Overcoming Guilt, Shame and Fear 5G (Type B)

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Guilt, shame and fear are very prevalent toxic, negative emotions which plague a huge majority of people these days, and they come from a variety of sources and circumstances.  They can prevent you from achieving your goals, living your dreams, being happy or even succeeding in life. 

Overcoming Guilt, Shame and Fear 5G is a special and potentially life changing subliminal program designed and intended to be a very powerful assistant to gently and permanently overcoming, outgrowing, dissolving, neutralizing and replacing any and all guilt, shame and fear you may have with their reverse emotions, plus love and wisdom.  (We are not aiming for  romantic, erotic or platonic love, or any form of love that is false or would weaken you, but the general state of love that is the reverse of guilt, shame and fear.)

With Overcoming Guilt, shame and Fear 5G, the script has been largely redesigned with making the process as gentle, easy and enjoyable as possible in mind, while being even more powerful and effective than its predecessor.  It is very similar to the Overcoming Fear program, but with a wider scope of focus, as guilt and shame are frequently and intimately tied to and inter-supportive of fear. This program also uses the latest build techniques and technologies, including:

  1. The Naturalizer: Allows the changes taking place to be accepted much more readily, and proceed naturally so that the change is as easy as possible.
  2. HyperSpeed Technology: Vastly increases the speed and efficiency of information processing of subliminal input.
  3. Self-Optimizing Scripting: Allows HST to instantly, constantly and automatically adjust itself to the brain state of the listener, so HST is always tuned for perfect performance, even if multiple people are being exposed simultaneously.
  4. The Optimus Engine [Version 2.11]: A specialized script and technology set that generates an intense focus on achieving the goal and finding creative and effective ways to do so that utilizes the full scope of your subconscious knowledge.
  5. MaxSpeed: Allows certain types of programs to produce results in between 4 minutes and 45 minutes, depending on the specific goal, person and type of goal.
  6. In-The-Moment State Shifting: Seeks to change the state of your awareness very quickly and while you listen to the program to better fit the achievement of the goal of the program.
  7. Triggered State Shifting: Seeks to change your state of awareness whenever you encounter a fear trigger, or a fear would otherwise be experienced. This requires longer term usage and possibly refreshing.

This program is much more advanced than it’s predecessor in several ways:

  • It is designed to use two different forms of state shifting technology.  The first is In-The-Moment state shifting (while the program is actually playing). This makes it useful for playing the subliminal while you are actually attempting to deal with fear.
  • The second form of state shifting is Triggered State Shifting, which is designed to take effect once the program has been used sufficiently for long term programming.  This is intended to cause the mind to automatically shift state into the “fearlessness flow” state whenever the user is engaged in experiencing a situation that was in the past, or may be, a trigger for fear. This effect requires that long term use and periodic refreshing are used.
  • The Optimus Engine 2.11 (a minor tweak to 2.1 that allows it to be used in this particular title) allows you to adjust your approach to overcoming fear, and fear triggering situations, to best suit your needs and the specific situation in which you find yourself.
  • Internal ramrods have been redesigned and extensively enhanced and optimized to allow for a more efficient subliminal overall.
  • Helps you dissolve, outgrow, neutralize and disconnect from fear, and automatically replace it with the reverse of fear, as well as wisdom and love. (Some people disagree as to what the reverse of fear is, so this covers all the bases.)
  • Dealing with guilt, shame and fear, and triggers for these, is guided into a positive direction, and your subconscious is instructed to do so in helpful ways that make the process and experience as enjoyable as possible.
  • Helps with triggering conscious and subconscious allowance of and enabling of guilt/shame/fear neutralization, disconnection, outgrowth and replacement.
  • Enhances and improves motivation and desire to overcome, dissolve, neutralize and outgrow guilt, shame and fear.
  • Outgrowing guilt, shame and fear means that you will be free from it forever after outgrowing it.
  • Auto-training designed for triggering the conscious and subconscious minds to train themselves to automate the process of overcoming, disconnecting from, dissolving, neutralizing and outgrowing guilt, shame and fear, and replacing them with their reverse, and love and wisdom, at maximum speed and efficiency.
  • Helps the user to focus on overcoming guilt, shame and fear.
  • Helps to enable and enhances success with overcoming guilt, shame and fear, and dissolving it, outgrowing it, neutralizing it and replacing it with its reverse, and wisdom and love.
  • The motivation module is designed to enhance the motivation to overcome guilt, shame and fear.
  • Helps increase one’s ability to overcome guilt, shame and fear, and to dissolve them, outgrow them, neutralize them and replace them with their reverse, and wisdom and love.
  • Encourages, increases and enables one’s ability to transfer the job of keeping oneself safe from the irrational and illogical instinctual/fear centers to the rational and logical intellectual/thinking centers.
  • Helps make the process of overcoming guilt, shame and fear as enjoyable as possible, and directs the user to find and use ways to make that happen.
  • Helps you discover and learn whatever is necessary, useful and helpful for overcoming and outgrowing guilt. shame and fear.
  • Attempts to project your awareness into the ideal future in which you have already successfully accomplished the goals of the program, and then feed that future reality energy to help it become your current reality.
  • Helps you disconnect from guilt, shame and fear in the right ways to allow you to work with it as safely and objectively as possible.
  • Not restricted to any particular source of, type of, level of or intensity of guilt, shame and fear.

This program represents a well rounded approach to overcoming guilt, shame and fear that maximizes how fast the process is enacted and the goals achieved, but does so in a much more gentle way than it's predecessor, meaning it is much easier to achieve the goal and much easier to go through the process of achieving the goal. This leads to much greater success in overcoming guilt, shame and fear.  A must-have for everyone.

OGSF 5G is designed for use while sleeping or performing almost any other activity, but this program does use state shifting technology aimed at achieving a flow state for achieving its goal and should therefore not be played while you are driving, operating heavy machinery or doing anything requiring concentration.

The script of this program is not available for public view because it contains trade secrets.

While this program is designed for generating an altered state of awareness for purposes of overcoming guilt/shame/fear in the moment through short term use, it is not designed for use with any other program and especially not another 5G program.  Do not use it with any other subliminal program or mind programming method or technique.

This program is intended for long term usage plus refreshing.  It is intended for use 3 months minimum, 8 hours a day minimum, with 6 months and 12+ hours a day being optimal.  Refresh if and as needed with 2 - 4 weeks of use.

Because this program uses In-The-Moment state shifting, it is potentially possible (although very unlikely) that it may for some people disrupt sleep or make it more time consuming to fall asleep, especially after a situation in which a guilt/shame/fear issue has been directly confronted, if you attempt to use it while sleeping or falling asleep.  If that happens, simply use it during the day instead, and avoid use within 1 hour of trying to fall asleep.

Overcoming Guilt, Shame and Fear 5G is designed for safe use by persons of any age.  However, if this program is used by a child under the age of 18, it is your responsibility to monitor the child’s health, activities and how they respond to the program and adjust or stop it’s usage as appropriate and necessary.  Do not use or allow children to use or be exposed to this program without adult supervision. Naturally, if you are a legal adult, you can supervise yourself.

Day 26:
I can’t believe how much I’ve grown already. I am seriously a different man.

This is a good sub. I feel it just might have what it takes to finally push me over the edge, by helping me overcome that feeling that I’m doing something wrong by really expressing open interest with new women…

I’m writing this review of “Overcoming Guilt, Shame and Fear” on my 96th day of usage. I started back on February 19th and have listened to it every night while sleeping getting at least 8 hours of usage per day. I’ve been thinking about how I would write my review for the last few days and nothing really came to mind until this morning. A story to show how much this has impacted my life popped into my mind.
It was March 23rd and I was flying back to New York City to start my new job on Monday. There was a lot going on in my mind at the time. I basically dumped the contents of my car off in my apartment and hit the road back to Kansas City as fast as I could. I was coming back to an apartment with no furniture that had a lot of work before it was ready to be livable.
It is funny to think that such a situation would cause me little fear but what happened on the way back was much different. I was sitting in St. Louis waiting for my flight and so I grabbed a seat to wait for my flight. After a while a cute girl came and sat at the seat one over. I was thinking about what I could say to start a conversation and my mind starting flooding with fears. What should I say? What if she doesn’t like it?
Looking back these thoughts did not help me at all. They simply clogged my mind and didn’t allow me anything useful to think about. Then something even worse happened. An even cuter girl sat right next to me. I knew from all my studying of body language that she had some level of interest in me but I still couldn’t think of what to say. My mind was still flooded with thoughts like “You have a great opportunity! You better not screw it up!”
Needless to say, I didn’t start the conversation. To add insult to injury, the two girls started their own conversation. I think the situation felt worse because I knew I was better than that. I had been working on myself so long just to not say anything.
The contrast today is much different. As I’m sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to Banson, I have already talked with 4 or 5 people including two cute girls. My mind isn’t clogged with wasteful thoughts of screwing up or failing. It is filled with constructive thoughts that allow me to be the man I want to be.
I’m am truly grateful to have access to such a product. It has helped me in ways that I could not have imagined. It is amazing how much I was getting in my own way before and how much clearer my thinking is now. I highly recommend this product to anyone that thinks they would benefit.