Male Enhancement (5.75.7g – Type A/B/C/D)

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Male enhancement.  The increasing of the size of a man's penis.  This is the most asked about, most requested subliminal of all time.  In 2011, I created this program because of the volume of people asking for it.  I later took it down because I wasn't happy with the results people were reporting.  So great was the demand that regardless of this fact, so many people wanted to try it anyway that I finally made it available again back in 2013.

In attempting to determine why it didn't work as consistently or as well as I wanted it to, I came to two conclusions.  First, the technology of 4th Gen subliminals wasn't even close to powerful enough.  Second, I discovered a very deep secret that nobody else seems to know, which is that there are not one, but two ways to increase penis size.  One way isn't really increasing the size at all, and it is temporary.  The other way does genuinely increase the size, and it is permanent.

The temporary one typically increases the size of the penis when it is erect, but not when it is flaccid.  The permanent one increases the size of the penis in both states.  So far as I can tell, there are very few options for permanent male enhancement that actually work, and up until now, there has been no subliminal option that did the job.

The secret I discovered is that the temporary method has the effect of making the penis inflate more than usual, thus achieving it's fully erect size, but this typically only lasts while the trigger is in use (pills, subliminal, etc.) and then it fades away.  But genuine penis enlargement requires that the tissues themselves grow and increase in size, which is nearly impossible to achieve without potentially dangerous physical manipulation of the penis for extended periods of time.

The original 4G penis enlargement program I created "worked" (when it did) because the subconscious would do the only thing it could do given the circumstances at the time: it would cause the user to inflate their penis more fully with blood during erection, thus giving the illusion of penis enlargement.  But where it did not work was those guys who had no such option, because they were already achieving full erections.  That turned out to be the majority of the reason why it seemed to work for some guys, and not for others.

And so I kept looking for how to make it work for real until eventually, I found a way to do it.  But not all pieces of the puzzle were yet in place, so I put it down and worked on developing my methods, techniques and technologies.

As I write this, we are in July of 2021.  Since 2013, I've made hundreds of advancements to the techniques, technologies and power levels of my subliminal programs.  The 5.75.7G technology level allows me to scale the power of my programs up to such a degree that it is now worth building again.  

And after many hours of work, here it is.  Male Enhancement 5.75.7G s finished and ready for you to use.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Do I have to specify a size I want, or is this designed to cause me to grow a specific amount?

A: Neither.  The script that came out of the models is designed to cause your body to increase your penis size continually.  That means that for as long as you are using it, it should be increasing your penis size.

Q: How quickly will this increase my penis size?

A: I don't know for sure, but I can make an educated guess that because we are working with altering physical flesh, if it works, it will probably be a slow, gradual growth pattern that takes several months, just like it did when you were going through puberty.

Q: How big will this make my penis if I just keep using it? 

A: Theoretically, there is no limit.  In the real world, there may be limits we don't know about, and even if it does continue to increase in size for as long as you are using this program, there will come a time when you don't want it any bigger.

Q: When I stop using it, will my penis stop growing?

A: If it has caused your penis to grow while you used it, that growth will stop when you stop using this program.  There is no danger of it continuing to grow once you stop listening to the program.

Q: Will this straighten my penis if it has a curve or bend to it?

A: This program is only designed to increase the size of your penis.

Q: Does this increase length, thickness/girth or both?

A: The scripting that came through the modeling should increase the size of your penis in length and girth such that you retain your current proportions, but have a larger penis.

Q: How do I measure my penis size accurately to determine what this program actually did?

A: Before you use this program, use a string or tape measure to measure it both flaccid and at maximum erection in length and how big around it is.  Without pulling or stretching your penis, support it from below, parallel to the ground as you are standing.

Place one end of the string or tape measure at the base of your penis on the top of it, closest to your belly and then measure it to the tip.  Then either note the length on the tape measure, or measure the string.  This must be done while at maximum erection and while it is in the most flaccid state.

Then in each state, wrap the string or tape measure once around the circumference of your shaft about half way from the base to the tip to measure your flaccid and erect girth (thickness).  Be gentle, and do not tighten or loosen it too much or the result will be wrong.  You want as accurate a measurement as possible.  Then repeat the procedure of measuring the string or tape measure.  Remember that nobody else needs to know what your measurements are if you don't want them to, so BE ACCURATE.

Repeat this process again after finishing the program.

Q: How frequently should I measure my penis while using this progam? 

A: Measure your penis size just before you begin using the program, and again just after you finish using the program.  Do not measure it every hour, day, week, month, etc.

Q: How big is too big?  Is there such a thing as "too big"?

A: There is, indeed, such a thing as "too big".  Too big is when your sex partner cannot have sex with you comfortably.  Too big is when you don't have enough blood in your body to get a full erection.  Too big is when the size of your penis becomes inconvenient.  This will be different for every man.  I suggest you consult your sex partner to see what they are comfortable with.

Q: Can I use this while I am using one or more other penis enlargement methods?

A: NEVER do that, because:

  • If your penis increases in size, you won't know what method did the job.

  • You may be using incompatible methods that may slow down, interfere with, negate each other or create unexpected or undesirable results.

  • If you get no results, you won't know if one method was actually working and was contradicted by something else.

  • Using multiple penis enlargement methods at the same time may cause your penis to grow too quickly, which may result in pain, physical damage and/or scarring; or, grow too much.

  • Since this program is designed and intended to be used by itself as your only penis enlargement method, you will not be eligible for a refund if you use it with any other penis enlargement method.

Q: Can I return my penis to its previous size after increasing it using this program?

A: No.  If this program works as designed for you, there will be permanent enlargement, and there is no way to reduce your penis size except possibly through plastic surgery.  Be sure you want to enlarge it, and that you want to enlarge it as much as you do.

Q: Will this program affect females or anyone other than adult males?

A: The program is designed and scripted to ONLY affect those who are physically and genetically male ad who are at least 18 years old.  Regardless, DO NOT expose anyone who is under 18, or who is not genetically and physically male, or who does not wish to be affected by this program.

Q: Can I use this if I'm under 18?

A: No.  Not only is it designed to not work for someone under 18, but you are still developing, and this program may interfere with the natural development process of those who are under 18, which could result in a penis that is too big to get a full erection, uncomfortable for your sex partner and generally unsuitable for what you want to use it for.  Do not try to use this if you are under 18.



  1. Expose anyone under 18 years of age to this program.
  2. Expose any female to this program.
  3. Expose anyone who does not consciously want to be affected by this program.

Calibrate volume by playing the Ocean Surf or Trickling Stream format and adjusting it to whatever is most comfortable to listen to on your listening setup.  This should be the best maximum volume for all formats.

Use this program 1 (one) loop per day on for 2 (two) days on and 2 (two) days off per ASRB2 cycle.

Use this program until your desired penis size has been achieved. 

You are eligible for a refund if you have measured your penis accurately before and after running the program, and after 9 (nine) months of use according to the instructions, you have achieved no size increase.