it naturally takes for you to make these changes.
  • You don't get good results from other programs from IML.
  • You're not self aware enough to understand when you're growing and what growth is happening, and to journal your experience with this program honestly and review it every so often.
  • You want to look for what this program will do for you in the journals of others, when it has effects that are unique to the potential of the person running it.
  • You are involved in a long term relationship, or a relationship that will not survive massive changes to you as you grow and expand into being more of what you have the potential to be.
  • You are afraid of, dislike or are resistant to change.
  • You want to run this program because you think it would be "cool", or you're just curious, or you think it will make you "part of the crowd".
  • You think you can ignore the instructions for this program and use it however you like.
  • You live with your parents.
  • You lack self control.
  • You have an addiction.
  • You consider masturbating a "relapse".
  • You have a mental or emotional illness, disease or disorder.
  • You do not have a good sense of self worth and balanced self respect, self love and self esteem.
  • You are not able to live comfortably in a financial sense without worrying about how to pay your bills.
  • You think it's expensive.
  • You wonder how it differs from AM, UMS, LTU, etc.
  • You don't have the patience to read and understand the whole description and all of the instructions.
  • You don't understand that subliminals are a set of instructions, and what you get out of them is determined by how much you cooperate with and execute the script.
  • You think the subliminal is going to do something to you, instead of understanding that you are the one who does something in response to hearing the subliminal script.
  • You think it's Maverick's fault if you aren't ready for it, don't use it properly, or for some other reason don't get the results it is designed to give.
  • Personal responsibility is not your strong suit in general.
  • You prefer to blame others for things that you are responsible for.
  • You prefer to be a victim than accomplishing your potential.
  • You want a hand out, instead of earning it.
  • Shoplifting and other forms of crime are okay to you as long as you don't get caught.
  • You have insecurities that lead you to do things like relying on steroids to achieve your goals while bodybuilding; buying a sports car to compensate for your insecurities; "making it rain" at strip clubs because acceptance, approval and/or attention is more important than the value of money, etc.
  • You do things because you are worried what others will think, say or do if you don't do those things.
  • You would rather spend your time and money on pretending to be and looking rich right now, than spend your time and money on actually getting rich at some point in the future, while foregoing the appearance of wealth while you do so.
  • You have anxiety.
  • You are involuntarily celibate.
  • You think Maverick is going to work miracles for you while you sit back, play video games, smoke weed and eat snacks.

Q: How long does it take to notice results from this program?

A: That will depend heavily on the user.  It may require days, weeks or even months of use to really start seeing anything at all at the conscious level.  In a very real sense, this program is trying to work deeply, slowly and gently, and you are likely to really only know what's changed by looking back over your journal during the first several months of use.  Some have said that it is the smoothest, most 'under the radar' subliminal program ever created by Indigo Mind Labs.  It is therefore a good idea to keep a journal, refer back to your journal each month and be patient while you gather enough steam for you to start consciously noticing the changes being made, which build upon themselves over time.

Q: Why is it a "men only" subliminal?

A: Simply put, it was originally built for men because it was originally a private experimental.  I thought I was going to be the only one to ever use it, and I wanted to explore the potential of men.  In the end, it worked so well that I decided to publish it, but I have quite simply had more than enough of working on it.  So it is offered as it is, as it ended up being when I finished the experiment.  I have no plans to work on it after this or make different versions of it for different groups of people.

Q: How does it differ from AM6?

A: If you're asking this, then you should use AM instead.  This is not for you.

Q: Why is it so expensive?

A: If you think it's expensive, it's not for you.  From the point of view of the man it's intended for, it's not expensive at all; it's an inexpensive investment in himself, and it's the bargain of the century for what it can help him achieve.  The price is what it is in part to help separate those it is meant for, from those it is not meant for.  It also reflects what it's worth to me in terms of costs to make it, and what you'll get from it if you're ready for it.

Q: How does it remove limitations, fear, etc. better or differently than other subs?

A: I prefer to keep how it was created and exactly what it does and how it does that a secret.  However, I will say that it incorporates and uses a concept based on the Fear Removal Module, among various other approaches to achieving its goals.  It is not intended to drag you through major fears, etc. to get to the goals; it is created with the expectation that you have a good handle on your fears, and you're ready to move past your limitations.  For those who still need to work on fears, guilt, shame, traumas, etc. this is not for you.

Q: This program uses a powered aura.  What does the aura do?

A: The aura does a number of different things.  Most of them are secret.  What I will say is that it will bathe you in a specific type of energy that is intended to help it achieve the goals it has for helping you achieve your potential.  Beyond that, you're going to understand the aura best by experiencing it and seeing how it affects you and those around you.  You may or may not consciously notice the powered aura.


First, be aware that those who would think to pirate this program (or use a pirated copy) are, by that very fact, not ready for this program.  Such people do not have the level of self mastery and understanding to really benefit from it. It will not work well for them.

Second, it will not work for you if you pirate it or try to use a pirated copy.  So don't bother, because it's doubly useless to you if you do, and you will only waste several months of your life trying to see this for yourself if you're really that stupid.  It will only work for those who own their copy legally, and even then only for those who are ready for it.  Being ready for it necessarily means that you have grown beyond trying to pirate it or use pirated programs in the first place.

Third, you CANNOT buy this program and then transfer ownership of it to anyone else, give it away or otherwise.  It will only work fully and correctly for the person who actually bought it.  If you want to gift it to someone else, buy them a gift certificate for it and give them that, so they can buy it for themselves.

As stated above, this program needs to be used very differently than our other experiences. It needs relatively little input time, but it (and you) needs lots of time to breathe, bloom, develop within you and allow you to respond, grow and develop in response to it.

DON'T TRY TO USE IT MORE THAN INSTRUCTED!  IT DOES NOT HAVE AUTOCONFIG! Using it more than these instructions indicate is a sign that you're trying too hard to see results, which indicates that you're afraid it's not working because it's not consciously obvious what it's doing yet.  This is a fear-based response, which indicates that you're not ready for it yet and you should stop using it and work on your fears instead.

YOU CAN'T RUSH THE PROCESS OF CHANGES IT'S WORKING TO ACHIEVE.  THESE CHANGES WILL BE LIMITED BY HOW FAST YOU CAN AND ARE WILLING TO CHANGE AND GROW.  It's ALSO not designed or intended to work quickly; it's designed to work deeply and profoundly, without causing problems.  If you're really ready for what it's trying to do, patience with it and yourself will not be a problem.

Use this program on your cell phone at the following volume:

Android: 5 out of 15 clicks.

iPhone: 6 out of 16 clicks.

Google phone: 10 out of 30 clicks.  If your phone has other than 30 clicks, use it as close to 33% volume as possible.

During Month #1: Use this program in Ultrasonic format for 2 loops per day on, 1 day on and 3 days off for the first month.

During Month #2: Use this program in Hybrid format for 1 loop per day on, 1 day on and 3 days off for the second month.

During Month #3: Use this program in Hybrid format for 1/2 loop (30 minutes) per day on, 1 day on and 3 days off for the third month.  (Start the loop at the 30 minute mark and let it play to the end once.)

During Month #4 and later: Use this program in Hybrid format for 1/3rd loop (20 minutes) per day on, 1 day on and 3 days off for the third month.   (Start the loop at the 40 minute mark and let it play to the end once.)

After the first run-through, 20 minutes per day on in Hybrid format is fine for the rest of the time you use it.

Use this program for 6 months per run-through.  Run it for as long as you like, but be sure to use it by itself while you're using it, and not with any other subliminal or mind programming.  (Which won't be a problem, if you're ready for it!)  

SHA256 Sums

[shannon@localhost Maverick]$ sha256sum *

69c34e7f146ebfda50dbd4c592792117b7f2697edfa5b97cbdc27ae402b01671 Maverick_5p9G_Hybrid_Subliminal_HDA_(Ocean_Surf_Silent).flac

1106df278720f929c930d722479704a6b6087e4645d554b8d5aeb08192b4336f Maverick_5p9G_Hybrid_Subliminal_HDA_(Ocean_Surf_Silent).mp3

92d54593f47e673470e47e9b915cbb48385938af4abe7b3559d728332d385292 Maverick_5p9G_Hybrid_Subliminal_HDA_(Trickling_Stream_Silent).flac

f659b7146e0c945a3e8bafdb09905bdd7d2779973c995cf2c02eefa51ffd9aa3 Maverick_5p9G_Hybrid_Subliminal_HDA_(Trickling_Stream_Silent).mp3

d787b51d7442ecb5c67130bea99fb01d229dd42251b0ffce42c78b57aa9b34b7 Maverick_5p9G_Masked_Subliminal_HDA_(Ocean_Surf).flac

81b0a2b1433a53cb6a2f4444ec20d9e1448317fcfeb2071d329024a0caae12e6 Maverick_5p9G_Masked_Subliminal_HDA_(Ocean_Surf).mp3

7c237296724091b789a50db1c27cee1413764c8a2499184d50e46cb6fe023114 Maverick_5p9G_Masked_Subliminal_HDA_(Trickling_Stream).flac

d57adcf783635c63faada3f22957f84a0bf4aa0905fdb50b11bae9d46c509c40 Maverick_5p9G_Masked_Subliminal_HDA_(Trickling_Stream).mp3



08d3023d7caa039fa06e92e2d0d22bb30592fd3dcfc1bc6f575fddb44d48d424 Maverick_5p9G_Ultrasonic_Subliminal_HDA_(Silent).flac

22b6c61b70748f7aabffea49cd79dbb2cbc824dcf6d0ae4d40b2c7c419f375d6 Maverick_5p9G_Ultrasonic_Subliminal_HDA_(Silent).mp3

[shannon@localhost Maverick]$ sha256sum *.txt

ae7159501e8960711e9de6b467d2e511527e2050e1186e017490106f5299db31 Maverick_5p9G_Subliminal_SHA256Sum_Hashes.txt

[shannon@localhost Maverick]$