Sex Magnet 3.0 Six Stage Set For Men - Stage 1 & 2 (5G/OE2 - Type B/D Hybrid)

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Sex Magnet for Men Version 3.0 will take your results from running the six stage Alpha Male training set v6 and turn you from an alpha male into an irresistibly seductive Sex Magnet. Please note that it is designed specifically to begin where Alpha Male 5.0/6.0 leaves off, and does require that you have used one of those programs fully before you start using this one.

Not only does this program work to make you a calm, natural, smooth operator when it comes to finding, approaching and seducing beautiful women, but it goes far beyond that in several directions. It actually turns the tables and gets beautiful women to approach, pursue and try to seduce YOU! And in Version 3.0, you will see this happening sooner than it happened in Version 2.0, more frequently, and more obviously, too.

“I just cannot believe how much this SM [V2.0] sub has brought brought[sic] me esp. after finishing. Since finishing I’m now dating and having sex with 5 different women that pursue me on a daily basis.


- Ryan [Link]

Imagine, if you will, a man who can do what he pleases and have whatever woman he wants. He is extremely attractive and desirable to beautiful women sexually, and easily forms a deep sexual connection with them without even trying. His personal energy is such that beautiful women instantly notice and find him unmistakably sexually attractive, not even fully understanding why. His body language, attitude, actions, speech and choice of words tells them that he is the man they want to sleep with, and they are safe and welcome to approach and initiate what they want with him. His gaze pierces through to the heart of the matter, and communicates his status, desires, masculinity and sexuality immediately and comfortably. Without even a word, he can and does instantly convey to her that she is going to be his lover, and in doing so, make her quickly want the same thing he does.  Presuming, of course, that she didn’t already!

This is the Sex Magnet. A man completely comfortable with himself, and around beautiful women, who is not just the object of their sexual interest, attention, efforts and desire, but for whom it is normal. A man who has nothing to lose and nothing to hide, so he is completely and unashamedly honest when he tells a woman he wants her… and that she’s not the only woman he may be enjoying. A man who knows how to touch women to relax and arouse them with such skill that they melt and hungrily give themselves to him.

But even as amazing as this would be if that was all there was to this program, there’s more. A lot more. Because such a man must be supremely self confident in general, socially and sexually. He must be able to perform at will, on a moment’s notice, whenever the opportunity arises, and keep himself until he chooses to be done with what he is doing. He must be able to approach, indicate his interest, escalate to sex and then pull the trigger – smoothly, quickly, and decisively. His sex drive must be the equal of any sexual situation in which he finds himself, and any woman with whom he intends to be sexually intimate. And he must be able to do all this naturally.

This program is intended to attract (and manifest) beautiful women who want to have sex with the user and then get both of you to keep going until sex happens.  It is the absolute epitome of what many men want in life: a potential gateway to unlimited, enthusiastic, animalistic sex with multiple beautiful women who want it as much or more than they do! Don’t get this program if you are interested in having just one sexual partner, because that’s very unlikely to happen. Also don't get it if you have a partner now who would not be okay with you having multiple other lovers. If, after using Alpha Male and Sex Magnet you don’t achieve sex with beautiful women, you really just don’t want it. That is doubly true of Sex magnet 3.0!

Over the course of all six stages, the program works to manifest into your life multiple beautiful women who will very much want and need to have physical penetrative sex with you. By the end of the program, you should be comfortably able to seduce pretty much anyone you want. Even better, you won’t always have to, because they’ll also be coming to and trying to seduce you instead! James Bond meets Hugh Hefner. It’s a beautiful thing.

The program also automatically prevents you from sleeping with the wrong kinds of women. Those who are trying to trick you, trap you, control you or manipulate you with sex will find it’s difficult to do if you won’t play their game. (Version 3 now allows you to choose whether you will have sex with women who only want to use you for sex.) Those who are trying to trick you into getting them pregnant will become obvious to you and will be easily rejected. And the program goes a step further and attempts a feat otherwise unheard of: the automatic detection and rejection of women who have STDs. (Please use protection where appropriate, regardless.)

It also allows you to say no to sex if you choose to, because you have sex on your terms, when you want to, with whom you want to, where you want to and why you want to. Understand the power this gives you: to be able to say no to a woman regarding sex she is willing to have with you means you now have the sexual power instead of her, and that in and of itself is an incredible aphrodisiac to beautiful women. They are used to having all the sexual power, and that is the last thing they really want!

New in Version 2.0:

  • Increased projection of auric sexuality and attraction of women, while projecting a strong signal of heterosexuality and repulsing interest and advances from other men.
  • Suggestions to keep your vehicle and living spaces clean and orderly to maximize your chances of successfully having sex with any female who enters them.
  • Increasing skill and success at seducing women into having sex with you.
  • More aggressively acting to get out and take advantage of opportunities to socialize with, meet, and seduce beautiful women.
  • In social situations, more aggressively find, meet and seduce women who are attractive to you.
  • Boldly, directly and aggressively pull the trigger when you have a chance to have sex with an appropriate woman.
  • Be naturally playful, happy and seductive with women you are attracted to.
  • Respond to rejection differently than before: now, not only disconnect from negative emotional responses, but keep trying different things until you succeed.
  • More automatic seduction response to women you want to have sex with.
  • Focus is not just on having sex, but now pushes you to have sex multiple times with a woman you seduce.
  • Increased focus on anxiety and fear destruction.
  • Approach anxiety is more aggressively dealt with.
  • Easily and automatically start conversations with women you are attracted to, and when you do, have them be fun, interesting, playful and seductive conversations.
  • Sexual self confidence gets a major boost.
  • Balancing the ego with humility to produce genuine self confidence, which women will find even more attractive.
  • Become more perseverant and persistent in trying to get what/whom you want.
  • Sexual Ultra Success programming… need I say more?
  • Uses new manifestation method #2, which I have been experimenting with for about the last 8 months.  This one is a secret that I have kept close because nobody else in the world knows it is even possible!
  • Causes women you attract to want to give more sexual pleasure than they get, so it’s not just about them using you for sex.
  • Women will be approaching and trying to seduce you earlier in the program, and more aggressively.
  • More assistance for virgins, sexually inexperienced men, men who have a fear or resentment of women and men who have a fear of sex.
  • Handle rejection by disconnecting from it emotionally, and continuing to try different ways to get what you were trying to get in the first place, until you get it.
  • Causes sex to be better, gives you better sexual stamina, self control, confidence.
  • When you do choose to allow yourself to achieve orgasm, causes a complete orgasm with full release of sexual tension, energy and maximum pleasure – while allowing you to continue to have sex for as long as you want afterwards.

New in Version 3.0:

  1. Sex Magnet V3 is now built in 5th Generation format, making it many times more powerful and efficient than before.
  2. Now includes the Optimus Engine Version 2.0. This has the effect of automating the results achievement process to a large degree.
  3. Five different major script optimizations (which required approximately 250 hours of work to accomplish) make the program vastly more focused, consistent, specific and powerful.
  4. For the first time ever, two different self optimizing scripts are in use simultaneously in the same program, allowing different parts of the program to operate at different speeds and in different ways.
  5. The addition of the entire script of Overcoming Approach Anxiety, with all the optimization the rest of the program received.
  6. The entire script of the famous Overcoming Guilt, Shame and Fear, with all the optimization the rest of the program received.
  7. The entire script of the much loved Natural Seduction For Men, with all the optimization the rest of the program received.
  8. The program now limits its own use to heterosexual males 18 years of age or older.
  9. Sex Magnet now generates not one, but seven different energy auras designed to cover a variety of important influences:
    • Comfort – Make attractive women naturally and automatically feel more comfortable being around you, consciously and at levels they don't even know about.
    • Approachability – Signal to her that you are approachable, and she can and should come over and talk to you (and seduce you!).
    • Sexual interest – Trigger her sexual interest and get her attention through your energy aura without her even realizing what is going on.
    • Sexual arousal – Cause your own energy field to naturally and automatically adjust itself to get her to respond with natural, automatic sexual arousal, and trigger your own sexual arousal in order to motivate and empower you.
    • Display of masculinity – Project a strong, masculine presence with your aura.
    • Display of high masculine sexual value – Communicate subconsciously to others that you have high masculine sexual value, which makes other men admire, respect and follow you, and women desire and seduce you.
    • Raw animal magnetism – Get her right where it counts, and trigger a primal and instinctual sexual need response in her below even the level of her subconscious mind, purely in the area of instinct.
  1. Sex Magnet 3 now includes a special enhancing technology that significantly improves the goal achievement results in ways that are both very subtle and very powerful.

Sex Magnet Version 3.0 pulls out all the stops. Takes advantage of every possible way to focus on, and achieve the goal. Optimizes the script to such a ridiculous degree that it more than tripled in length. Puts it together in the most advanced, complex, powerful and effective subliminal build format in the world. And then adds in everything you need to overcome what was holding back some people in Version 2.0. You would have to fight this program tooth and nail for it to fail. I held nothing back. The lengths to which I went to make it as powerful and effective as possible are ridiculous. And here it is. The father of all sexual alpha training programs.

If seeing is believing, imagine what it's like to be doing instead! Get your copy of Sex Magnet 3.0 now, and stop watching others do what you wish you were doing. Start doing – and experiencing it – for yourself!


What can I expect from each stage of the Alpha Male program?

That’s not very easy to answer for two reasons. First, periodically, I try to make as many improvements as possible and release a new version every so often, build a new version. And second, the script and goal set for each stage is so huge and complex. That’s why there are six stages. This will give you the best overview I can offer at this time.

Most people respond to Stage 1 with a fairly polar response. Either they don’t notice anything, or they notice they are really growing in self confidence and a few even start reporting impatience with the people around them playing mind games and trying to manipulate them. Stage 1 is clearing out the negative self image BS and laying a solid foundation for the rest of the program. Stage 1 specifically prepares you for Stage 2.

Stage 2 is not as polar usually, but some people still don’t see enough to notice a difference. Most people begin noticing this stage and this is where most people start showing the self confidence, desire to stand up and do one’s own thing, and the irritation with the BS of others really starts manifesting here. Stage 2 is designed to get you up to speed and ready for Stage 3.

Stage 3 is aimed at bringing out the Big Guns. This is where you’ll be ready to get serious about becoming an alpha, but it also aims to balance and temper the previous stages. Thus while there may be irritation with the BS of others, your response will tend to be more refined and less crude. Big Guns means this is where the core of the Alpha/Dominant programming really takes focus. Stage 3 is where most of the most important and obvious work is going on because it is here you are learning to accept an internalize the Alpha core you couldn’t have handled dealing with previous to using Stages 1 and 2. It also prepares you for Stage 4.

Stage 4 is a combination of extension of Stage 3’s teachings and concepts, and a refresher for Stages 1 and 2. It also refines the Alpha/Dominant social response and makes you more self sufficient and less likely to feel the need to prove anything to anyone. Self reliance. It also prepares for Stage 5.

Stage 5 is a further extension of some of the concepts introduced in Stage 3 and Stage 4, and further polishes the attitude, aiming for a sort of cool “James Bond” effect. The primary goal of this stage is to polish and refine what all the previous stages have been introducing and building.

Stage 6 is a “finalizer”. It is like the varnish coat. The “final polish and sealant”, designed to put a high gloss on everything that has been built so far and make it as long term and permanent as possible. It also acts as a stabilizer, balancer and refresher for Stages 1 through 5.

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What is the difference between masked subliminals and ultrasonic subliminals?

Masked subliminals rely on volume differencing to make the subliminal portion of the audio subliminal. Ultrasonics rely on pitch differencing.

When you listen to a masked subliminal, you’re hearing the messages at the same pitch as normally spoken, but much less volume than you are used to, and your conscious mind ignores them, while they are detected, decoded and responded to by your subconscious mind.

Ultrasonic subliminals, by contrast, are just as loud as anything else you play on your player, but they are shifted to what is known as the “umbra ultrasonic” range of pitch. They are now playing at such a high pitch that your eardrum no longer effectively resonates in response to them because it is too big to resonate with such a high frequency. Instead, the tiny hairs inside your ear that help you maintain balance are being vibrated by these pitches, but they do not directly connect to the auditory areas of the brain in the same way, so you do not consciously detect or understand what is being said.

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Can I listen to subliminals effectively while I am watching a movie or playing something else on the same audio source?

Yes. As long as the subliminal’s volume has been properly calibrated, you will be fine. The exception is using the subliminal on speakers, while wearing noise canceling headphones, which will neutralize the subliminal audio.

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Can I use Overcoming Guilt, Shame and Fear with this program?

Version 5.0 does not include the script of the Overcoming Guilt, Shame and Fear program, and if you have significant guilt, shame or fear to deal with on your journey, you may wish to supplement the Alpha Male set with OGSF. If you do so, always give AM priority, and get at least 8 hours of exposure per day. I recommend using AM for at least 8 hours and OGSF for as many hours a day as you can, up to 8.

If you supplement AM 5.0 with OGSF, you may start using OGSF while you are in Stage 2 or later, but do not use it while you are running Stage 1 of AM 5.0.

AM 6.0 has OGSF included in it’s script, and therefore it is not necessary to supplement with OGSF.

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Should I run Sex Magnet or Woman Magnet first?

Presuming that you have finished running through the Alpha Male Subliminal Training Set fully, at least once according to the directions, the choice depends on what you want to accomplish for yourself.

If you want to focus on achieving raw sex with women, Sex Magnet is a better choice. If you want to be more focused on enjoying yourself socially, and having fun with women that you can turn into something else if you desire, then Woman Magnet is a better choice. Sex Magnet is generally better for men who are not afraid of women or sex.

For the inexperienced man, it is generally a good idea to run through Woman Magnet first, as it is focused on improving your socializing skills and making you more comfortable with women as people to enjoy, instead of necessarily try to have sex with. It is built in 5th Generation format, and includes the script of Overcoming Guilt, Shame and Fear. It is therefore a better first choice overall for the man who has less experience with women, sex and relationships.

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How long do I have to use a subliminal before its effects become long term or permanent?

That question is complex to answer because there are so many variables in play. In general, a subliminal designed to be used as alteration programming – that is, not just intended for a short term impact or effect – will usually require a minimum of 32 days to achieve full effect. Multi-stage programs usually require specifically 32 days of use per stage.

For single stage programs to become long term in their effect, we recommend a minimum of 90 days of use, and 180 or more is better. It will depend on the goal, your usage patterns, whether or not you follow the instructions, your personality and the amount of conscious or subconscious resistance you have to the program.

For multi-stage programs, we recommend a minimum of 180 days of use for long term results, and depending on the length and complexity of the script, your usage patterns, the amount of resistance you have to one or more aspects of the program, and your personality type, it may require multiple run-throughs for a multi-stage program to have long term effects.

For example, the Alpha Male program usually takes multiple run-throughs to fully achieve it’s intended results, and until it does, it may be that aspects of its effects fade over time as the programming is challenged by other things. Once the effects become fully affected and self-regenerating they are usually permanent. How long that requires is dependent on too many variables to be more specific.

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How long should I listen to your subliminals each day?

The recommended amount of exposure per day is 8 to 16 hours a day. Minimum exposure should be no less than 6 hours. Maximum exposure per day should never exceed 21 hours in a day.

If you’re wondering why there is a maximum exposure limit, it’s because eventually these programs will exhaust your brain and you’ll feel overtired and exhausted as your brain/mind runs out of energy to process and do everything you’re telling it to process and do. Many have been the times that Shannon and others have experienced this phenomenon first hand. These programs are all very powerful, even the 3rd Gen ones, and they will eventually bring your mind to a state of exhaustion if you do not allow it enough rest.

As of Generation 5.5g the listening time has been significantly lowered. The listening times for these can be found on the description pages and tell you how many loops (1 loop = 1 playthrough of the audio). The previous instructions still apply for 4g and 5g programs.

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Are my headphones/earbuds/speakers good enough to play your subliminals?

The quick and easy test to see if they are capable of playing both masked and ultrasonic subliminals is to visit our free products page and download our Speaker Test file. If you hear no static, but the audio fades out near the end, you should be fine.  A upper-frequency response of at least 20khz to avoid static on ultrasonics is recommended.

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Are subliminals safe to use? What about side effects?

Subliminal audio programming is safe to use as long as:

1. It is scripted properly.
2. It is built properly.
3. It is used properly.

If a subliminal pr