Aura of Love (5.75.7G - Type A/B)

I bet you're wondering, "Aura of Love?  Why on earth would anyone want to use that?" I wondered the very same thing.  Why on Earth would anyone care about projecting an aura of love?  What good is an aura of love?

Turns out, an aura of love is a lot more useful - and valuable - than I first thought.

I added this title to a list of "What should I build next?" options, not really expecting that it would get any attention.  The results surprised me; again and again, this program out-shined everything else on the list.  I have learned from experience over the years that when I get a result like that from the predictive models, it's wise to follow along, even if I don't yet understand the answer.  So I started working on this program and the second place winner, still wondering why Aura of Love would be useful.

As I was working on it, I started to understand.  An aura of love can be very useful for couples.  One or both members of a couple using this program can make the relationship stronger, and even help it heal and improve by doing so.  "Okay, that makes sense," I thought.

But then I realized that one or more members of a family running this would also be very useful for doing the same thing for a family.  It could potentially improve, strengthen and heal family bonds and relations as well.  That seemed pretty useful, too.

And then as I was finishing up optimizing the key script, I realized that the models were indicating that it had a couple of other effects as well: some people would respond to it by being attracted to the person romantically, and others would respond by being sexually aroused by it.

Upon closer inspection, I realized that while these last two were a much smaller percentage of the responders, they would be frequent enough that I would have to include an age limiter on both who can use this program, and who can be affected by it.  As a result, this is not just the very first 5.75.7G subliminal ever published, it is also the first subliminal to ever have two age limiters in it's script!  Only people 18 years old and older can run this program, and only people of the legal age of sexual consent can be affected by the resulting aura.  This prevents it from being used inappropriately, or confusing very young people as to how to respond to the user appropriately.

It also naturally has self effects on the user, because projecting an aura of love means you have to be literally bathed in that aura yourself, all the time.  This is very good for people who need to feel and be loved, and it is also good for helping people who have been hurt regarding love (familial, romantic, sexual, etc.) heal from it in some cases.  It can have an emotional healing effect in some other ways as well, but that will depend on various specifics.

Update Jan 20, 2022: We have now had multiple reports from various users telling us that this program has another effect which we didn't expect. Apparently, when used for 6 months or more, this program can also have the effect of healing the user emotionally.  The reports we have had to this effect show that this program allows at least some people who use it for long enough to heal emotional issues, and some of the side effects seem to include overcoming fears that have held them back in life and resistance to executing subliminals that have been used in the past.  In such cases, they have reported unexpected successes and having past subliminals "come to life" as the fears that created the resistance were overcome and dissolved.

Update March 12, 2023: And it has even more effects that I have discovered!  For example, it has repeatedly shown itself to be helpful for calming people down under certain circumstances; it seems to relieve some causes of depression; It seems to be a great way to shift from a negative emotional state to a positive one; it seems to be helpful for ending or preventing arguments; and it is very good for breaking the ice when socializing, helping you make a positive impression, getting others to respond more positively to you, getting you better treatment and service from others, and occasionally getting people to spontaneously and voluntarily do you extra and unsolicited favors, kindnesses and even give small gifts in some cases.

So to sum it up, this program is useful for the following:

  • It's good for creating an environment of love and self love for the user.
  • It's good for couples to be more loving towards each other, breaking down barriers to a better and stronger loving relationship, healing past hurts within that relationship and strengthening the loving bond between them.
  • It is similarly useful for these things within families, although in order to prevent potential confusion and issues for and concerning those under the legal age of majority, it will not affect them.
  • It can be attractive to those seeking romantic love.  This is definitely not common, but can result in some interesting (and sometimes unexpected) responses from others from time to time.
  • It can be sexually arousing and attractive to some who equate sex with love.  This is a relatively rare response, but it will happen occasionally.  It is for this reason that this program has two age limiters, one designed to prevent children from being able to use this program, and the other to prevent children from being affected by it.
  • It can be used as long term effect and programming to help heal emotional issues.
  • It can help relieve some causes for depression.
  • It can help you shift out of a negative emotional state.
  • It can help end or prevent arguments.
  • It can help make a more positive impression on others.
  • It can help break the ice when socializing by making you more comfortable with others, and them more comfortable with you.
  • It can result in more positive responses from others.
  • It can result in better service and treatment from others.
  • I have even seen people respond by occasionally becoming very generous with unsolicited kindness and gifts that were not expected.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What is an aura?  Do auras really exist?

A: An aura is, in the sense we are speaking of, a field of energy that surrounds and permeates you.  You naturally and automatically create and project multiple different types of aura all the time.  Some of these can be detected with modern scientific sensors, such as your body heat and electromagnetic energy fields.  Others are as yet undetectable to modern science, but can be demonstrated in other ways.  This does not mean that they are somehow "imaginary", "unscientific" or "pseudo-science".  It only means they are types of energy that we don't yet know how to detect yet using the machines and sensors that modern science likes to rely on.

Q: What kind of love will this program cause me to project?

A: The program is designed to trigger your subconscious to project an "aura of unconditional love".  The kind of love is not specified, so it will generally be whatever is most appropriate for the situation in which you find yourself. If you're with your wife, then it will most likely be romantic love.  If you're with your family, then it will be familial love.  If you're with a friend, platonic love; and with business or professional associations and people you don't know, it will most likely be a form of love that is not specific to any one person, but which is akin to a "love for humanity as a whole".

Q: How will I know this program is working?

A: First, you'll feel different while you're using it because you'll be affected by your own aura of love. Second, you may find yourself responding to others in a more kind, gentle, caring and/or forgiving manner, within the bounds of what is socially appropriate.  Some will be more likely to give hugs, for example, and others may notice that your hugs are "better somehow".

You may also notice that your loved ones and significant other respond differently to you and you to them while using this program, in ways that make you closer, more bonded, and allow you to let go of the past, forgive and improve your relationships.  There may be more trust as well.  Generally, relationships will improve when love is a component of that relationship.  In cases where it is a professional, business or platonic relationship, these may improve for other reasons not directly resulting from there being love involved on a personal level.

If you or someone you are intimately involved with has sex as a love language, then you will likely find that your sexual relationships improve and become better avenues for expression of love, intimacy and bonding emotionally.

And finally, strangers will typically respond to your aura in positive ways because you will be projecting positive energy that everyone needs and appreciates.  But in this case, it will not be a personal love, but more of a generalized caring for humanity.  More philanthropic love, in the original sense of the word.  Occasionally, however, this aura will be interpreted by someone you may not know as being a sort of romantic or sexual invitation.  In these cases, they may be quite bold, direct and forward in approaching you and expressing interest in you in that way.

Q: Are there any side effects?

A: Yes, there are.  You will most likely find that people in general respond to you more positively.  They will tend to like you more.  You may occasionally get special favors and treatment from some people.  Others may find you more attractive in a romantic or sexual sense, and may approach to express that.  Your mood will most likely improve, as will your emotional state.  You may find yourself becoming less resentful and prone to hold on to anger, negativity and grudges, and instead be willing to let it go, forgive and move on.  (This does not mean you will allow others to take advantage of you and "do it again" just because you are more forgiving; it means that you are more likely to let yourself heal instead of holding on to toxic negative emotions.)  Your point of view may change in positive ways; you may find that others give you the benefit of the doubt more often, and do little things that show that they are favoring you.  Some will find that their natural feelings of gratitude increase; some may find that depression or fears lessen or go away, depending on the specific causes for them.  Things along those lines.

Q: Can two or more people use or be exposed to this program at the same time?

A: Yes, but there is a caution to be considered.  The more people who are in close proximity and who are simultaneously projecting this aura, the more likely it is to trigger energy overload.  Energy overload is what happens when a powered aura (such as is produced by a subliminal program designed to generate an aura at high levels of energy, such as this program) is experienced from too many people at the same time.  The result is that the nervous system begins to experience overload, and this usually starts off feeling like a caffeine overdose.  Too much energy, jitters, nervousness, increased heart rate.  If this happens, all you have to do is remove yourself from the people projecting the powered aura by at least 30 feet of physical distance, and allow it to settle down.  It's best to spend some time all alone to do that.  If you start experiencing energy overload, take it seriously, and seek out a place where you can let it dissipate immediately.

Q: Does this program make gay/bisexual/straight/whatever people attracted to me if I don't want them to be?

A:  Whenever you do something that makes you more attractive, regardless of what it is, you will find that more people of all types respond with more attraction.  Go to the gym and get in shape?  More attraction.  Put on makeup?  More attraction.  Wear a nice fragrance?  More attraction.  Use pheromones properly?  More attraction.  So in all likelihood, this will trigger some people of all types to react with more attraction.  But if you're gay you're not going to suddenly be attracting more straight people, and if you're straight, you're not going to suddenly be attracting more gay people.  The type of love you're projecting will automatically match your response to the people who receive it.

Q: Does this program make men less manly?

A: A man can project an aura of love and still be manly.  Even the manliest of the big, muscular male body builders will naturally project an aura of love when they are around people they love. Remember that the type of love you project is automatically adjusted to make it appropriate for the circumstances.  A straight male body builder going to the gym would be projecting platonic (friendship) or philanthropic (general humanity) love towards other guys and strangers, while he may simultaneously be projecting a more intimate form of love in response to a woman he finds attractive romantically or sexually.  The same would be true in reverse for a gay male body builder, and a woman who was attracted to men only would naturally be projecting platonic or philanthropic love towards other women.  So "manliness" or "womanliness" isn't going to be negatively affected, because you decide what type of love each person experiences from you.

Q: Will this program affect my sexual preferences or orientation in any way?

A: Some people may be worried that this program will make straight people gay or gay people straight, etc.  It will not do that, and if it did, I would not publish it. That's your choice and business, and not my place to interfere with or change.  Projecting an aura of love has nothing to do with being gay, straight or anything else.

Q: Does this program have the Fear Removal Module 4.9 active?

A: Yes.  This will help you overcome any fears you have holding you back from expressing love this way.

Q: Does this program have the Directional Reflection Shield active?

A: Yes, absolutely.

Q: Can this program be used as an aphrodisiac?

A: It is not designed or intended to be an aphrodisiac.  However, depending on specifics, it may on rare occasions have an aphrodisiac effect.  You will not be able to influence this consciously.  This effect will largely be determined by certain things the person being affected by your aura believes or perceives.


This program is designed to be usable only by those 18 years old and older, and it is designed for the aura you project to only affect those of at least the minimum legal age of sexual consent.

To start, select and play the hybrid ocean surf track. Find the volume at which the highs of the ocean are not too loud; the lows of the ocean are still at least faintly audible when used in the way you will listen (speakers, headphones, etc.) and the ultrasonic part is not too loud.  Use that volume for all tracks.

Aura of Love has an Audio to Silence Balancer Ratio of 20 minutes of audio to 20 minutes of silence.  One loop is therefore 120 minutes (2 hours) long.

This program should be used according to the following usage patterns:

1 (One) loop per day, every day.  No days off.

4 (Four) months of use per run-through.  You will need to use it properly for at least one run-through to be eligible for a refund.

SHA256Sum Hash Values:

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$ sha256sum *

f96b0d22e49f4f1d0c581d35cd4e90befb4b89eb72bea4d23fe547d5abfb8048 Aura_Of_Love_5757G_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf_Silent).flac

efe109e910b70a4599abe72c29c3e063a053b337bf0f8bd7463fc7d7f3235ba4 Aura_Of_Love_5757G_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf_Silent).mp3

f98bd642098aea44338dfe6e135f8fd2710e38c76606a3d76260f8f3639c6d64 Aura_Of_Love_5757G_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream_Silent).flac

fa59c389993d971fe0e1e72a06e9bddb55e0e652e078a35c8a02af5c6ef76508 Aura_Of_Love_5757G_Hybrid_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream_Silent).mp3

0bde40419c4ca038e2eec871d89c07820df7328b8e429cc27b7d4d02af50017d Aura_Of_Love_5757G_Masked_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf).flac

d94a8e17a65df0df45a810a22433005a173172df820b73411b502fb40729e9fb Aura_Of_Love_5757G_Masked_Subliminal_(Ocean_Surf).mp3

a5ced537b60cd1e5442079e4f2c7d934332aaef5f8b5f8a0ac3f2d015f33b665 Aura_Of_Love_5757G_Masked_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream).flac

7a425051b56a86d91f54b329bffb524d0540a5553a6beb98e8102d9c68dff97d Aura_Of_Love_5757G_Masked_Subliminal_(Trickling_Stream).mp3



5616e174fdd7b2fca340f0bcc5fad775ac2bc90929b8bb9b47a44266de1adf57 Aura_Of_Love_5757G_Ultrasonic_Subliminal_(Silent).flac

04d9134c1e40fb435d1ebdb1ddac58cd51dee7a8071e859d0260f0ca751ba76f Aura_Of_Love_5757G_Ultrasonic_Subliminal_(Silent).mp3

[shannon@localhost Compressed]$ sha256sum *.txt

f71f2ea4ba3f874a6b4e30c35d80a11fd7fdd37f9ad17e86e9a6d74ef8dfaec1 Aura_Of_Love_5757G_SHA256Sum_Hashes.txt

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