Ultra Success/Luck Maximizer 4.2 (5.75.3g - Type A/B/C/D)

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This is Version 4.2 of Ultra Success Luck Magnifier, which makes a number of important changes to version 4.1.

The Ultra Success/Luck Maximizer (commonly referred to as USLM) is a program composed of two other programs (Ultra Success and Luck Magnifier, of course), and is designed to weave them together in such a way that they are synergistic to each other.

Now before we go on with the description, I am not one of the people who is a strong believer in or proponent of reliance on “luck”.  Fortunately, the Luck Magnifier component isn’t actually about luck.

It is my firm belief that there is actually no such thing as “luck”, which is defined as “random good fortune”.  I believe that everything happens for a reason - even if you cannot see or know what that reason is. With luck, we think it is "lucky" and/or "random" because we don't see all of what is actually going on to cause it.

I have figured out what “luck” actually is.  And by knowing what it actually is, I know how to cause it to happen intentionally, instead of randomly. That is what this program’s Luck Magnifier component is doing: triggering a special subconscious ability you already (and always) had, but didn’t know it (and therefore never tried to use it), which results in what looks like “luck” to the conscious mind, because the conscious mind does not see all of what the subconscious mind sees and does to cause it.

To be clear, this isn’t “magick”, and there’s nothing supernatural about it or anything like that – it’s a natural ability you have, at the subconscious level, which you just didn’t know you had, and likely don't know how to use consciously.

Because the subconscious self tends to do as little as possible unless given instructions otherwise, it might have been accidentally triggered on rare occasions, but it will not be consistent without effort. And because the subconscious mind rarely communicates with the conscious mind as to what it is doing in a way the conscious mind understands, it appears to the conscious mind to be without apparent cause, and thus random, and thus “luck”.

It’s not random, and it’s not luck. You can do it at will, and this program will give your subconscious the right instructions to do just that, creating more “luck” for pretty much everything you do. But not just more “luck”, it's more of what you’d specifically call the good kind of “luck”.

Ultra Success is a program I created for myself shortly after I started this business, and I used it to help me get the business off the ground. I was surrounded by naysayers. You know the type; anyone tries to do or accomplish anything to make their lives better, and they have something negative to contribute, usually a derisive laugh, prediction of failure and “reasons why you can't/won't/will never succeed”. My answer to them was Ultra Success, which was (and is) intended to change your thinking and beliefs to success based thinking and beliefs, thus generating success-based actions and successful results regardless of what the naysayers (and even the one you sometimes encounter inside you) say or do.

In my time on this planet, I have seen time and time and time again where the difference between success and failure was nothing more than the beliefs the person held, which generated their response polarity. If they had beliefs that led to a negative response polarity, they were expecting failure, and that led them to make the choices and actions that led them to fail. But if they had beliefs that led to a positive response polarity, they expected success, and made the choices and actions that led to success. It really is all about what you start off with as believing to be true.

Here’s an example. Before I started this business, I was always told by my family and friends that I was hopeless, helpless, useless, worthless, and would never succeed in life. They formed this belief based on their observations, and then they communicated those beliefs to me. At the same time, I was looking to them for what to believe, and they obliged by provided me with a set of beliefs. I accepted those beliefs, and they became true because I accepted them as being true, acted as if they were true, and then my resulting choices and actions made them true.

But one day I realized that these beliefs that I had accepted were not leading me to success, and that they were in fact not even true! I am not hopeless, helpless, worthless, useless and doomed to fail. I can in fact do anything I choose to do. When I made that realization and understood that it is my core beliefs that lead to my perceptions which lead to my choices, my responses, my actions and then my results, I decided to flip it around. I decided that I was going to succeed, so I created the Ultra Success program and started using it.

The results were quite surprising. I started feeling genuinely hopeful for the first time, and it felt good. Really good. The program was showing me all the things I could accomplish and succeed with, and compared to what I had been previously thinking and feeling, it basically made me high on life. Ultra Success helped me get a new car, advance my business and make the choices that resulted in a lot of my initial success. And all because I changed my basic beliefs from “I’m a failure” to “I am succeeding because I am success”!

This latest version of Ultra Success includes Luck Magnifier, which helps create external circumstances which result in what appears to be “good luck”, but which is, in reality, just you taking action at a subconscious level that looks like luck to the conscious mind. This, combined with Ultra Success, is designed to create a synergistic result that enhances both of the original programs, and when they are added to the 5.5G skeleton script, should take both to an entirely new level!

What's New In V4.2?

Version 4.2 is designed primarily to correct the issues that Version 4.0 and 4.1 experienced.  However, it does have significant upgrades over those programs as well.  The issues those programs faced included a too-highly-tuned script that triggered resistance from the subconscious mind.  4.2 seeks to address those issues by balancing the tuning of the Key script.  This version is also built in 5.75.3G, which is several steps up from the 5.5G the previous version was built in.  It gets significant improvements in the skeleton script, as well as being built in the new Platinum Lake build format, which by itself makes a big positive difference in improving the execution of the programs it is used in.  This version now includes Fear Removal Module 4.9 and Directional Reflection Shield.  Finally, there are some adjustments to the skeleton script that will make execution better as well.

If you purchased v4.0 or v4.1 of USLM, and you did not get results that you were happy with, you are entitled to a free upgrade to v4.2 of this program.


Calibrate volume by adjusting the volume of any hybrid track such that neither the masking track nor the ultrasonic track is uncomfortably loud. This should be considered the maximum useful volume for you for all formats.

This program is not designed for use with any other program or mind programming technique. Please do not use it with any other subliminal, hypnosis, NLP or other mind programming technique or program.

USLM v4.2 uses a primary Audio to Silence Ratio Balancer value of 15 minutes of audio to 3 minutes of silence to allow your mind to rest and maximize the effectiveness and speed of execution.  Listen to it three (3) loops per day. Secondary ASRB is 5:1, meaning you should use it for five (5) days straight, then take a 1 (one) day break, and repeat.

This program is designed to be used for blocks of 3 months at a time, as dictated by the secondary ASRB ratio.

Happy new year to all !
On December 26, I went to two parties in two villages. In each party there was one raffle. The grand prize of these two raffles, was a big sack of rice of 50 kg, an important prize for Asian families.
So my wife told me to play in these two raffles and I accepted to test the sub USLM Hehe I have never ever won a raffle or a game of luck in my whole life… So I played without hoping anything.
Results of the first raffle : suspens Hehe And Yes ! I was the great winner DrinksYeye I won the 50 kg sack of rice Yeye Then, the second price ? A sack of 25 kg of rice ? Who became the second winner ? I again YeyeYeye And yes because I paid for 10 tickets Lol The people were disgusted Lol But being on diet, I don’t eat rice anymore so I gave my 75kg of rice to a poor family which is struggling to buy their daily food.
My wife was laughing and astonished by my luck. So she told me lets go to the party of the other village and lets win again ! So I played again in the raffle with the same prizes. Believe me or not, but I won again but this time only the fifth prize… an assortment of can goods, with a bottle of wine, nice stuff for December 31. There were around 2000 candidates for each of the raffle.
After that, I tried 2 other raffles on 27 and 28 but I did not win anymore… probably I had enough Wink

I have my first USLM3 success story to report and it’s a BIG one. On Sunday, December 23rd, I won a Fantasy 5 jackpot worth $169,710 !!!!! Best Christmas present ever.
I have been regularly playing Fantasy 5 since May of this year. I track the results and pick my own numbers, and then wheel a set of usually 9 or 10 numbers into different combos. I have hit 4 out of 5 a few times, but this is my first jackpot.
I am absolutely blown away at how great the USLM3 program is. There is no question in my mind about how phenomenal Shannon’s products are. I have been using this program for only 1 month and I have already achieved one of my sub-goals. My main goal is manifesting more money, and my first sub-goal under that was to win a big Fantasy 5 jackpot. WOW !!!!!
I want to attach a photo of my winning ticket and claim stub, but I keep getting a message that the file size is too large. I will email it to Ben and hopefully he can post it for me.
Thank you Shannon for your amazing products and for your dedication to continually improving and upgrading them. Nobody else does that. Period.

Got some free clothes that she didnt pay and gift from my GF today.
Friend at job got special tickets for a cinema movie asked me too come with him.
Found 4 tickets for cinema i forgot i had.
Also feeling better atm, things flow better.
Lets see if something else “happend” soon, hehe.
Also i have been having some sparking feelings firing off inside my body all day, can lead too smal brain orgasm.

I had to move to US/LM – had an honest to god lure and just knew i’d topped out in MLS for now.
4 days later and ho-ly-shit is this thing crazy. No matter where i go, i run into someone i know. I’ve had such great opportunities come my way out of the blue, i can’t even talk about the main ones. so some minor things.
The first night i used it, the morning that followed i ran into an old boss outside my office, who gave me useful info for a task i’m trying to do – then as i was meeting with someone he happened to be walking by – again and gave me an opportunity to do something which is massively raising my profile. Then i had a problem with another work issue – and the guy who i needed to talk to just rocked up at my desk!
I could go on and on about these, i went to another building and ran into another old boss who is now a managing director in another company – and she asked me to put in a meeting to catch up over a coffee.
So many more but i’ll stop there.
I would say the important thing is i am getting in touch with success and what it means, and how to achieve it. my mind set is shifting from needing to get there now, to success in stages, to getting one thing right then moving on (that sounds very linear, i’m actually on around 5 different causal goal streams)…

Day 26
For the last 2 days I have been working for 12 hours a day. And keep in mind it was Saturday and Sunday. It`s insane. Not sure how to describe it. It`s not about me being and feeling motivated. It`s more in the line of self discipline. I outlined what needs to be done that day and just didn`t stop until I was done. It`s like I couldn`t stop. The most fascinating thing in all of this was that the things I was doing were frustrating, tedious and boring. I didn`t want to do them but I still did. Normally this would be a serious energy draining mental battle but I just kept going. Matt422 said in my journal the other day how there is a threshold where most people give up and the truly successful people are the ones that move past that. I can really see that now. If I could maintain that mindset and work ethic that would be…epic.
Shannon man…what the hell did you put in US/LM?…

I had some really fun times with my fps games today.
LM is kicking in, poor players coming against me with all my luck lol, im dominating.
Feeling more positive about the future, like something good is going too happend soon.
I did switch too ocean masked and feeling zero resistance wich is good for me.
Motivation just kicked in,
Thinking about success in life, training, lose some weight, diet. Styling my self, already did this.
Is like my mind think how too be successful and showing me ways too improve myself with motivation too do it.
Guess I have some work too do tomorrow.
Looking forward for success in all area’s of my life.

Just ended the second day’s loops and I feel on top of the world. I feel like all of the little traumas from my life never happed. I can think back on some of the things in my life that have messed me up, and they didn’t happen that way. Or more I chose at the time to react to them differently. Even though I, well, didn’t. This thing is a past editor. There is some cognitive dissonance that should be bugging me, but it isn’t.

I had booked a $99 room and I saw that there was a problem with it, I got a free upgrade to a $350 room.
In Poker entered a 5 cent tournament, won that to enter a satellite and came in the top 40 to win an entry into an $11 tournament. Games were quite fun and between the two there would have been over 4000 players. Got knocked out of the big one but I put that down to making a stupid mistake.
I’ve noticed that I seem to hit traffic lights when they’re green (at least 80 – 85% of the time).

This thing is definitely making me more social and less shy. I was painfully shy as a kid and throughout my teenage years through my mid twenties. I had thought that I had gotten over it a while ago. Partly through use of subs, and partly through just forcing myself to do it. However, (and I am just now realizing this now). It was forced and wooden with people I didn’t know well. I kept the talk to a minimum and just interacted as much as I had to. Nothing really felt natural unless I was among close friends and family. I didn’t really recognize that this was me working around a social phobia rather than actually dealing with it. I didn’t reciognise how much of my aloofness was the old fear.
That’s changing though. This afternoon I woke up and went to get my hair cut. I bantered with the lady who cut my hair when I used to just kind of sit there before. I’d never met this girl, but joking with her was easy and I enjoyed it. I put actual inflections in my voice (before I used to keep it as neutral as possible. I have an awesome voice and hadn’t been using it).
Then I went to the grocery store, and wound up having a long, light conversation with the checkout girl. She was cute, and about half my age. She told me a lot about herself without me asking, and was playing with her hair and doing all of that stuff. I am not trying to get that to happen, but it is kind of fun…

Small update after the third day: I’m not 100% certain yet, but it seems the FRM (Fear Removal Module) is working on overcoming my social anxiety. Usually when people I don’t know (or actually often even with people I do know) come for a little bit of smalltalk, I cut them short or somehow try to avoid it. Over the last two days I found I have been much more open to socialising that way, and I feel more comfortable doing so than I have before…